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In other news: Extraterrestrial Aircrafts hiding behind the Moon

Greek journalists are on work stoppage today from 11 am to 5 pm in order to attend the General meeting of Greek Journalists’ Union ESIA. Therefore, KTG will offer some outstanding from internet, randomly picked among hundreds and thousands news items about the upcoming Greek Default, next month.

According to the news “Massive Extraterrestrial Crafts Hiding Behind Moon“, whistleblower Dr. Eric Norton, an outside consultant – freelancer, so to say – for the NSA and NASA for the past 12 years, has reportedly spotted massive extraterrestrial crafts hiding behind the Moon.


  Impressive extraterrestrial aircraft hiding behind the Moon

Yes. The probably armed Extraterrestrials have traveled millions and millions of Light Years in numerous extraterrestrial aircraft and have docked them on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Despite the absence of gravity on the Moon and its rotating speed, the mysterious but oh-so-clever ETs manage to be on the Dark Side of the Moon always! But humans are more clever than the ETs. Humans saw the extraterrestrial flying saucers which in fact they were flying eLs.

The worried humans called Dr Eric Norton to evaluate the situation.

On January 22, 2012, Dr. Norton was called to the MacDonald Observatory in Texas and saw

“massive, three dimensional black structures in space, in straight line formation advancing in the direction of planet Earth.

The object seemed to be emitting  some sort of force field that deflected space particles from touching their surface, almost like the magnetic field around the earth.  The objects were getting so close that, with our telescopes, we could see the structural features of these things in high detail. They were shaped as a three dimensional “L” shaped craft.  By January 2013, the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles past the planet Mars.  Once they reached this point, almost instantaneously, the object vanished from our telescope lenses as if they had activated some sort of invisibility shield at the flick of the switch.

I knew that the upper echelons of government were worried about these things because I was under a constant 24/7 guard by Secret Service agents.  For nearly the entire year of 2013, we watched the skies in disbelief.  We didn’t know what was going on or where these things were.  According to my calculations, these things would have been so close to us by now that we would have no problem seeing them in the night sky had they stayed visible to us.  We didn’t know if they were still coming or had left the solar system.” (full story here)

And if you believe this story and wonder about the whereabouts of the Wonder Flying Extraterrestrial 3D Ls, I heard some rumor coming from Brussels that as of May 20th 2015 they have been spotted hiding on the Dark Side of the Eurogroup.

ET aircraft docked on the Moon – as seen by Google

All we need to do is to find them and ask them: “What do you want, dear Extraterrestrials?” However it is important to recognize Extraterrestrials from Terrestrials and thus Europeans.

Ever heard the voice of an Extraterrestrial creature? Here is a sample:

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Good Luck!

Pictures from one of my favorite websites Greek & International Hoaxes.


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  1. they have been spotted hiding on the Dark Side of the Eurogroup.

    It’s worse, they managed to snatch the bodies of those in the Eurogroup months ago and the extra terrestrials have been running the EG ever since…