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Lion of ECB, Mario Draghi, attacked by FEMEN activist during press conference (video, picts)

He was humming down data and figures, interest and inflation rates, his monotonous voice had already hypnotized his audience to close eyes and softly dose away. Suddenly, a screaming Erinys, an infernal Fury, a revenge-seeking goddess from an antique Greek drama jumped in front of him, hurling confetti and shouting “End ECB dictatorship!”.

Pale and scared to death and the arms up to keep away the airborne attacker, the Lion of the European Central Bank, the man who drives the euro vehicle with his robust hands and talks “stability” with his purposeful chin, Mario Draghi, left the press conference hall. And never come back! The presser was cancelled.

draghi scared

The mysterious woman jumped on the desk in front of Draghi, dumped confetti on Draghi and shouted: “End ECB Dictatorship”. On her black blouse the logo read “ECB DICK-tatorship”.

draghi protestor

The ECB security that had failed to secure the hall dragged the Jedi-woman away.


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The woman’s identity or nationality has not been disclosed.

Later it has been revealed that the woman was German Josephine Witt who describes herself as “freelance activist” and rejects that the “Confetti-Attack” was committed by a dressed FEMEN-activist.


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Rumors that the woman was 3 meters tall, had long crooked nails and glowing eyes, and left on a flying broom have not been confirmed until now.

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  1. * It is certain that it was a publicity stunt – an entertainment to lighten the mood of doom & gloom.
    * How are Mario Dragi’s PERSONAL financial affairs ?
    It is rumored that he is filing for bankruptcy – so as not to repay his creditors.
    * It is also being said that Angela Merkel has a serious health condition, it may be all over for the Lady of Steel. Stress is the biggest killer of this century, you know.
    * And last but certailny not least, the Gorgeous Dashing Dasterdly Dijourn Mustard Bloem was seen loosing heavily at the roulette tables in the Casino de Monte-Carlo Monoco. Shortly after Mr. Mustard Bloem was conversing with His Royal Highness Prince Gilbert de Lametz & known loan shark.

  2. Good for her. About time SOMEBODY raised some hell!