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The Berlin-Brussels Plot against Greece: “A national unity gov’t with a weak SYRIZA”

Berlin never made a secret that it would love to see To Potami as SYRIZA’s coalition partner. Martin Schulz from German coalition partner SPD and President of European Parliament said it openly and right away, just four days after the elections and the new Greek coalition government. In his blatant intervention to Greek politics, Martin Schulz said:

“For me it would be better, Mr. Tsipras had to work with To Potami […]  And let’s not forget, the current opposition is the government of tomorrow,” Schulz said adding that To Potami is ready to take responsibility for the country’s European course.” (KTG 29. Jan 2015)

Less than one a half month and several more or less successful eurogroup – Greece meetings later, some conspiracy scenarios are in circulation claiming that Brussels & Berlin are plotting against the Greek government, with the aim to establish a national unity government with a weakened SYRIZA.

Fuel to the scenario are the recent ECB decision to exclude Greece from the Quantitative Easing scheme that ends up in “Greece’s economic suffocation”. But also the developments in major opposition party Nea Dimokratia with former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stuck in party’s chairmanship chair despite the elections defeat.

The scenarios

Brussels and Berlin allegedly try to weaken SYRIZA through “economic suffocation with the help of ECB”, “stubbornness towards the Greek government’s reforms,” and the recent carrot that the “ECB may include Greece into Quantitative Easing (QE) scheme, if Greece fully complies with austerity reforms.”

Aim of the plotters in Brussels and Berlin plotters is to establish a Greek “national unity government” with the participation of pro-memorandum political parties and to enforce Greece to sign a new memorandum of understanding, that is a new bailout program and continue the strict austerity.

According to the main conspiracy scenario, that bears the name: Code: “National Unity Government”:

The economic suffocation will lead SYRIZA to step back from many of its positions and elections promises, with the effect that one part of SYRIZA [the radical, anti-asterity Left Platform of Energy Minister Dimitris Lafazanis, I assume] will abandon the government. Then SYRIZA will need an additional coalition partners whom it will find only among the pro-memorandum parties like To Potami and Nea Dimokratia -with or without Samaras, preferably without, as even his European partners allegedly consider him as ‘finished’.

Apart from the new-memorandum effect, the European and German plotters  target also “to weaken leftist SYRIZA as the dominant political power in Greece” and get rid of the bad political example for the people, the citizens, taxpayers and voters in Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal.

What Brussels and Berlin dislike in Greek government were:

“FinMin Varoufakis”, “The semantics of the Greek government concerning the Troika and the bailout program”, “The Greek approach to Russia”, “A possible affiliation with the BRICS”.

The Brussels-Berlin Don’t-Like-List is getting fueled each and every day by statements of Greek government officials like the one by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos who threatened to “flood Europe with undocumented migrants” preferably Berlin.

In the broader conspiracy theory narrative, it is also the USA playing an important role. In addition to all this,  the scenario dish is been garnished with geopolitical blossoms, EURUSD parity petals and lots of Grexit essence.

So apparently it is Schulz’s statement,  Samaras still sitting in ND chairmanship and “ECB’s decision to economically suffocate Greece” are the main and real factors that have triggered the fantasy of conspiracy theories activists to sit down and plot their plot.

Another scenario has been recently claiming that also the party-in-self-decay PASOK would join the National Unity Government. However, the script-writers had forgotten that PASOK might not even get into Parliament should new elections take place imminent.

In a late night political show of a small private television channel ART on Monday, there was talk that “a high-ranking ND official had claimed that Chancellor Angela Merkel had determined that Samaras remains at the chairmanship of Nea Dimokratia.”

The B&B Plot

Provided you’re willing to believe the Greek economic-political events on the grounds of a conspiracy theory, be aware that the substance of the B&B Plot is that:

Greece may be small and broke but the whole world, EU, Berlin, USA, Russia, all possible and impossible players and evil forces have come together to plot in favor or against the Greek government, and that they secretly plan to overthrow it and replace it through unlawful means and in best case enhanced it with pro-Europe, pro-austerity government partners.

Funny though hat these conspiracy scenarios do not include the role of national and international journalists swinging the bank-run tomahawk, waving the imminent-insolvency axe and terrorizing the average Greek and European taxpayer with a plethora of distortion and misleading information on a non-stop basis. Not to mention the anti-Greek campaigns with the German media playing a leading role.

