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EU Commission warns Greece “anti-poverty law is unilateral action”, as the Stukas appear in the sky

I thought that it was only Stupidity that had no limits. I was wrong. It is also Boldness. Especially in Brussels the center of Europe that has mutated into the major command center  currently carrying the economic World War III.  Lost in ghosts of the past, the European Commission issues statements that remind us of historical hostile communiques and ultimatums that traditionally ended in armed conflicts, aggression, destruction and death. A more or less similar “communique” was issued by Declan Costello, director at the European Commission’s directorate for economic and financial affairs.

“We would strongly urge having the proper policy consultations first, including consistency with reform efforts. There are several issues to be discussed and we need to do them as a coherent and comprehensive package.

“Doing otherwise would be proceeding unilaterally and in a piecemeal manner that is inconsistent with the commitments made, including to the Eurogroup as stated in the February 20 communiqué.”

The Costello communique was published by Channel 4 journalist Paul Manson.

So, an EC clerk Declan Costello orders a member country Greece to stop the planned measures to tackle the humanitarian crisis but also a planned law allowing tax arrears to be paid in up to 100 installments that could bring revenues in the state pockets.

What does Costello tells Greece? “He effectively  says that if the Greek parliament votes on the new law it is a violation of the compromise deal signed by finance minister Yanis Varoufakis on 20 February in Brussels,” notes Paul Manson.

Greeks: E-mail? what E-mail?

Deep in anger, the Greek left-led coalition government decided to ignore the European Commission order and proceed with the planned legislation.

“Some want to turn Greece also to a political lab rat, in addition of being an economic lab rat,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his speech at the Parliament during the law debate on Wednesday.

Tsipras said further that the government plans to fulfill its elections promises and that Europe has accepted not only that there is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis but also that there is a government against the neo-liberal dogma.

The Greek Prime Minister made clear that the government will follow a different path than the previous governments did and that “we will not accept technocrats and we will not legislate according to e-mails,” as he said characteristically.

Sharply criticizing the EU partners and also the technocrats’ behavior, Tsipras said:

“They expose Europe. Some have the audacity to write on paper and send e-mail saying that tackling the humanitarian crisis is unilateral action. Is this the Europe we have envisioned? The one that creates a humanitarian crisis, it admits it and then considers the bill to address the crisis unilateral action? “

“For fifty days we have been receiving the same and the same threats and it runs out that they are empty of content,” Tsipras stressed most probably in the direction of Germany and Wolfgang Schaeuble.

Junkers Stuka

Did you know that the official name of famous German bombers in WWII, the Stuka (Sturzkampfflugzeug, dive-bomber), was Junkers Ju 87?


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  1. Graccident this Friday when a 14 year old Goldman-Sachs yield-swap finally requests interest payment. This swap served the purpose of hiding debt for meeting the Euro requirements.

    € 2 Billion

    Just resurrected from its tomb to haunt you.

    The new culprit? – Goldman Sachs. The ones that “helped” you into the €.

  2. If nothing else, my long held moral reservations about Dresden and Hamburg are rapidly diminishing, as a virolent expression of a lack of concern for humanity once again raises its ugly head at the institutional level. Maybe there is a cultural darkness in some peoples that will never submit to the light of human compassion. I weep that I lived to see such barbarity twice in my life. I really wanted to believe in redemption.

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if these orders and instructions, coming from Brussels NOW give us a clue as to why previous governments, PASOK, ND and the Coalition lay down like helpless, hopeless creatures and did next to nothing while the Greek people were being brought to a state of poverty and near poverty, in support of the irresponsible banks. And why Greek investors suffered a ‘haircut’ when under the same system foreign lenders and investors did not. And, I would normally use a very rude word in private, Go to hell Goldman Sachs, you’ve done enough harm. Get lost.”

  4. If the Greek government doesn’t defend the interest of the people of Greece, the reason that it won the election, then Greece will enter a period of intense revolutionary activity. The people can only suffer so much before all hell breaks loose.

  5. No, you get it all wrong.
    Stop that nonsense of Greece being under attack.
    Tsirpas committed to negotiate with the institutions First if he want’s to make fiscal changes.
    If he wants 200 mil to aid the poorest, the he should bring up a decent Plan where to get the money First. Then negotiate and then he’ll get his aid.

    What all the others want, is that the greek Government Sticks to the treaties and commitments. If anyone Starts ignoring the treaties, then there is nothing left of thr Union.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      the “treaties” have failed so far, but arguing is useless. did you know, for example, that the loan agreement was demanding form Greece primary surplus higher than any other EU country, that even a stable economy like Germany cannot achieve?

      • The treaties have failed because the old greek Government never really tried.
        Remember: Although comparable in Population numbers, greece has six times the civil servants than austria. It was agreed to lay of 150.000. Greece delayed this as long as they could, and when finally forced to lay of 14.000 your Premier said, that for each One fired he will hire a new one. As far as I could See from Germany, this behaviour was symptomatic. Sell of greek lottery, lagarde list, shipowners……
        The old Government sabotaged the Programme, and now the new One claims it never worked.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          it’s not Treaties but Loan Agreements. And they fail if they demand the impossible1 So simple is that.
          BTW: then I wonder why Germany and EP conservatives supported the Samaras’ government and even would love to have him back.

          But it’s one of the questions that never, never get answers.