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Poll: 81% of Greeks support SYRIZA in negotiations with lenders

80 percent of the Greeks approve they way the Greek government deals with the lenders, EU, IMF and ECB. The public opinion polls was conducted12-17 February, that is in the time period SYRIZA was negotiating with the Eurogroup partners, and one day after Greece rejected the Dijsselbloem draft on February 16th 2015..

Poll by Public Issue for Avgi newspaper:

81% considers the image of the new government in dealing with lenders as “positive”, 11% as “negative”. Only 16% has a “positive” image of the opposition and 74% “negative”.

73% considers Alexis Tsipras as “most suitable for being Prime Minister”. 12% consider ex PM Antonis Samaras as “most suitable”.
75% has a ‘positive opinion’ for Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.
86% have “feeling of “national pride”, 13% does not.
64% thinks “the country in in the right direction”, 20% think “country in the wrong direction”. Before the elections ‘right direction” was 21% and 74% “wrong direction”.
49% considers that the economic situation “will get better” and 15% “will get worse”. Before the elections the figures were 17% and 39% respectively.
83% reject the Memorandum of Understanding (bailout program).
6% favors the MoU for the debt repayment
79% asks from the government “to make a deal with lenders to pay back smaller part of the debt.”
11% asks the government to “stop paying”.
90% rejects “the Troika“, 8% has positive opinion about it.
76% thinks “positive about the euro”, 20% “negative”75% considers Greece’ exit form the euro as “not possible”.

In a euro-referendum, 73% would vote in favor, 20% against.

63% considers “negative” the option to return to drachma “things will get worse”, 18% considers it “positive”.

82% have negative opinion for Germany: Merkel 82% “negative”/ 16% “positive”, Schaeuble 81% “negative”/ 15% “positive”.

As main ally of Greece, respondents consider:

EU 43%, Russia 13%, USA 4% China 3%.

37% none of them/no opinion.

61% has “positive” opinion about the EU, 365 “negative”.

Respondents have “positive opinion” for:

USA 51%, Russia 68%, France 61%

Barack Obama 72%

Vladimir Putin 70%

Poll Avgi online here.

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  1. Greek Government debt sitting at around 175%? 86% of Greeks feeling National Pride? When did it all go wrong for you guys? You feel pride when your country owes more than it makes.

  2. The real problem of many countries is lack of finantial culture. How come people want to stay in the euro and at the same time they reject the ECB that is providing money to the banks and the IMF ,ECB ,EC that is keeping country in the euro ? Does not make sense. Both in Portugal and Greeece people shout slogans but they fail to explain
    the community the most basic of economy finances. I am not optimistic.
    People transfer to the troika their anger and fail to realize that without troika no euro.

    • Nobody said that what it doesn’t make sense to you. you probably do not understands the wording finesses.

  3. 75% consider leaving the euro “impossible”.

    all those years of frontistiria – one would think that people are reading more about this situation online in english…

    how could such a high percentage consider this course of events (most probable) as impossible?

    the contradictions in this poll are ludicrous…