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German SPD official suggests Tsipras should replace Varoufakis

Ha! Germans must have huge resources of inspiration and they will never stop to surprise us. An SPD politician from Merkels’ social-democrat coalition suggested s that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras should replacesFinance Minister Yanis Varoufakis as he apparently creates lots of confusion, German politicians cannot understand.

SPD executive board member, Joachim Poß, wrote in an e-mail for his party colleagues:

“Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis has best demonstrated with his performance  until now, that he is not up to the demands of such an office.

In the interest of the Greek people and in view of the difficult situation, Prime Minister Tsipras should consider to replace Mr Varoufakis with a political experienced, realistic-efficient person.” (Handelsblatt)

I suppose Varoufakis is an overwhelming challenge for some petty-minded politicians. He is much more than they can take. Or they just want a Yes-Man.

PS mixing in other people’s lives is a No-No!


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  1. It is obvious that German politicians can not understand not only Varoufakis, neither the interest of the Greek people…they (the german politicians) just understand their own (and troika eh!) interest

  2. This is in fact a huge compliment……

    Something never previously experienced so Of course the Germans cant understand – Varoufakis is talking on the behalf of the people and not for big banks

  3. “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” No wonder it’s hard for them to recognise! There are too many vested interests at work here which have little to do with the welfare of the ordinary people of europe.

  4. Alexis Tsipras is not a ‘money man’ so he is an easier OBSTICAL OVERCOME, they see him as a pushover compared to Yannis Varoufakis.
    I have watched Yannis Varoufakis on youtube, including his lectures & book promo’s so I know this of him – pardon the expression – but he is a (ball breaker).
    Life it already complicated & the EU just want what they want, PERIOD.
    Don’t forget that the EU is a scam – a scam is about someone ripping you off, it is never about you, other than you are the victim & you should go to the slaughter quietly – please & in the best interests of your assailant.

    The Global Minitaur – promo video:
    Is very interesting –
    Q: “Why is our world in the financial crisis that it finds itself”
    1) Because the financial system is a fake / a pretex / the official story / the straight jacket / the lie that keep us fooled & under control & from overthrowing them in the first place.
    2) Because everyone is the wise guy, looking to outsmart & rip off the guy next to him – that’s all.
    Brute force & rivers of blood allow the criminal psychopath to rule the world. The reason the criminal psychopath survived & has triumphed, is because we civilized people are loathed to take a gun & shoot him in the head, which is what he deserves.
    He would not think twice about it, we, on the other hand would have to find a way to live with ourselves upon committing such an act.
    So we are stuck … but only until we come to trems with it.Yannis Varoufakis is an Aries – will ram it’s head into the wall so as to break it down – stand clear please.