Here is to remind you of the recent BILD’s Greek-Bashing campaign or a DIE WELT article claiming that the Greek government was “hostile against Jews” just because of its criticism to Israeli politics in Gaza.

PS: No, I have no idea which political circles leak such scenarios. It could be anyone…. and it serves many.

BTW: I have to officially declare that so far I have no clue whatsoever, whether the Eurogroup partners and Germany are indeed in favor of a Greek exit of the euro or not!


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  1. SYRIZA have actually managed to make things EVEN WORSE in Greece.
    Must say, that is quite an achievement.

  2. Awesome article!
    I think you should submit it to “The Onion” or “NewsBiscuit”!
    Keep it coming.

    Best regards

  3. Third-hand news, I know – But, I have a friend who has a friend who is a German MP and close to the seat of power. He maintains that it has already been decided that the Eurozone would be better off without Greece and Greece would be better off outside of it.

    • I also have a friend of a friend of a Greek MP who is very close to the seat o power. He tell me that it has already been decided to kick Germany out of the eurozone and that all Europeans would be much better off than the German yoke.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        I have also a friend of a friend close to a psychiatrist telling me to go on vacation

  4. Isn’t it about time that Podemos, Beppo Grillo and other like-minded groups spoke out in support of a restructured EU which is what they and Syriza want. Instead of allowing Syriza to swing in the wind alone!

  5. Of course you are correct KTG. This is the German wet dream.

    To have all parties in Greece totally subordinate to the memorandum terms so that no one would be able to raise a voice.

    It’s the scenario in which whatever party or coalition governs Greece it’s irrelevant. They all become German slaves and sing form the same music sheet.

    Berlin has made it abundantly clear: Democracy does not count. In fact, according to the beast of Berlin, democracy is deep down irritating.

    So why not you serfs form a coalition tuti-fruti government

  6. Seriously now, here is what is most probably happening:

    The ND+PASOK German dealership employees are foaming at the mouth for the following reasons:

    1. Total employer betrayal (a cluster eff by Berlin to all of them indiscriminately)

    2. Dying to get back to controlling things.

    3. Beast of Berlin supportive of national government scenario. They want everyone implicated in the treason.

    4. This is not a conspiracy. It’s an open sought after goal.

    5. The more Berlin opens its mouth the more the resistance meter goes to stratosphere.

    6. Prediction: there will be no deal after June. Totally rule it out. There will be a referendum and this same government would be controlling 50% of the vote on the simple basis that we have no other choice left. If in the meantime Berlin causes this government to fall – due to lack of cash – new elections soon thereafter will re-install the same government even stronger.

  7. a Greek exit of the euro or not, that is a choice of the Greek People and not of the rest of the EU.
    get rid of Kamenos a proven antisemit(advise).

  8. This is a comment on how a Country can go back to using its own Currency, and Committee of Experts should write a Plan for this, and they would use a Website in the different Eurozone Languages, and where they would ask suggestions from the Public, by means of Comments on their Website.

    This comment represents 3 comments that I have written on this matter as a Novice on these matters.

    This comment is to provide some suggestions on how a Eurozone Country might go back to using its own Currency, and People should read to understand and know the Facts about Greece’s and Europe’s Debt, and the News Article at the People’s World Website should be read and it is Titled: Lies and myths at .

    There are People who think that Greece should just pay the IMF with regular Repayments, and that Greece should make modest Repayments to its other Creditors.

    Greece should at least offer to make modest Repayments to its other Creditors, and it should Negotiate with its Non IMF Creditors and the European Central Bank for time to pay, and perhaps one or more of the Creditors will be sympathetic and allow Greece better terms and conditions with regards to those Loans.

    This is because Greece is very close to being Bankrupt as a result of Overly Harsh Austerity, and these measures are Vital if Greece is ever to avoid becoming Bankrupt, so that Greece will one day be able to make full monthly Repayments to its Non IMF Creditors.

    Those modest monthly repayments are 15,000 Euros a month to each of the Non IMF Creditors, and the IMF Creditors will always be paid, even though that will be done with great difficultly until the Economy of Greece Recovers.

