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PM Tsipras outlines 5 legislation drafts, announces state bankruptcy investigation

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras outlined the first 5 legislation drafts that will be submitted to Parliament as soon as possible. The first draft law that will be submitted on Monday will  concern measure to tackle the humanitarian crisis and relief measures to impoverished households. Furthermore, the Prime Minister announced that the government will submit a proposal to establish an committee that will “examine the conditions and the political responsibilities of those who bankrupted the country and led Greece to enforced borrowing.”

In his speech at the extraordinary cabinet meeting that was televised live, Tsipras also ruled out a third bailout that allegedly Germany prepares for summer.

Five legislation drafts:

1) Humanitarian crisis: free electricity and food for 300,000 poor households, free housing for 30,000 people. Food stamps through a pre-paid smart card that will be charged each week.

Relief measures for 3.7 million natural person, very small, small and medium enterprises that owe up to €5,000 “wihotu hope to ever pay back their debts again.”

2) 100-installment-scheme: the scheme will allow debtors of taxes and social security funds to repay their debts in upto 100 installments. Those will debts below €50,000 will not be arrested and put in prison.

3) Freeze foreclosure for  primary residence: the measure will apply to home owners owing a home worth maximum up to €300,000 ‘objective value’.

4) Reopening of former state broadcaster ERT, rehire laid-off personnel and proceed to all necessary legal and administrative requirements. “There will be no fiscal burden,” Tsipras reassured. ERT was suddenly shut down in 2013, it was replaced by a new state broadcaster NERIT.

5) Skouries Gold Miningto revoke the license of architecture and electromechanical studies of the Gold Mining project in Skouries, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece. “After several serious allegations, the withdraw of the license has been deemed necessary in order to reexamine  whether the several provisions,  have been kept. Our priorities are to defend the environment and the public interest,” Tsipras said.

At the same time, Alexis Tsipras announced also that authorities have unified data  containing in the so-called “Lagarde and Liechtenstein lists” as well as lists with properties abroad in order to facilitate authorities to proceed to targeted audit and combat big scale tax evasion.

Combating tax evasion and corruption are said to be the top priorities of the Greek coalition government.


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  1. Now this list I approve!

  2. stopping of foreclosures on primary residences of up to 300k “objective value”???

    I’m against foreclosures of primary residences, but only in very specific situations, i.e. inability to repay mortgage and similar…

    But the price tag is pretty steep on this one, and way too generous. Without complementing land taxes, this is socialism for the rich. And greece has more than enough people who still live with their parents…