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Greek Defense Minister: We cannot keep ISIS out if EU keeps bullying us

For a second time within a couple of weeks, Greek Defense Minister and leader of coalition government junior partner Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos warned that if the European Union keeps undermining the coalition government and the country exit or is forced to exit the Euro “waves of migrants: will stream from Turkey to Europe and among them there would be ISIS “radicals.”

Speaking to THE TIMES, Kammenos said:

“The gross meddling into [Greek] domestic affairs isn’t just unheard for European standards, it’s unethical and it’s dangerous. If Greece goes, then a lot more than financial stability and the euro is at stake.”

If Greece is expelled or forced out of the eurozone, waves of immigrants without papers, including radical elements, will stream from Turkey and head towards the heart of the West,” Kammenos told The Times.

Kammenos times

German government coalition partners, the European Parliament President Martin Schulz and “European anonymous sources” have repeatedly and even blatantly expressed the wish that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras gets rid of nationalist Kammenos and make a coalition with austerity-friendly To Potami and/or even PASOK.

Panos Kammenos described these statements and efforts as “bullying” committed by Brussels and Berlin in order to force Greece into “a full and complete economic surrender.”

“Europe must realize that maintaining Greece stable, the West front against the Islamic State (ISIS) is safe. But if expelled or forced out of the eurozone, waves of immigrants without papers, including radical elements will stream from Turkey, heading towards the heart of the West. If these waves of immigrants increase, then the threat of incoming extremist elements will grow not for Greece but for the whole of the West. “ (The Times via Newsit.gr)

It is not the first time, Kammenos makes similar warnings. Short before another “crucial” Eurogroup meeting, beginning of March, he warned Berlin to “flood Europe with migrants”, potentially including Syrian jihadists, if Europe fails to find a solution to the Greek debt crisis.

“If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadis of the Islamic State too,” according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

He went on explaining that: “If they [the Eurogroup] strike us, we will strike them. We will give to migrants from everywhere the documents they need to travel in the Schengen area, so that the human wave could go straight to Berlin.” (via Business Insider)


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  1. I never saw any government waste diplomatic capital like the current Greek one, it would be almost funny if it were not so sad.

    • What is funny is that any disagreement with the “majority” (and sticking to your guns) is obviously considered “wasting diplomatic capital”. Wouldn’t life be a lot simpler if the Greek government would just roll over, do as it’s told to do and carry on bleeding the country and its people dry like the previous lot….

      • Nope but the way your government “negotiates” is anything but skilled. I mean you just have to look at the track record of what their skills have earned them so far… . Right nothing beyond what they already had.

        If you, or your government really believe that Europe or NATO would be at all “afraid” that you might change your course on Russia, or that bad ISIS people would get through your oh so secure borders, you suffer from delusions.

        Greece is faster out of both the EU and NATO if that path is tread, then you think. Nobody needs Greece. Spain and Italy will gladly take it’s economic trade partners that usually would have done business with Greece. It then would force Greece into a Grexit scenario and THAT would ruin you. Not to mention that, if you would even consider an alliance with Russia, you would be surrounded by enemies and I am pretty sure the Turks are just looking for a good enough reason to finally jam their swords into your country. And don’t even think for a moment that either NATO or the EU would lift one finger to help you out. And if you believe that Russia is going to help you out on that, consider it’s political position, not to mention that Turkey IS a NATO member. And Russia will not risk a world war, over Greece.

        As for ISIS, knowing the efficiency of your country in pretty much all faculties, I doubt we would even see any difference at all. This view is undoubtedly shared among a lot of people, including various government officials. It therefore amounts to nothing but a very empty threat coming from the Greek side and THAT, that is called wasting diplomatic currency, a supply that is running even lower then your actual currency supply.

  2. is this a reality do the greek people really want this??

  3. these people have a mandate from the greek people and this is how they represent them disgusting