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Survey: 7:10 Greeks support “honorable compromise” with European partners

Seven out of ten Greeks support a “honorable compromise” with a mutually acceptable solution between the Greek government and the European partners. The public opinion survey conducted by Marc for daily Efimerida ton Syntakton refers to Government’s announced measures and future plans:

To the question “if negotiations do not bridge the gap between Greek government and European Partners”:

69.6% favor a “honorable compromise”

27.4% favor a “definite break, even if this mean return to Drachma.

3.5% did not answer the question.

“Measures to address humanitarian crisis”:

88.3% say “positive”

9.9% “negative” and “rather negative”.

93.5% in favor of “foreclosure protection for primary residence”

88.8% in favor of settlement for arrears to tax offices and social security funds

“Reopening of former broadcaster ERT and rehiring personnel”:

52.3% “positive” and “rather positive”

43.2% “negative” and “rather negative”

“Set up an inquiry committee on how Greece go into the loan agreements”:

84.2% agree

12.9% disagree

“Is the possibility of a Greek default in the future real?”

50.4% believe that

45.5% do not believe that

“Does the Left Platform threaten the cohesion of the government?”

47.9% Yes

44.4% No

The poll was conducted nationwide between 3-5 Μαρτίου 2015. (via

PS I cannot tell you exactly what is a “honorable compromise” – neither whether the respondents knew more about it – , but I suppose it is a compromise allowing several structural reforms and some austerity/strict expenditure control without humiliating the country and the citizens though the usual “total capitulation to the creditors” of the past five years.

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  1. This pool is very biased. What is a “honorable compromise”, will that be offered to Greece, all that comes out of Brussels says no. Not even symbolic semantic concessions are being made.

    Only way to have a “honorable compromise” is if the Greek people (and Government) is ready to reject the EU dictates and pursue alternatives outside the “institutions” framework, with all that that implies. If this threat is not perceived has real by the EU they will never compromise (why would they? because they are nice guys? because Europe is wonderful???). Even if the threat is real it is not sure they will compromise, anyway. Either you are ready and prepare for alternatives to the “Institutions” or its total surrender. All the talk about a “honorable compromise” is delusional if not deliberately misleading.

  2. Any compromise with effing Berlin is dishonorable.

    The mere fact that we are talking to the Berlin clowns degrades an individual and a country.

  3. Apparently Greeks are having no clue what political negotiations are.

    If you enter a political negotiation with an intent of “honorable compromise” all you get is a royal eff.

    In a negotiation to be effective you need to be uncompromising all the way until the last minute and after the other side has invested tons of time and effort under the real threat that all such “effort investment” could be wasted at any moment.

    Which is precisely where we are today. After 5 years of never ending negotiations with the Beast of Berlin finally someone is an a position to tell them to go to Hell.

    This is how you win in negotiations. No by playing Merkel’s lap dog like SamaraVlakas and IlithioVenizelos.

  4. Please, let the Greek people reject the EU dictates. Please, let the Greek people be to proud to take the money from the other EU members. Please, let the Greek see and accept that no investors will come to their country because there is less trust in a good politic environment, good infrastructure, willing and hard working Greek people. Please, let the Greek people realized that if they want the drachmen back they are willing to do so. And please let the Greek people realize that they will be pour very pour before there country can rize again, if they choose for no EU money, no euro. So please stop blaming everyone like the Germans and other EU countries and start working, create companies and earn money yourself.

  5. I support the Greek people and their goverment!!!

    I feel embarrassed as a Dutch myself to read such a nonsence of another Dutch person. But not surprised also, as we only see/read propaganda on the mainstreammedia here in the Netherlands.

    To “Dutch citzen” I want to say, get yourself good informed before you speak out. What you have write down here looks foolish and sounds very humiliating towards the Greek people….Bah!!!

    • I have family in Greece who are hard working people. They suffer but they are not blaming everybody like the Germans and other countries. And yes I know therefore the situation in Greece.
      What I want to make clear is that the Greek people has a choice, just like the Irish people and the Balkan countries. What the choice will be is theirs to make: accept money from Eu or try to collect money in the financial world or investors. But everybody has high conditions.
      Petra, when other people on this site humilate Germans and Dijsselbloem, are you also saying how foolish they are?

    • Thank you Petra. Much appreciated for the moral support.

      You understand of course that there is a war of words going on. The objective is intimidation of the opponent. We (Greeks) didn’t start it but we can give as good as we receive and then some.