    It is Proper to pay something to the other Creditors, or at least offer to pay something to the other Creditors, even if it is modest and represents all that Greece can afford until Greece’s Economy Recovers from Overly Harsh Austerity.

    This will enable both Greece to pursue Economic Growth Policies, and to Encourage the Eurozone and the European Central Bank to pursue Economic Growth Policies.

    There could be People who think that the term trickle down Economics is a Secret code word for the trickling sound made in a toilet, and this could be because some Capitalists like to trickle down on other People, and this could be why there is trickle down Democracy and trickle down Economics in some Eurozone Countries.

    There are People who want the Eurozone and the European Central Bank to pursue trickle up to the Banks and Businesses Economic Recovery, rather than trickle down on People Austerity.

    Austerity during a Depression cannot produce Economic Growth, and Lending Money while charging Interest on that Loan to someone who is Bankrupt cannot enable him to Repay his Debts.

    With regards to Lending Money to someone approaching Bankruptcy, then that Loan should be Interest Free, and it should be separate from other Debts.

    This is because Interest would have to be paid on that new Debt that Interest is charged on the old Debt, unless of course the entire Debt is made Interest Free for someone approaching Bankruptcy.

    This is why there could be People who think that Greece should do as is mentioned in this comment, but they might not know all of the circumstances on these matters, and I am a Novice on these matters.

    Greece needs Prosperous Neighbours to purchase Greece’s exports, and this is regardless of whether Greece is in the Eurozone or whether the Eurozone has made Greece go back to the Drachma.

    The urgency is that because Greece may be made by the Eurozone to go back to using the Drachma, then the Eurozone and the European Central Bank should pursue Policies for Economic Growth.

    I think that we should assume that several Countries in the Eurozone need to make reforms for a Properly Functioning Common Currency Area.

    I only know the details of those few Eurozone Countries, and I have read details regarding Greece and Germany, but I do not know of the reforms that the few other Eurozone Countries need to make, because I do not read that much on these matters.

    The reforms that Greece needs to make is to stop Austerity and to stop taking on too much Debt that charges Interest, and I have read that Germany needs to give a significant Wage Rise to its Workers, because Proper Policies in the Eurozone will not cost jobs, but will Increase Employment even in Germany.

    The Unions of the Eurozone including Germany need to Unite and say that if German Unions do Not Negotiate or go on Strike until they receive the Necessary Pay Rise, then the Workers of the other European Countries will Boycott All German Goods and Services, and the Unions of the Eurozone are Organized to do this, if the German Workers to not want Higher Wages, but the German Workers should firstly Negotiate the needed Wage Rise.

    The Choice for Many German Workers is to have sufficiently Higher Wages or to have No Work, and go on Unemployment Benefits, and the German Workers Need To Understand, that this could be their Last Chance to have Employment.

    Those Union Leaders who are not Fully Committed to this, will have it suggested, that some of them have been Bribed by Capitalists with Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and to receive their Huge Bribes in their Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, they Volunteered to be Filmed taking Bribes, and now they must Obey the Capitalists, because the Capitalists will release the Film on the Internet and give it to the Police, and they do not want to go to jail, and this is why they are the Puppets of the Capitalists.

    France is comfortable with low wages for German Workers, even though it is Unfair to French Workers and to other Workers in the European Union, and perhaps France is receiving a Secret Payment from Germany for being so accommodating to this Gross Injustice to French Workers, and what do the French Unions think of this, and Capitalist Bribe Politicians, and Capitalists Bribe Union Leaders.

    Those who know the History of Capitalists, Unions, and Workers do not need things to be explained to them, because they know that any Advancement for Workers was Only the result of a Hard and Long Struggle.

    The same is True between the First Class White Eurozone Countries, and the Second Class ‘Black’ Eurozone Countries.

    There are People who think that if Greece accepts another of what is Wrongly and Euphemistically called a Rescue Package, then the Eurozone will not make the necessary changes that are needed to make the Eurozone work.

    There have already been 2 of these Wrongly and Euphemistically called Rescue Packages for Greece, but Greece has not been rescued from its Economic Problems, and they have only made things very much worse, and Spain is suggesting a third such Rescue Package for Greece, and we know that Spain and Portugal have been accused of a plot to Overthrow Greece’s Socialist Government.

