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Putin did some mental beads counting while meeting with Tsipras?

What a picture! Hanging shoulders, legs apart, relaxed and kind of bored? Like in a company of men hanging around at the traditional coffee shop in a Greek or Caucasian village. Only thing missing here is a string with beads making the usual clack! clack! clack! sound, sweeping the worries away.

tsipras putin

Yet after the first moments of mental beads counting things got much better.

two two leaders made short statements for the press.

Host President Vladimir Putin:

“We have to see how we can bring our relationship forwards […] Russia was Greece’s the first trading partner, but last year there was a trade reduction of 40%.”

Guest Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made reference to the deep and enduring roots in relations between the two nations because of common struggles and common religious tradition* and stressed:

“This relationship was maintained with friendship regardless of the geopolitical situation. […]. The purpose of my presence here is to take care of restarting these relations for the benefit of both countries and in the interest of stability and security in the broaderarea.”

The press left, Tsipras and Putin started to talk about issues of common interest and mutual profit.

They will hold a joint press conference around 4 pm.

*what if they are atheists? We all celebrate Easter 🙂


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