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March 20th: Total Solar Eclipse – Watch LIVE

The largest total solar eclipse occurs today, Friday, March 20th 2015. The total eclipse will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere and thus in an area of several hundreds kilometers in Northern Atlantic Ocean in the Faroe islands and Svalbard in the Arctic.

solar eclipse march 20

March 20th eclipse is been considered as something very special due to the coincidence of three astronomic phenomena: the March equinox, the new supermoon and the eclipse.

In Greece, the eclipse will be partly visible. The astronomic phenomenon will begin at 10:39 am, reach its peak at 11:43 and conclude at 12:49.

Total Eclipse – Watch LIVE
You will need to refresh the Page as soon as the live begins.

Partial Eclipse via Greek National Observatory here.

If you are tempted to watch it directly, be sure to protect your eyes!

the next large total solar eclipse will occur in 2026!

Animation by NASA

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