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Greece’s much to many leaked papers to calm down critics at home and abroad

Four hours before the deadline Monday midnight, all Greek media report of a non-paper with reform measures that Greece suggest to its lenders. The non-paper roughly outlines the reform measures Athens is expected to submit in the form of a reforms list to its official creditors, IMF, EU and ECB, as being obliged according to the Eurogroup agreement on February 20th.

Now, there is a lot of confusion about this non-paper that has been mistakenly understood as the Greek final reforms list.

In an effort to shed light to this confusion on Monday evening, here is the list of leaked and unleaked… lists:

1. Greece sent a 6-page document to its lenders Monday afternoon. Not leaked!

2. Greece sent a draft to Brussels containing some measures to raise revenues. Partly leaked! see below.

2. The non-paper published in the Greek media roughly outlines the reform measures and is though for “internal purposes” to calm critics within SYRIZA. Leaked!

3. The Greek final reforms list will be sent Tuesday morning. Not leaked!

KTG understands that the non-paper given to the media serves internal purposes, after several SYRIZA officials criticized the government for the handling with creditors, claiming that the reforms list does not include measures to relieve the austerity-hit society and that “the government has distanced itself from its commitments towards the voters.”

The Non-Paper

Top priorities are measures to combat tax evasion and corruption, settlement of arrears in more than 100 installments. settlements of so-called “red loans”

The Greek reforms list includes:

1. Measures to address the humanitarian crisis

2.  Measures to boost the real economy through: regulations of arrears for  state debtors, “red loans” and stopping foreclosure of    “primary residence”

3. Fair taxation system
4. Fight against fraud
5. Fight against corruption

6. Combat illegal fuel and tobacco trading

7. Reconstruction of Public Sector and Mitigation of bureaucracy

8. The reforms list makes reference to labor issues, incl collective bargains.
5. The reforms list does not refer to the “OECD tool kit” but to the Guria (OECD gen secr) – Tsipras deal about the necessary structural reforms.
6. No reference to “rehire laid-off public servants” because as the Minister (?) noticed, “rehiring will be part of the
planned recruitment as foreseen in the Budget 2015.” (

The Reforms List

Greece’s economic team spent the weekend working out the reforms list and  in non-stop consultations with its creditors in Brussels.

A first draft was already sent to Brussels on Sunday evening. The draft contained among others measures to raise revenues with top priority being: combat tax evasion and corruption, combat of illegal fuel and tobacco trading.

Target of the Greeks is to collect €7.3 billion

  Sunday’s Draft

€2.5 billion from taxing the wealth of Greek “tycoons”

€2.5 billion from individuals and businesses with debts to the state.

€1.5 billion from crack down to illegal fuel trading

€800 million from crack down to illegal tobacco trading

Total: €7.3 billion

(calculations as published by German tabloid Bild quoting Greek government sources.)

State NERIT TV reported on its Prime Time News Monday that the final reforms list will be sent to Brussels Tuesday morning and that a Eurogroup teleconference will take place in the afternoon.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras is exposed to extreme pressure coming not only from abroad – mainly Germany – but also from his own party official and MPs.

After historic member of the Greek Left SYRIZA-MEP Manolis Glezos and world famous musician Mikis Theodorakis also SYRIZA-MPs and officials Sakorafa, Milios, Lapavitsas, Bolari, Mitropoulos and Minister Katrougalos criticized the government.

In Germany, there is warning message to Greece to refrain from measures that may be considered as “unilateral actions” (example: red loans,  that could endanger the fiscal stability.

PS Not even a month in power and they all expect that the new Greek government pleases Christian-Democrat creditors abroad and rebelling leftists at home… yesterday.


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One comment

  1. this is a dream.

    €2.5 billion from taxing the wealth of Greek “tycoons”
    they will drop the Greek nationalety and run out the Country.
    maybe you can get one, he is the Minister of deffence.
    it is his choice to give up his Job and run too, he must be fast offcource!

    €2.5 billion from individuals and businesses with debts to the state.
    they will Close the businesses and also run out and the individuals will go for foodmarks and free electricety.

    €1.5 billion from crack down to illegal fuel trading
    €800 million from crack down to illegal tobacco trading.

    this is a proffesinal Mafia with a backup from corrupt goverment workers(Police, milletary and others).
    on a Long term you could get that Kind of Money, but not in 4 months.
    I think it takes at least another 3 to 4 years.

    but thats ok, then there is the next election.