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UPD Convicted wife of jailed ex-DefMin Tsochatzopoulos escapes from mental hospital

Viki Stamati, the wife of jailed ex-Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, escaped from Dromokaeiteio mental hospital where she was treated under prison guardianship . Stamati has been convicted for 12 years imprisonment for money laundering along with her husband. However, she was treated for what Greek media described as “depression” in one of biggest public psychiatric hospitals in Athens.

Stamati’s disappearance was discovered around 5:45 a.m. Thursday morning. The window of the room where she was kept had iron bars, the door to the corridor had a padlock. Two prison guards were outside. Her room was on the ground floor.

A miracle? Rather not. Hospital authorities and media speak of “possible cooperation” with someone.

Stamati escaped just hours after her latest appeal for release from jail was turned down by judicial authorities.

stamati akis

Akis – Viki: gone are the good old lavish days

Viki Stamati was arrested in April 2012 when her name was involved in the case of her husband Akis Tsochatzopoulos, a former Defense Minister, accused and convicted for kickbacks in arms procurements. In 2013, she was convicted to 12 years imprisonment for money laundering from criminal activity.

She had filed several appeals for prison release due to her underage child. All appeals have been rejected, so far.

UPDATE: Friday afternoon Viki Stamati was spotted by passersby sitting on a park bench in Chaidari, an area where the mental health hospital is located. She has been arrested by police.

Media report one or two people had called her lawyer telling him that she wanted to surrender.

A little earlier she had wrote a message on a …tree near by. “I escaped because I wanted to hug my child,” media decipher the message, while KTG sees more or less a nonsense-crypto-message…

What it is interesting is that Greeks have little or no compassion at all for the woman who appears to suffer from psychological problems. Unfortunately they all have still in mind the woman who spent a truly lavish and provocative life with the money her husband had received in bribes while he was a minister.

PS sic transit gloria mundi…

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  1. what a scumbag, full of shit, hope she will be found and rot in prison!!

  2. again somebody hat a fakelaki, get him/here and put them all in yail!

  3. All of Greece is suffering from psychological problems!!! Many of whom have committed suicide! And her child will come into fortune. Unless of course their vast fortune has been confiscated?? Poor child will actually have to work? But still will find a well paying job, unlike most of Greece’s children. Depression? maybe if she helped people instead of stealing from them she wouldn’t be in depression!