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Why Varoufakis writes “Yanis” with one “n”: Mystery solved and it’s shocking!

I am impressed about the secrets and revelations of Numerology, the mystical relationship between numbers and events and the symbolism in occult and pseudomathematic sciences.  But if you belong to the crowds of people worldwide wondering why Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis writes his first name with one “n” and not with two – “Yannis” – as the Greek correct way… here is the answer. And it is shocking!

In a Greek entertainment show, mathematician and numerologist Lefteris Argyropoulos disclosed the mystery and -most probably – Varoufakis’ secret numerologist skills.

In Numerology,  “the name Varoufakis name has the number 1302 , and the whole world must learn the meaning of this number and why Varoufakis writes his first name with one ‘n’, ” Argyropoulos said, adding:

“This is not a coincidence. YVAROUFAKIS has the number 1305 and this is the same number of the word Euro. If he writes YanisVaroufakis, this has the  has the same number as the word revisionist. But if he writes it with two n, he gets the same number as the word organizational,” argued Argyropoulos.

Argyropoulos is allegedly in the Guiness Book of Records for his exceptional numerology and lexarithmos skills.

“A word’s lexarithmos (=it’s coming from the combination of the Greek words “Λέξη” = “Word” and “Αριθμός” = “Number”) is calculated if we replace each letter with a specified number and then add them. The equivalence of letters with numbers can be done with three possible ways. The first one is the most usual and it follows the Greek arithmetical system of the classic period. The second way is not a common one .. and it’s based on the equivalence of the letters with the number that represents the position to the Greek alphabet. The third way is based on the “analytical” lexarithmos.”(Eleftherios Argyropoulos).


it is worth noticing is that numerology results are in close connection with one’s life path….

Test – Test …fff… one-two, one-two, Test

this Numerology theory reminded me of my teenagers years when we were trying to find the truth about ourselves and our destiny in this wide world. So I decided to test Varoufakis in automatic numerology calculator and I started the easy way: typing the name of my blog.

Here I have to note that one can only add words/letters to these automatic calculators and not number.

Anyway I thought: If I type “keeptakinggreece” in numerology calculator, will I get a number equal to word “blogger“?

I did the test and here are the results:

keeptalkinggreece – number 9 = highly evolved, (renaissance man)

* keeptalkinggreececom – number 8 = influence, money, and power

blogger – number 3 = imaginative, dynamic, trinity

journalist – number 2 = passive, diabolic

* reporter – number 8 = influence, money, and power

KTG –  number 2 = passive, diabolic

* match!

I did also the YanisVaroufakis test in several versions. Here are the results and comparison with Argyropoulos calculations:

Varoufakis – number 8 = influence, money, and power

Argyr: 1302 = 1+3+0+3 = 5

YanisVaroufakis – number 7 =scholarly, mystical, hermit, 7 is a magical number

YVaroufakis – number 2 = passive, diabolic

Argyr: 1305 = 1+3+0+5 = 8

*YannisVaroufakis – number 5 = a neophile, hyperactive

YiannisVaroufakis – number 1 = power, eminence, individualistic, primary, driven

*EURO – number 5 = a neophile, hyperactive

  *match in numerology calculator.

However I have to stress here that there are several numerology calculating systems and maybe Argyropoulos did not use the same as I did, and he certainly has more insight knowledge of the issue, and he certainly calculated Varoufakis name in Greek Γιανης Βαρουφακης, and  … OH WAIT!

As journalist is diabolic (number 2) I took a last chance to reveal the real truth behind the one-N-Varoufakis. I typed the magic word: DRACHMA in the calculator. And here is the number it spat! Diabolic number 2!

Drachma – YVaroufakis match! A proud 2!

In Pythagorean calculator though YanisVaroufakis gets a 2, euro a 5 and drachma a 3.

Go figure!

Apart from the calculations confusion, I also have to admit that I cannot decide whether I prefer a revisionist or a organizational Varoufakis with one or two “n“…

Now, I am sure, you want to know where I did these tests, right?

PS there is an explanation for everything!  wow…

Numerology calculator: 3 systems here

One of them being this one

Image result for numerology


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