    People with sufficient Humanity hope that if Greece is made to go back to using the Drachma, then it should happen in the best manner for Greece and for the Eurozone.

    The Greek Government has submitted its Plan to the Eurozone for the Greek Economy to Recover from Overly Harsh Austerity, and Overly Harsh Austerity is a Crime against Humanity, and the Capitalists know this and they commit Crimes against Humanity.

    There could be some Capital Flight of Euros from Greece, and if Greece decides to stay with Austerity, then it might do that temporary to give Greece time to organize a Plan on how best to go back to using the Drachma as a last resort, and there are Greeks who want a Referendum on the Eurozone.

    I am a Novice on these matters, but Experts would have suggestions if Greece was made to go back to using the Drachma.

    I have read that Wise Investments are those where the Investment is not all on one area, but which is spread over many different areas of Investment, and this opinion only mentions Russian Oil, but there are other Areas of Investments which are known by Experts.

    Perhaps 50 % to 100 % of the Euros held by Greek Citizens in Greek Banks, Superannuation and Pension Funds in Greece should be converted for a fee into BRICS Currencies and used to purchase Russian Oil, where there would be No Tax for Greeks on Future Profits of their Oil, and this might bring the Euros back to Greece, and it might make it easier for Greeks themselves to go back to using the Drachma.

    We know that the Price of that Oil is approximately 50 Euros a barrel, and some People say that 100 Euros a barrel or possibly higher is what it will be in the long run, according to some opinions.

    Obviously, Russia would not sell that much Oil at 50 Euros a barrel, but it might at 75 Euros a barrel or slightly higher, because their Banks can Invest those Euros to make it almost as though they sold that Oil for 100 Euros a barrel, and some agreement which is fair to both sides may be discussed by those who understand Commerce.

    Greece might need to Nationalize their Banks first using State of Emergency Legislation, because Nationalized Banks are more Secure than Private Banks.

    I would not trust Private Banks enough in such a scenario, and this would have to be done on a Bank Holiday which lasts for at least a week with the Army occupying the Banks, and with New Administrators and Staff before the purchase of the Russian Oil with Deposited Euros, because Russia may have to send the Euros back to Greece if there is a problem, and so Greeks should stock up on Essentials to last them a month.

    There should be No Tax on the Profits made on that Oil for Greek Citizens, because the Superannuation Money in Euros would also be used to buy Oil, and the No Tax on Oil Profits might send Euros back to Greece.

    There would be No Debt by any Greek Citizen to any Greek Bank or to any other Greek Citizen at the time Greece goes back to using the Drachma, but the Nationalized Greek Banks would begin making Loans to Greeks again, and I think that there should be 0 % Interest charged on new or establish houses including the land for houses, and that there should be 0 % Interest charged on new or used cars, because this creates much Employment.

    Greek Citizens could sell their Oil, which is Black Gold, and then exchange it for Drachmas, and their Bank Account Passbook can record how much Oil and Drachmas they own, and new Bank Account Passbooks may have to be printed up, unless the current ones can be modified for that.

    The Greek Central Bank will Capitalized the Greek Banks with Printed Money, and All Greek Banks should be Nationalized, and it is Purposeful Productive Work which creates Wealth, but Money is needed as the mechanism for that.

    The Greek Banks will give every Person the equivalent of 6 weeks of their Unemployment Benefits, Pensions, Wages, Salary, and Superannuation in Drachmas, because their Euros have been Invested for them to purchased Russian Oil and on other Investments.

    Greeks would be able to Deposit more Oil into their Account if they purchase it, or they could withdraw it by selling it to the Nationalized Greek Banking System.

    The Greek Government should purchase Public Housing using a 0 % Interest Rate Loan from its Central Bank, and charge low rent which would only cover the cost of maintenance and administration.

    If a Democratic Socialist Greece can be made a Success, then the Capitalist European Union will want to show that Capitalism is better than Socialism, and then the European Economy will Recover.

    All Greek Citizens would have No Debt to begin with, and they would need less money to survive, while they rebuild their Economy.

    Workers of Europe should Unite, and purchase Greek Goods and Services, because History shows that it is not good for Europe if there is not sufficient Humanity.

