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Poison Alert! FinMin Schaeuble criticizes the European Commission on Greece & sees Greek Default

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble could not tame himself and poured the usual poison against Greece. And not only! He rebuffed the European Commission for its efforts to a way out of the impasse in the bailout talks.

In an interview to The Wall Street Journal and French daily Les Echos, Schaueble said among others that:

he couldn’t rule out Greek default

He rebuffed the European Commission in general but throwing his arrow at  EC Preisdent Jean-Claude Juncker in particular due to attitude towards Greece.

Schaeuble: “Many people talk about things they either do not understand or are not responsible for. The Commission plays its role as part of the three institutions. But it acts within the limits of this function.”

Below some excerpt from the Wall Street Journal‘s “Germany’s Schaeuble does not rule out Greek Default”.

Germany’s finance minister said he couldn’t rule out a Greek default, a stance that will add pressure on Athens as negotiations over much-needed financing enter their final stretch.

Asked whether he would repeat an assurance he gave in late 2012 that Greece wouldn’t default, Wolfgang Schäuble told The Wall Street Journal and French daily Les Echos that “I would have to think very hard before repeating this in the current situation.”

“The sovereign, democratic decision of the Greek people has left us in a very different situation,” he said, referring to the January election that delivered a radical-left government bent on reversing five years of creditor-mandated austerity and painful economic overhauls.

Schäuble, who will chair a meeting of Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers next week in Dresden, rebuffed most ideas from Brussels to carve a way out of the impasse in bailout negotiations.

He also warned the European Commission, seen in Berlin as too lenient with Athens, to keep to its role as one of the three monitors of the program’s implementation, alongside the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

“Many people talk about things they either do not understand or are not responsible for,” he said. “The Commission plays its role as part of the three institutions. But it acts within the limits of this function.”

(full interview here)

PS The man has a major unsolved problem. In my village we call it politely “Megalomania”

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  1. Schaeuble: “Many people talk about things they either do not understand or are not responsible for.”

    I think all of Europe has a question for the German government — actually several related questions. (1) Who the fuck elected the cripple in the wheelchair to run the eurozone? I do not recall such an election. (2) What is this person’s training in economics, such that he considers his opinions to trounce those of Nobel Prize laureates and indeed most economists in the world? I understand that he has a student degree (PhD) in the law of accountancy, and was a tax inspector prior to becoming a professional megalomaniac.
    (3) Is it the intention of Germany to allow one man, one lunatic, to wreak havoc on Europe via the great power of Germany as an economy? I would have thought that there were lessons learned from the 1930s and 1940s — or are Germans just very slow and retarded learners?

    • (1) You want money from this “cripple in a wheelchair” – then better beg than bitch
      (2) Let’s see it this way: your rock-star finance minister’s performance so far is inferior. A larger than life ego, but no substance. Successfully triggered a bank run, pissed of literally all creditors and a more than effective investor antidote
      (3) The Greek went bust and they managed to do so all by themselves – you can fingerpoint forever to dark foreign forces, but it’s rather unlikely, that the Nazis are to blame

      Face it: Syriza has screwed up completely and this kicks you back to square one and costs you an additional decade of austerity (the Eurozone would have been more generous with reasonable debitors than with radical hooligans…)

      Keep it up with you Nazi allegations! Saves billions of creditor nations taxpayer’s money 😉

      • Speckmitboehnen

        (1) Greeks do NOT beg for anyone especially from corrupt German politicians in wheelchairs!
        (2)At least we have a Finance Minister that has actually studied and taught finance !
        (3)Greece did not go bust on its own, it was helped on the way by greedy EU politicians that wanted to expand the market of their own industries for their own pockets.
        (4) If I was a Lumpenproletariat I would tell you to go F@$!$%% yourself but I’m not !

