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Poll: Majority of Greeks want the Euro even with a new bailout deal

It has been confirmed again and again, despite Schaeubles & Co, despite the harsh austerity, despite the internal devaluation of the people’s incomes due to inability to devalue the common currency: The majority of Greeks want the country to remain in the Eurozone. Even if this mean a new bailout deal with austerity measures and cuts.

The majority of Greeks want the country to stay in the eurozone should ongoing negotiations with foreign creditors fail, even if that means signing a new bailout deal, a new survey has found.

Asked whether they want to keep the euro or return to the drachma, 66.5 percent said they preferred the common currency over 27 percent who would prefer a return to the nation’s old currency. A smaller majority, 55.5 percent over 35 percent, were in favor of euro membership if that entailed signing up to a new memorandum.

The opinion poll by the research institute of the University of Macedonia was commissioned by Skai TV.

The survey also featured a breakdown by political party of those in favor of euro membership: 53.5 percent of SYRIZA voters want in, compared to 92.5 of New Democracy, 100 percent of To Potami and PASOK, 36.5 of Independent Greeks and 27.5 percent of Communist Party (KKE). Golden Dawn voters were evenly split, the poll said.

On the prospect of a new memorandum as a prerequisite for euro membership, support among SYRIZA voters fell to 34 voters compared to 58 percent who would rather return to the drachma. Backing was at 95.5 among ND voters, 90 for PASOK, 83.5 for To Potami, 37.5 for Independent Greeks, 6 for KKE and 58.5 for GD. (via ekathimerini)

PS Greeks are scared to death from the consequences of a euro exit.

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  1. So, maybe it’s really time for many of us to leave now, as there not seems to be any hope anymore 🙁

  2. There has been huge external propagandizing about the “dire” consequences of Grexit NOT because of Greece’s health but to hide the fact that Grexit would bankrupt France (60bn exposure/loss), Italy (40bn exposure / loss) especially. Germany at 30bn could absorb this, but not the others.

  3. costa sakellariou

    if that is really true…then people should bend over, take their medicine, and stop complaining…

    the greek people have to realize that you cannot have your cake and eat it all the time!

  4. I am totally sickened by this survey…

    So that means they prefer to jump off their roof and kill themselves rather than trying something new?..well if that’s the case no more sympathy from..they can keep suffering..

    • What is bweing done to the people here is comparible to the whole “weapons of mass destruction” lie before the destruction of Iraq. This myth of not being able to do without the EU?EX has one purpose, and one purpose only. To stop the EU/EZ from going into total meltdown if Greece (or anybody else!) should be allowed to go it’s own way again. The EU is “Hotel California”, you can check-out but you can never leave… And ANYTHING will be done in order to stop you from even thinking about it, leave alone trying… What this survey shows is the effectiveness of that lie, not the wish of a people allowed to make up their minds!