    The Workers of Europe have sufficient Humanity, and they know that the Principles of Fairness, Justice, and Equity are Vital for Europe to have a Good Economy.

    I mentioned using all of the Euros, which belong to the Greek People, and Investing it in several types of Investments.

    I should have said that those Investments must Not be in the European Union Countries, and neither should it be in America or its Puppets.

    We know that with Investments that they should be spread over many types of Investments, which are known by Experts.

    We have seen how the European Union is Untrustworthy with regards to the South Stream Project, and the European Union is Not a Union of European Countries even Minimum Standards or Values.

    The Stronger Northern European Union Countries Dominate and Exploit the weaker European Union Countries, and it is far worse in the Eurozone.

    We can see some examples of the European Union, such as Yugoslavia, Serbia, Cypress, Ukraine, and Greece to realize what the European Union is, and the European Union is an Undemocratic War Criminal Puppet of Anglo-America.

    The Good Investments, are in Russia and China, and Countries which they recommend, and I will use the example of China, although there could and should be other Countries in this arrangement.

    We know that China wants to purchase Industries in Greece, and perhaps Greece should say that China can own Greek Industries, if Greece can own the Equivalent of Chinese Industries in the Monetary Value of All of the Euros that Greece wants to Invest.

    Greece could then say that the Profit that is made from the Investments Overseas is Tax Free for Greek Citizens, and this might bring Euros back to Greece.

    Greek Workers will receive pay from Industries that are owned by the Chinese and Others, and they will be Taxed on this.

    Greece should have the same amount of Investments in approved Countries as the approved Countries have with Greece.

    This is calculated by the Value of the Euro to the Chinese Currency, and the Currencies of other Countries.

    I am a Novice on Commerce and on European Union Law, but perhaps Greece can do this and stay within the Eurozone if it Nationalizes its Banks, and if no Greek Citizen will owe any Money to any other Greek Citizen.

    We know that the European Union has said that Greece must pay its Debts, but at the same time they want Greece to have Austerity, which will make it impossible to Greece to pay back its Debts to the European Union Banks.

    If Greece cannot stay in the Eurozone, then Greece will have to go back to using the Drachma, and Greece may remain a Member of the European Union.

    I mentioned Greece having to possibly Nationalize its Banking System while staying in the Eurozone.

    This is because of its Economic situation, and I am a Novice on Investments, and on European Union Laws, and on how best to Invest in unusual and difficult situations, but a Committee of Experts would know these things.

    It looks like Germany wants to place Greece in a situation, where Greece must Default on all of its Non IMF Debt, while remaining in the Eurozone, because the Eurogroup wants Greece to continue with Austerity.

    It might not be an Official Default, but if Greece is made to have Austerity and there is Resistance from the European Central Bank, then it is a type of Default of its Non IMF Debt, and it equivalent in Monetary Terms as a real Default, because Greece with Austerity will be perpetually unable to Repay its Non IMF Debt.

    The Eurozone placed Greece in this position, because it said that Greece must pay back all of its Debts, and Germany insisted that this be done with Austerity, which they know is impossible, but we will see what the review of the Eurozone is on this.

    The IMF will be Repaid, and it is up to the Eurozone to relax Austerity sufficiently to enable Greece’s Economy can grow in order for Greece to be able to Repay its Non IMF Creditors.

    There are People who think that Greece should Nationalize its Banks, because this will help them in their situation, and to do this under State of Emergency Legislation.

    There could be People who think that Greece must keep using Euros, and have a Budget Deficit, and ask Europe’s Socialists to come to Greece for a holiday, and to purchase Greek Goods and Services, and Greece should ensure that No Greek Citizens owes any Money to any other Greek Citizen, and do this under State of Emergency Legislation.

    This should happen before the Banking System is Nationalized, because Greece’s Economy will Recover much faster because of this.

    I mentioned how the Greek Government could Invest all of the Euros, which belong to Greek Citizens, but it might be better if Private Greek owned Investment Companies did this on sub contract for the Greek Government.

    They would Only be able to Invest Euros owned by Greek Citizens in Investments approved by the Government, and it might be preferable if All Greek Citizens will Debt Free from All other Greek Citizens.