        • (1) When you see this as “negotiations” and not as begging your reality suffers from distortion
          (2) This will be a perfect joke after the bankruptcy (“Cannot be – our finance minister has studied and tought Finance!”) – how ridiculous can it get?
          (3) You were practically forced to triple average wages from 2001 to 2008 and your unions never went on strike (world champion!) for even higher salaries – and Greece did not import for decades always 50% more than it exported – 500 Mio. Europeans brute-forced their goods into the 11 Mio. market? – Hillarious!
          (4) You definitely are

      • Is this an open admission that Germany is run by one man — the cripple in the wheelchair — and is no longer a democratic federal republic? I hardly need remind you that the last time this happened, the Germans were ultimately (with tens of millions killed, tortured and wounded in the process) humiliated across the globe and written into history books as the most depraved and vicious people of modern times.

        Perhaps you would care to rethink?

        • Germany is run by one man? How idiotic can it get?

          The next thing: I do not believe in original sin. – If you do, feel free and compensate the dirty deeds of Alexander the Great.

          You are a nationalist and have not understood Europe.

          Even if I would be German, I would not feel any responsibility for anything in WW2. – What now?

          • The “idiocy” came out of your own mouth: that Greeks should beg for money from Schaeuble.

            You are actually obsessed with the idea of Greeks begging for other people’s money, when in reality it has been German, French and British banks begging for other people’s money after their incompetent and illegal behaviour of the last decade or more.

            I suggest you try to get a grip on reality — instead of promoting anti-Greek propaganda online. Unless this is your profession, of course — in which case, just carry on with the same crap.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        What you referring too as a bank-run started in November 2014, the day after the famous 48-pages e-mail was send to Troika by finance minister Malakas but in fact the bank-run never happened – although there were so many tries to provoke it and the funniest tricks in it were to sell the true believer public normal pay-day rows of pensioners as bank-runs and 3,4 customers in line as a jam, while ignoring some long weekend holidays and the fact that banks close early on Fridays but I guess some stupid journalists will not understand that banks are closed on saturndays and will show closed banks in his paper.
        Anyway it’s not Syriza’s fault when people get their money from the banks, the point is that the trust-worthy banks only have 5% of their costumers money in the safes.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    The next question would have been: How comes that the ECB acts out of its limits (and blackmails) and he has no problem with that? But I guess journalists are not so many existing any more, they are too old-school.
    If some real criminal hero god push this fathasuck some steps down he will jump out of his chair and point at him the shotgun he’s playing with each and every day. His fingers grabbing the trigger when hiding it under his ass is the background for what looks like ugly monster but he is.

  3. venomous old man

  4. May I ask you something: would that be OK in this site to call Obama nigger, for example?

    • How would that not be racist? It seems a stupid question to me.

      • Oh, but that is OK to refer to Schaeuble as “the cripple in the wheelchair”, then? Stupid me, that is not racist so it must be OK.

        • Exactly so. It is a rude remark about this miserable old man who has assumed control of the eurozone, without being elected to do so.

          The comment about racism is the policy of the blog owner: I suggest you argue with her. Are you suggesting that any comment which implies disrespect to anyone should be censored? I do recall how Americans always yap on about such things, but had no problems in making rude comments and Muslims and then killing them illegally with drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Or the abuse of so many people illegally detained in Guantanomo Bay and elsewhere, tortured mercilessly and then released without trial because they were innocent.

          But hey, being respectful to people in positions of power is much more important than not torturing or killing ordinary people, isn’t it? Let’s get our priorities right — just as we need to prioritise Germans over Greeks.

        • The answer is frustration and anger, that makes it ok. Quite common in these articles and comments.

          • Franz: I am not a Greek and have no reason to be angry with Germans. Indeed, I have more reason to be angry with Greeks — especially those in Pasok and ND who have personally vilified me.

            The plain fact is that Germany is behaving very badly within the eurozone, and making very serious errors of judgement about how to save the EU. This failure results from your mindset — and especially that of Schaeuble — which is a petty penny-pinching mentality. It is very difficult these days to remember that giants such as Beethoven, Goethe or even Wagner were German; those characteristics are not to be found in your politicians, and are not visible in Germany itself.

            The solution to Europe’s problems is to remove Schaeuble. He is a bitter old man in a wheelchair with delusions of self-importance, a very poor grasp of economics, and no vision for the future. Get rid of him, and maybe Germany will get some respect back.