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Varoufaki’s “undercover agents” vs tax evasion: tourists, students, housewives

From Euro-Shrek to Super Taxman: Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will hire part timers as undercover agents to grab out tax evaders. Tourists, students and housewives – desperate or not –  will work armed with wire devices (camera, etc) to catch shopkeepers and service providers who offer their goods, pocket the money and do not issue receipts.

The idea of hiring the part time VAT-007s is allegedly contained in the Varoufakis’ Reforms List sent to Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Friday.

According to Financial Times, the proposal is entitled  «Onlookers’ VAT Evasion-Fighting Scheme» and foresees a number of temporary “observers” who will  help the government to “catch in fragranti” those evading taxes and specifically the Value Added Tax.

“The non-professional inspectors will be hired on a strictly short-term contract for no longer than two months and no prospect of being hired by the public administration.

They will undergo a brief training, they will behave as customers on behalf of the tax authorities and will be wired with sound and video devices. “

The proposal is included in the Reforms List, position 3)

3. Establishment of a flexible body targeting tax controls for combating tax evasion. the body will not be permanent.

Until the undercover agents get their training and start to “onlook”, the normal tax evaders hunters have caught their pray: an employee at a state-run enterprise with €2.10 billion that he could not justify, a bank-employee with €900,000 off tax declaration, retired public servant with €307,000 and so on.  Oh, and an astrologist with some more than €1.2 million.

The catch occurred in the months of January and February.

But Alpha TV claimed that these case are not new but that they have been in dusty drawers since one or two years….

Image result for doris day agent

housewife searching for receipt

Image result for doris day agent film calling dog Vladimir

student dressed as housewife

Image result for the spy who came out of the water doris day

I suppose, in tourist areas the spies will be dressed as mermaids and

will come out of the water …

 spy doris day

However if training no good.., this may happen

Image result for the spy who came out of the water doris day


Financial Times via here in GR

The 17 cases of tax evaders here

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  1. I like jokes and this is a perfect one!

  2. Some of the old time German stasi would be proud. I’m sure it will help those from East Germany who had job experience.

    • I was just thinking of this right now, too. This may drive tax revenue up, great, but there will be negative consequences for society if Greece is turned into a spy vs spy country.

  3. On second thought, maybe he’s trying to get on Angela Merkel’s good side. Maybe he’s trying to help Germany problem with rising poverty by providing jobs for former stasi from East Germany.

    • Keep it up guys!

      The way we are going Syriza will call a referendum and dissolve the government in preparation for new elections.

      They will probably get 50% of the vote this time and the more you victimize them the higher their ratings will be.

      • I don’t know what you trying to say. But honestly a ‘leftist’ party using fascist tactics is a warning sign. People think it’s just this one thing, that it will be used only for VAT taxes. In the USA people thought tortures and spying is what the government did to other countries until those in power started doing it to Americans. Didn’t the same thing happen in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s? We may be joking about what Syriza is doing but this is really serious.

        • Konst, I am an observer of tactics and strategy. Not a Syriza supporter or anyone else’s supporter. Couldn’t care less about ideologies. Only competence attracts my attention.

          What fascinates me here is how Germany has put Syriza in a position Syriza can’t lose.

        • Yes it happened in Nazi Germany and after that under the communists in eastern Germany. The purpose of both “public” spy networks was to report political enemies of the state and anyone who might be threat to society. Where threat could mean anything from dodging taxes to openly wear a red scarf(pro communist, allegedly) or having too much contact with your western relatives(thus supporting capitalism)

          It is part of darker past of Germany and while it could solve some of the structural issues that Greece has, it will undoubtly have a negative impact on how everyone regards their neighbors. Since you can never be sure if the person you are talking to is trying to find out if you are dodging taxes.

          Honestly, I hope you guys find a better solution. For your sake.

  4. Ok I suppose – until the first undercover tax snooper is found beaten up/dead at the side of the road. Then watch as the number of recruits dwindles to zero. This is a culture problem: corruption trickles down from the very top. Think about it.

  5. Oooops….evidence. Keep it from Varoufakis, Gray:


    • That’s only evidence of low level of knowledge, insight and reason that’s symtomatic for the media nowadays, Dino. It’s the weekend now and I’m not interested in investing time and efforts into pointing out everything that’s wrong with this piece of shitty journalism.

      • o.k. I get it. So everything that is against your propaganda is bad journalism and there is only one option going forward.

        And the prisoners should not be bothering us because it’s the weekend.

  6. Victoria Evangelides

    I’ve been to Greece many times and wasn’t aware of receipts being required until my friend that lives there asked the waiter”where’s our receipt?” (It was a large dinner party) She explained to me that most tourists are unaware about receipts. The cafe owners will pocket the VAT. In my parents village it is a rarity to get a receipt from the cafenia. I’ve been overcharged for drinks,food, as have others visiting from Australia. It will take a vast effort to implement any new programs.

  7. Well that’s a silly idea
    How is it going work now that he has told everyone ?
    Besides everyone is already giving out fake reciepts for purchases that are tax deductable.
    Bori oti O Varoufakis mus koroithevi

    • keeptalkinggreece

      fake receipts? everone?

      • There certainly much demand for them in Greece, but no, thanks. And be careful selling your, uh, artwork to businesses, ktg! There’s spies lurking everywhere.

      • When you use a credit card you can’t fake receipt.

        If the merchant tells you that there could be a better price if you use cash, then that’s all you need to convict. And the proposition would be on video.

  8. costa sakellariou

    VERY disappointing…from the new government – varoufakis dress notwithstanding!

    politicians and elites going to prison (or worse) for their crimes (start with the lista lagarde) should be the first movement from syriza…everything else (especially having people spy on each other) is a joke…

    • Just because your name is on a list you think you could throw people in prison?

      The Lagarde list is useless. Other countries which used such lists never revealed who was in it. They simply let out that they were in possession of incriminating information and urged offends to step up and settle their debts.

      For starters, the Lagrade list is not admissible evidence in court because it is the product of illegal activity.

      It will probably take 5-10 years to prosecute such cases and not with much success because the other side could hire very competent legal representation.

  9. Good idea IF we were talking about a small country but with the vast number of islands and only working May-October, I doubt that this will work and the costs involved would negate any benefit. The people who evade tax have it sussed and are very astute.

  10. Interesting to see that Doris Day’s hair always was in great shape, even in awkward situations. Lots of hairspray, I guess. What’s the expert’s view? Ktg?

  11. Solon Lechonitis

    Ha!Ha!The best jokes come as always from Dr Varoufakis!!!!!!hes the Maestro!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Obviously merchants now knowing this will issue recieps for everything for the next few months thus negating all the snooping.
    A ridiculous idea doomed from the start