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EU Commission Not Satisfied with Greek bailout talks? No problem. Millions of Jobless Not Satisfied either…

European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said Thursday that the European Commission was “not satisfied with the progress of reforms talks between Greece and its creditors.”

“Work needs to intensify” Schinas said hinting to the next eurogroup meeting on April 24th and added that “This sequence of events…has not yet materialized,

“The commission wants Greece to reach a staff-level agreement with the commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank in the coming days. That would allow ministers to sign off on planned overhauls next week,” notes the Wall Street Journal.

The European Commission is not satisfied? Never mind. KTG knows a lot of people here in Greece who are also Not Satisfied with their unemployment and their Zero Income since the bailout austerity settled here destroying their lives and dignities.

Maybe all these austerity-hit people could march to the European Commission and give the Institution the chance to compare levels of “Dissatisfaction”.

Paid euro-technocrats vs unpaid euro-citizens, so to say.

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  1. Your bankruptcy destroyed your lives and dignities, not the austerity following.

    “Before the car did hit the wall at top speed, the passengers were in way better condition than after the treatment by the paramedics! – The paramedics are the ones to blame…”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you need a cup of coffee and a nice portion of comforting Kaiserschmarrn. Topfenpalatschinken is considered soul food too 🙂

    • another bit of homework for you, this time from a very pro-EU and Euro source, none other than Prof. Francois Heisbourg


      Especially note his introduction as to WHY the crisis hit, roughly the first 20 minutes of this 75 minute lecture. German banks play a very big, and not so very good, role. Irresponsible is an often used word…

  2. Chris,

    the German neoliberal oligarch billionaire famalies Springer and Bertelsmann who own almost all German media (and are involved in many other industries) did a very good. You are one of their best product!