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ECB official Coeure: Greek aid program set for change (Trio & Da Da Da)

Aha! Aha! What’s wrong with you , my darling? Do you change the Greek bailout program? Da Da Da…

Greece’s financial aid programme is set to be changed to accommodate its new government, a senior European Central Bank official said on Monday, noting that the bank stood ready to support the country.

“There is a clear willingness and good faith on all sides to step up the efforts and deliver within this framework … taken in the Eurogroup,” ECB executive board member Benoit Coeure said at a news conference in Montenegro, referring to an agreement with euro zone member states in February. “The three institutions, including the ECB, are commited to support this as much as we can.” “It is understood that the programme will be amended to reflect the new priorities of the Greek government … to make sure than any change of the programme reaches an equivalent outcome in terms of … fiscal sustainability,” he said. “That’s what will be discussed in the next days.”

(full article IrishTimes)

German Band “Trio” and “Da da da – I do not love you, you love me not”

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The Troika of IMF, ECB and EU was renamed into “the three institutions” apparently because the name “Trio” was occupied by the German band.


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