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Survey: SYRIZA 42.1%, ND 18.3%; 7:10 Greeks agree with Eurogroup agreement

At least two in three Greeks are satisfied with the way Greek government negotiated with the EU partners and seven in ten agree with the Eurogroup agreement. 76% are positive about the government’s overall performance, and 42% would vote for SYRIZA if elections were to be held on Sunday.

In a public opinion survey conducted by Metron Analysis and published at daily Parapolitika on Saturday:

metron analysis


SYRIZA 42.1%

Nea Dimokratia 18.3%

To Potami 5.7%

Golden Dawn 5.3%

KKE 4.1%

Independent Greeks 3.8%


“Most suitable for Prime Minister”:

Alexis Tsipras 55%  Antonis Samaras 12%

“Overall performance”: positive 76% negative 18%

“Negotiations with EU partners”: correct 68% wrong 23%

“Euro zone”: euro 81% 15%  return to drachma

The public opinion survey was conducted after the Eurogroup agreement on February 20th.

Unfortunately I have no access to full data of the survey.

What do Greeks want from this government? Measures to relief the strict austerity, “space to breathe”, measures to combat tax evasion,  corruption and intermingling, eliminate the chronic diseases of the state. And they approve the confrontation style towards the lenders. So simple is that…

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  1. costa sakellariou

    a very confused poll…such a huge swing within 60 days is proof that people are grasping at straws…

  2. cyril mc donnell

    looking across the page to the right even the weather is improving good luck to the greeks!!

  3. What are the Greek citizens going to do mar h 6th when the Greek government can’t make the 1.5 billion euros to the if

  4. still ugly in the survey : golden dawn 5.3%

    This mornings news
    The surface reading of the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll is that the key trends are all moving in Tony Abbotts Favor.

    Headline reads:
    PM Tony Abbott’s ‘positive’ shows he’s a dead man walking.
    Australians are not confused as to Abbotts final exit.

    I am surprized that the SYRIZA party has not been escorted to the airport yet with a one way ticket to parts unknown.

    It is of no consequence – the EU has cracked open & is spilling out.
    Has SYRIZA got a plan B – for when there is no more EU ?

  6. The real question here is what exactly is the Berlin strategy if one exists.

    Let’s talk politics for a second since the whole European project is political.

    Here are the facts:

    1. cooperation w/ Berlin means your political extinction

    2. If your government falls and new elections are called you win by a landslide

    3. Any hard decisions you have to make, a referendum will rescue you from having to carry them.

    So what is the downside for Tsipras here? That he might win the next election by 45%?

    What triumph is Berlin talking about?