    I will give an example of how All of the Euros are to be used to purchase much of the Rental Property in Hong Kong and other Cities of other Countries, along with other Investments in other Countries, and the Chinese Companies and Companies from other Approved Countries would purchase Greek Companies, and have other Investments in Greece.

    These Investments must Not happen in the European Union, America, or their Puppets, because they have a History of Freezing Bank Accounts and Assets in their Countries.

    The Greek Government has a Responsibility to protect the possessions of Greek Citizens, and the Greek Government should set up these Investments, and compel the Investments to be Administered automatically through the Approved Private Greek Investment Companies.

    If it is done like this, then it does not look like Communism, because it is not the Government’s Money, but it is the possessions of Greek Citizens, which the Government has No Right to, but has a Responsibility and Obligation to Protect the possessions of Greek Citizens under the State of Emergency Legislation.

    All of these Private Greek Investment Companies will be given their own allocated list of Foreign Companies, Properties, and Commodities where they will Invest, but under the State of Emergency Legislation, it will mean that for this Investment, All of those Greek Owned Investment Companies are part of the same Company.

    However, the Greek Private Investment Companies can act as different Companies for Investments in Greece, but not for Investments in Foreign Countries, which is ordered by the Government.

    Each Greek Euro will be one Share in this Investment, and I do not know how many Greek Euros will be available, but I will use the figure of 300 Billion Euros, and that means 300 Billion Shares, and if the rate of return is 10 % , then that means the equivalent of 30 Billion Euros in different Currencies, which may be converted to Euros or any Currency goes to the Bank Accounts of those Greek Citizens who have Shares, minus the fees from Investment Companies in Greece, and the fees for the Companies that handle the Greek Investments in Foreign Countries.

    Each of those 300 Billion Shares will yield the same profit, even though the different Investments will yield different profits, but the profits of All of the different Investments will be combined before being distributed to the Shareholders and a Bank Passbook Account will show how many Drachmas and how Many Shares each Greek Citizens owns.

    The Greek Banks will give every Greek Adult Citizen 2,000 Drachmas, because their Euros have been Invested for them on Government Approved Investments, and these Drachmas are a once off Free Drachmas, and the Invested Euros are not used to pay for these Drachmas.

    Greek Citizens will be allowed to sell their Shares to the Nationalized Banking System, and Only Greek Citizens will be allowed to purchase those spare Shares, and there will be No Tax for Greek Citizens on this Investment.

    The Fact that no Greek Citizens will have any Debts owed to any other Greek Citizens will mean that Greeks will need less Money to survive while they Rebuild their Economy, and this will cause the quickest Economy Recovery for Greece, because Wages can be lower with no affect to Standard of living, but only if Greek Citizens do not owe other Greek Citizens any Money to begin with.

    There could be some Greek Citizens who will sell All of their Shares because they never had many Shares to begin with, or they needed the Money for another reason, but if they are receiving 10 % Tax Free on their Invested Euros, then it makes sense that they should borrow Drachmas at 5 % or lower Interest Rate from their Nationalized Banking System.

    There are Greeks who would like Greece to become the Largest Share Owning Country in the World, but Greece needs a Nationalized Banking System for this.

    Those Approved Countries will purchase Greek Industries and Invest in other types of Investments, and Greece and the Other Countries can swap those Investments back to their Country of Origin after the Drachma has been Stabilized by Mutual Agreement, or Unilaterally after 5 years, but it must be the Equivalent Monetary Value at the time of the swap which is being exchanged with Domestic and Foreign Property or Investments.

    Greece can use the Barter System for Foreign Trade with some Countries if that may be convenient or even necessary, and the Drachma should be set at 75 % of the Value Euro and for at one year, and then the Drachma will find its level in the Currency Market, and that rate will mean that there will not be much variation in the Value of the Drachma to other Currencies after it is allowed to Trade on the Currency Market.

    There are Economists who think that what will help Greece make Repayments to its Non IMF Creditors is if Greece can have Balanced Budgets, rather than a Budget Surplus during an Economic Depression.

    Economists say that having Budget Surpluses during a Depression like Greece is currently experiencing, will not help the Greek Economy to Recover, and this will make it very difficult for Greece to Repay its Non IMF Debt.

