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Germany describes extension request “Trojan Horse”, Greece returns …the compliment

In a document submitted to the EuroWorkingGroup with the German positions, Berlin describes the Greek loan agreement extension request as “Trojan Horse” – to start with. And then, it has the boldness to dictate three main commandments to Greece, some of them copy-pasted from  Dijsselbloem’s draft at the Eurogroup meeting on February 16th.

But most striking and challenging of all is that Germany wants

“Greece has to publicly confirm that it will refrain from unilateral national measures to roll back the current program”,  and “refrain from announcing labour market and social reforms to be voted in Parliament this week.”

German position on the Greek request


Germany Greece eurogroup

Commenting on the “Trojan Horse” description, Greek government sources told media:

“Describing as ‘Trojan Horse’ the Greek request that has been recognized by many in Europe to be mutually beneficial solution, does not favor a real discussion among the partners.

Somebody malicious could describe this attitude of the German Finance Ministry as a” Trojan Horse ” by those who do not want a mutually beneficial agreement for Europe,” the government sources said.

PS there will certainly be a cheerful atmosphere tomorrow at the Eurogroup. I am not sure if they managed to come to any results at the EWG that ended after 7 hours of euro work tonight.

(sources:, some other sources )

This morning… Dr Schaeuble got a delivery!

trojan horse schaeuble

by @TeacherDude

I hardly believe though that Dr Schaeuble will sign the delivery as he is afraid Varoufakis has been hiding inside the cute horse.

trojan horse schaeuble bild

BILD: Berlin is afraid of the Trojan Horse from Athens.


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  1. Perhaps the German Minister forgot that the Greeks did win the Trojan War- and that Troy was destroyed!