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Golden Dawn MP cleared over TV show punch to KKE lawmaker

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris was cleared of charges for having slapped Communist MP Liana Kanelli during a live TV show back in 2012. A despicable act of violence that took place in front of the eyes of thousands of viewers.

So how comes that the beater was acquitted of charges?

Apparently due to some “juristic details”:

1) victim Kanelli did not file a law suit against the perpetrator

2) the verdict of forensic specialist was that there was no “grievous bodily harm”

3)  the charges of “attempted grievous bodily harm” were changed to “not severe”

4) The prosecutor said that Kasidiaris “could be found guilty of simple bodily injury, but that needed a law suit to be filed by the victim within three months.

Liana Kanelli told the court that she did not want to file a law suit against him as “the action by itself was humiliating.”

She told, that her decision not to file a law suit was “political”.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris on Friday was acquitted of charges of attempted grievous bodily harm against Communist Party (KKE) deputy Liana Kanelli following a televised brawl in June 2012.

An Athens court ruled that the assault was not as severe as described in the charges.

Moreover, judges did not convict Kasidiaris of plain assault because that would have required a lawsuit by the victim, which was never filed.

During the tense procedure, Kanelli was targeted for abuse by supporters of Kasidiaris who turned up at the court.

In his defense Kasidiaris, currently in pretrial custody together with other Golden Dawn MPs over charges of running a criminal organization, described the attack as an “unfortunate moment,” adding however that he had only slapped – but not punched – Kanelli. (via ekathimerini)

Greek Communist Party KKE issued a statement describing as “provocative” the court decision “despite the fact that it had accepted the charges of simple bodily injury.” The KKE statement underlines that the court decision “contributes to a climate of tolerance towards to the criminal action of the Golden Dawn.”

Video: present are: Kasidiaris, Kanelli, Dourou (SYRIZA), Pavlopoulos (Greece’s next president)

KTG report of 7. June 2012




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  1. Disgusting.

    Maybe Berlin should send Kassidiaris as a tax collector now that we know slapping tax dodges in the face is not a crime.

    Forget about the the ND+PASOK push overs. Go with the real Nazis instead since they both speak the same language.

  2. BTW, this is for Gray who thinks that he is formulating Greek public opinion in eKathimerini.

    ekathimerini is basically owned by Berlin. It’s ranking is attrocious:

    As you can see it doesn’t even rank among Greek media sites and its world ranking is atrocious:

    So we have a phenomenon which also repeats in this blog. Germans coming to Greek sites, or sites dealing with the subject of Greece, liking each others’ comments and always under the illusion that they are influencing Greek politics somehow.

    Question is: why do Germans feel compelled to let us know what they think when a. no one asked them b. they have no say in the internal Greek politics and c. have zero influence on outcomes.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      he has been trolling around since 2012, disappears and comes back when things get serious. I wonder if he gets paid by German propaganda ministry (CDU)

      • This will shock you, honey, but I’m rather leaning SPD. I don’t toe the party line, though.
        And I really only come here because of a weird daydream that behind your confusing political opinions hides a fascinating woman!
        Well, that, and your blog is really a good source for developments that are difficult to find in the media. Keep talking, Grace, uh, Greece!

        • keeptalkinggreece

          1. SPD is = CDU nowadays and not because of the coalition
          2. you should be warned before you sexually harass a blogger

          • 1. Oh, they do have their disagreements and arguments, but they’re in a government coalition now, indeed.
            2. I would never do that, of course. I’m only joking. What became of your sense of humour? Fell victim to the crisis? I’m sorry about that.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            sure. sexistic jokes from Donnerstags Stammtisch

        • “your blog is really a good source for developments that are difficult to find in the media.”

          …because you don’t speak Greek or live here, and haven’t got a clue about anything that is happening except from your FAQ sheet regurgitation, which is totally out of date.

          What a sad little loser’s mini-job you have.

    • Why do you spend that much time thinking about me, Dino?
      Better chalk that down as one of the yet unsolved mysteries of the world. There’s certainly more important issues than this right now!

    • The German trolls are trying to shape FOREIGN opinion, not Greek. They know the Greeks aren’t reading English Kathimerini, what pathetic desperation is that. Foreigners don’t either, just some lazy foreign journaists. That’s the ‘hope’.

      Its money down the drain since the world press sees the Germans / Draghi beating up on the Greeks to rescue their banks.

      But ktg, as I’ve said before, congratulations that your excellent, ever charming & quixotic reporting is taken rightly as dangerous by the Deutsche Ministry of Propaganda, original prop. Goebbels. A compliment!

      • What paranoia. I’m just one guy who Iikes online discussions, especially about issues of international importance. And you guys blow this up into a conspiracy theory! How nuts is that?

  3. To get to the topic, the big mystery is why Kanelli DIDN’T press charges (from Day 1).

    And “slaps” are not okay, either. Ever.

    Of course Germans don’t see it that way – up in S&M land they are just standard interpersonal communications…

  4. You wouldn’t give these people the time of day.
    Surely a discussion, albeit heated, allows each person to have their say without interuption & name calling.
    The lady with the dark hair stood up from her seat & went for the man, with the papers she was holding – she attacked first.
    Never does this warrent a physical retaliation, but hey, thses people were out of control.
    It is incumbent upon the producers of a TV program to make sure that nothing gets out of hand.
    They should all sue the TV station for not managing the situation at all times & letting it deteriorate to a violent & dangerous episode.

  5. Remember watching this scene played out on the TV in total horror. A politician resorting to a violent act generally showing a total lack of control, an inability to have the vocabulary to discuss anything democratically. I will not be drawn in the male/female mysogynistic argument But I doubt if it had been a man he would not have hit out. I think it is correct in law that if the victim does not file a law suit then the perpetrator has no crime to answer but is not that generally when there are no witnesses to a crime. I think the Prosecution lost out on that one! Shame on the Greek legal system.

    As far as the above comment on Ekathimerina Newspaper I have stopped reading it. It was one of the only English newspapers available but after challenging their reporting of certain extreme far right activities and their economic reporting of events, and receiving no replies to my letters, I deleted it from my regular reading list.