    This is because a Balanced Budget during a Depression is more of an Economic Stimulus than Surplus Budgets, and a Budget Deficit in the first Budget will enable Greece to make it easier to Repay some of its Non IMF Creditors, and it will Stimulate the Greek Economy even more so that Greece can have a Balanced Budget in the next Budget, while having a larger Economy on which to prepare the next Budget.

    This will mean Higher Government Revenues, which increases the capacity of Greece to make Repayments to more of its Non IMF Creditors.

    I read that no Eurozone Country would qualify today to join the Eurozone, and this must have been because of breaking the Eurozone Rules, and France with a Debt of 97 % of its GDP wants a Budget Deficit of more than the maximum allowed by Eurozone Rules of 3 %, and Germany has 77 % of its GDP as Debt, while the Eurozone Rules say that Debt must not exceed 65 % of GDP.

    If the Bigger Eurozone Countries can break the Eurozone Rules, then Greece should be allowed to stay within the Eurozone Rules of having a small Budget Deficit.

    At the beginning of the Eurozone Crisis, Greece had an Unemployment Rate of 7 % , and a Debt of a little over 100 % of its GDP, and after following all of the Eurozone Dictates on Austerity and on having Budget Surpluses, Greece now has an Unemployment Rate of 26 % and a Debt of 175 % of its GDP, and during that time the Greek Economy has shrunk by 25 % because of Eurozone Imposed Austerity.

    Those Facts disprove any suggestions of laziness or of significant tax evasion, and the problems were created by Eurozone Imposed Austerity.

    This is Criminal Activity by the Eurozone, and Unbiased Economists say that the solution is Not more Austerity.

    There are a few voices of reason and sanity in the European Union, and Jean Claude Juncker is the chief of European Commission, and he called on the European Union to recognize the Seriousness and the Urgency of the situation in Greece, for both the Country’s Impoverished Citizens and for the Wider Risks to the Eurozone.

    I hope for the sake of Greece and all of Europe that they can contain the Contagion if the Eurozone makes Greece leave the Eurozone, but I somehow suspect that they have only tried to protect Germany and a few Northern European Countries, but it would more than likely also spread to the Northern European Countries.

    We know that the European Central Bank claims that it is trying to create Economic Recovery in the Eurozone, but if that were the Real Motive, then they should help the weakest link in the Eurozone, and we know that is Greece.

    We know that the Eurozone Rules allows for Eurozone Countries to have up to a 3 % Budget Deficit, and there are Economists who say that Greece should have a Budget Deficit at the moment to Stimulate Economic Recovery, and that would mean that Greece has an extra 7 Billion Euros for its Budget if it uses Deficit Spending.

    If Greece does not have a Budget Surplus this Budget, then it will have more Money in its Budget to Repay its Non IMF Creditors, and next year Greece will better be able to Repay its Debts, because there is Economic Growth in Greece and the rest of the European Union.

    Unbiased Economists and Humanitarians Agree with the Greek Government’s letter that was sent to the Eurogroup on how Greek Economy can Recover from the years of Anti Human Overly Harsh Austerity.

    It was Germany’s Dictate, and Greece has been told not to ask to Renegotiate the Overly Harsh Austerity which has been Imposed on Greece, and which prevents Greece from Repaying its Non IMF Creditors.

    This is because the Capitalists have shown Greece what they did to Cypriot Banks, with Deliberately Engineering a run on the Cypriot Banks, which made Cypress have to put Capital Controls in place, and we have heard the threats which the Capitalist European Central Bank has made to Socialist Greece, concerning Greek Banks.

    We have seen how Capitalist America ordered its NATO Puppet of Capitalist Turkey to create tensions with Democratic Socialist Greece in the Aegean Sea.

    This was done so that Socialist Greece would not ask for a Fair Deal from the Capitalist Eurogroup, the Capitalist European Central Bank, and the Capitalist Eurozone.

    This is why there are People who did not want NATO to expand to those Countries that share a border with Russia, because this was part of the International Obligation which Anglo-America agreed to.

    There are 100 Lepta for a Drachma, and if Greece goes back to using the Drachma, then I think that it should not have metal coins to begin with, but it should have Bank Notes, with the smallest Bank Note being the 10 Lepta Note.

