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EPP calls on Tsipras to stick to Samaras’ commitments & triggers angry reactions by ND politicians

LOL That was wrong. And undermining. While Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was negotiating a new deal for Greece with the European partners on Thusrday, former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was attending the summit of the EPP, the European People’s Party , the group that unites all conservative parties in the European Parliament. And what did the esteemed leaders of the EPP, Samaras included?

They unanimously issued a statement calling on PM Tsipras to “not jeopardize the progress made by Samaras” and “to respect all commitments made by the previous Greek government.”

EPP – Press Release (12. Feb 2012)

Today the European People’s Party (EPP) held a Summit in Brussels in preparation of the informal European Council meeting. During this meeting, EU heads of state and government underlined their readiness to find a solution to Greece’s economic challenges and expressed the hope that Prime Minister Tsipras will not jeopardise the progress achieved under the governance of former Prime Minister and leader of ND, Antonis Samaras.

“We call on the new government of Greece not to jeopardise the economic progress achieved during the leadership of Antonis Samaras. The sacrifices made by the people of Greece cannot be put at risk through unilateral behaviour. Prime Minister Tsipras has to respect all commitments made by the previous Greek government. Europe is ready to help the people of Greece overcome their economic problems; we call on Prime Minister Tsipras not to be an obstacle in helping the people of Greece”, explained EPP President Joseph Daul after the EPP summit.

Ex PM Antonis Samaras said after the EPP summit that he was there

“in order to ensure the European course of Greece,” and that “the sense of deadlock cultivated in the negotiations between the government and its European partners does not help.”

Some in ND criticize EPP

The EPP press release was spread across all Greek media, and somedared a title like “EPP’s press release of shame!

Angry reaction came not only by the media but also from Nea Dimokratia politicians. Former Interior Minister and ND parliament group spokesman Yiannis Michelakis twitted:

“When the European People’s Party demands respect of all commitments it excludes any negotiation!”

“Unacceptable the resolution of the European People’s Party yesterday. Unacceptable also its acceptance by the Greek delegation!”

The intervention of EPP was criticized also Athens by former Parliament Speaker Dimitris Sioufas (Nea Dimokratia)

In a statement Sioufas described as “very unfortunate” the EPP calling on Tsipras “to respect all commitments made by the previous Greek government” and asked:

Tsipras “should not negotiate anything not even the dimension for a strong development?”

“It’s time, our European partners and my old friends in the EPP, to realize that the sacrifices of the Greek people deserve respect and solidarity” and that “these sacrifices were utilized by by the government in the past and this should be done by the current government,” Sioufas concluded.

Dimitris Sioufas, 70, has retired from active politics, but apparently felt the need to raise his voice now that conservative Nea Dimokratia is boiling after the elections defeat and significant party moves are under way with only one target: to change the party leader, that is Antonis Samaras.


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  1. “We call on the new government of Greece not to jeopardise the economic progress achieved during the leadership of Antonis Samaras.”

    • Yes, I’ve heard Samaras say this before. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I would also like an itemized list of all the progress he’s made in the name of Greece, not Germany.

  2. “The European course of Greece…”? Is that anything like the Islamization of the Ottoman Empire? smh

  3. Who cares about what Samaras does or says now? There’s much more urgent issues to deal with now. Ignore him, he’s only an unhelpful distraction.

    • Samaras, friend of Merkel & Co, is part of internal politics. and we do care indeed.

      • He isn’t a friend of Merkel at all. As I stated before the election, the German government was rather unsatisfied with the reform efforts of Greece in the last years. And during the campaign, Samaras even promised less reforms, as if the Greek economy was already in a great shape! The best what can be said about his “accomplishments” is “it could have been worse.”

        Anyway, it looks like he’s under attack in his own party right now. Wannabe leaders who have even less successes to show on their record smell blood and the opportunity to get to the top. Totally normal after a lost election, but if any of these contenders would actually do a better job is rather questionable, imho. What do you think, ktg, do you see a real talent in this group?

  4. Reading this, I feel like Samaras or Cameron or Junker or… would need new software. When they talk about “helping Greece”, do they realise that more and more people can’t believe that the goal is to help Greece? That what has been made previously did not help Greece at all? That more and more of us realise that the purpose is, in fact, helping those who make profit on the banking and Euro system? Cameron has told Alexis Tsipras that he must make peace with Germany and the Eurozone or risk damaging Britain’s economic recovery. Isn’t it one more sign of who is to be rescued with the austerity programs?