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Greek PM warned Merkel & Co of “Impossible” debt payments (full letter here)

Greek prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker of the dramatic situation of Greece’s finances. In a 5-page letter Greek PM expressed his “deep concern” about the impact of the Eurogroup agreement of February 20th to the country’s funding and warned that without funding, the payment of debt obligations would be ‘impossible’.

The letter was written on March 15th 2015 , that is four days before the Mini EU Leaders Summit.  PM Tsipras wrote among others:

tsipras letter

The letter was revealed by Financial Times on Monday, the day that Alexis Tsipras is paying an official visit to Germany to meet and talk political solution to the debt problem with Angela Merkel.

You can read the whole letter here.

The last bailout reimbursement of €7.5 billion remained outstanding when the previous government did not agree with the Troika on further austerity measures and the fifth progress review of the bailout program did not conclude in December/ January as foreseen by the bailout agreement.

On the other hand one should note, that 80% of bailout reimbursements go back to the lenders and only a small tranche goes to the Greek government.



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  1. Endless dragging, endless begging for more money and endless blame games are making one so very tired.

    Please, Mister Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, since you think of the rest of Europe in such a somber light, get us out of your way and continue your road alone in the Greek sunshine.
    Really, I get your point, we, Europeans are terribly mean and doing all we can to suffocate your country. We are obstructing your sun light, so get us out of your way and sing your tunes on your own.

    I would gladly vote to forgive you all your debts if only we would get rid of you once and for all. No more subsidies, no more debts, no more funding in any way what so ever.


    • I think it is not bagging for Money.
      Tsiporo( I call him like that, because I think he was complytie drunk wenn he promised his People this nonsence) he wonts Money to pay his People.
      so, as a poltian is, he is corrupt and very flexible.
      he will go to Berlin to save his ass.

  2. just default and get it over with!