    The Supermarket can adjust the overall price to the nearest 10 Lepta, and shops can sell several items for 10 Lepta.

    The New Greece Bank Notes would be those that were made before the modern more secure Bank Notes, and the purpose is to have the Drachma in circulation, and the Larger Bank Notes would initially have to be of the less secure Bank Notes, and have to be quickly replaced and be made to be the more difficult to counterfeit type, and then the lesser Bank Notes would also be made to be difficult to counterfeit type, and coins may come afterwards.

    These Bank Notes should be ready in another Country if there is to be a Bank Holiday to go back to the Drachma.

    I think that if it is possible or even practicable, then Greece should run a 3 % Budget Deficit in its first Budget, and say that they do not want any more Loans, but we know the Blackmail that the European Central Bank has over Greece, and over Greece’s Banks, and we saw this with Cypriot Banks.

    The Eurozone cannot say anything if Greece has a small Budget Deficit, because it is within the Eurozone Rules a Budget, and a Budget Deficit will Stimulate the Economy during a Depression, and the Eurozone cannot make Greece take on more Loans, and Greece can Fund its IMF Repayments from its Budget Deficit.

    The Eurozone wants to have Greece in some type of program, even though it is not a good program for helping the Economy of Greece.

    I know that Greece is in a very difficult situation, and I am not being critical of Greece, because I understand what the Eurogroup’s Unprincipled Attitudes and Methods are.

    We know that Many Regions of Europe were Loyal to Nazi German Hegemony during WW 2, and because circumstances have changed since that time, then there is a Need to change Tactics for the Strategy for German Hegemony on Continental Europe with Regions of Europe being Loyal to German Hegemony.

    Yugoslavia was never going to join the European Union or NATO for WW 3, and so Germany Engineered wars in Yugoslavia, and now the only Non Nazi part of Yugoslavia is the Serb Republic in Bosnia Herzegovina, and to some extent Serbia are Non Nazi, with Nazi Croatia, Nazi Bosniaks, and Nazi Kosovo Albanians, and we have seen the creation of a Nazi Ukraine Loyal to German Hegemony, by means of a Coup and a Civil War.

    The Experts all knew that the Euro Design was flawed, and they knew what has happened in Greece would happen, but Germany wants it this way to Deliberately create Poverty in Europe, and the Socialists of Europe can prevent the Fourth Reich, and WW 3 if they Boycott All German Goods and Services, until Germany abandon Plans for a Fourth Nazi Reich.

    Germany knows Human Nature that Hitler came to Power Democratically because of Poverty and High Unemployment in Germany, and that the other Nazis of Europe will do the same if they can have Poverty and High Unemployment Engineered because of the Euro, or because of Wars.

    I guess we always knew that Greece asking for Justice would be equivalent of Jews asking Hitler for a little Justice, and this is why Greece wants war reparations.

    The Greek Debt Crisis was Deliberately Engineered, and the purpose was that Greece would be a domino effect for other stressed Eurozone Countries, and I do not believe that the European Central Bank or the Eurozone will do anything Constructive for Continental Europe until Europe’s Socialists begin Boycotting All German Goods and Services until Germany becomes European.

    The European Central Bank delayed its Quantitative Easing to see which Eurozone Country wants to become A Nazi Country, and they will receive help from the European Central Bank.

    The Capitalist European Central Bank is a tool of Germany to try to prevent Socialists from winning Elections, because European Socialists do not want Nazism on Continental Europe, and European Socialists do not want another German Reich on Continental Europe, and European Socialists do not want another World War in Europe.

    European Socialists understand the need for the Russophobic Countries like Nazi Poland and the Nazi Baltic States that share a border with Russia to leave NATO, and that Russophobic Nazi Ukraine must Not join NATO, in order to Prevent All Humans from being Killed in another World War in Europe.

    If Greece has the Money to not need the Capitalist Eurogroup or the Capitalist Eurozone, or the Capitalist European Central Bank for a year, because they have received Secret Donations from some Eurozone Countries who do not want to be the next Deliberately Engineered domino in the Eurozone.

    If Greece can find the Money from Budget Savings, or because of the extra Money a Deficit Budget will give them, then perhaps that is what Greece should do, because it might be good for the Greek Economy.