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Oldest MEP & Resistance Fighter Manolis Glezos calls on Greeks to “say NO to Loan Sharks” of Troika-Institutions

Veteran Politician and resistance fighter, Manolis Glezos, with 92 years the oldest member of the European Parliament called on Greeks to take to the streets and stage protests against the “economic asphyxiation” imposed by Greece’s creditors. And to say “NO to loan sharks” of the Troika-Institutions. At the same time, he sharply criticized Greece’s European partners for hypocrisy, “daily taunts and lies.”

In a powerful statement full of good old resistance spirit and ideology and a sharp  language, Manolis Glezos described as asphyxiation,
“what the famous partners have been doing for the last 4 years at the expense of the people and their government under the ongoing applaud by their domestic collaborators.

“It is as if they have covered the head of each citizen of the country with a plastic bag, ever since the citizens stood up and said Enough is enough!.”

In obvious outrage about the lenders’ negotiations strategy and immense pressure against Greece, Manolis Glezos denounced
“the daily taunts by the echelons of power, the insidious leaks, the lies told in the certainty that the lying voice will be the one to be heard because it belongs to some powerful (though corrupted) German, some esteemed Luxembourgian (thought it doesn’t prevent him to live in a tax haven), some reputable French (although spineless and forgetful), to some upstart (and petty criminal) Dutchman, who is an expert to gracefully fall in front of the feet of the powerful.

He called Greeks fellowmen to go out to the streets “tomorrow” with all “their angry dignity and the fair anger and transform them into a political act against those who are planning their extermination.”

Stressing that it is people’s duty towards the future generations,” Manolis Glezos called on Greeks to tell to “loan sharks” that “they have no more blood to give” and to support the Greek government provided it takes no step back.”

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  1. Keep rocking Manolis 🙂

  2. Professor Pelotard

    But unfortunately the Greek voters must try to understand this:

    “Were Greece an independent country it would all have been easy. There is a template. Countries often default…What has changed now is that Greece is not financially independent. If you don’t control your own currency you become a sort of super-municipality.”

    That was The Independent. Neither that paper, nor most other europhiles expressed the situation as bluntly as that when the propagated for the introduction of the euro. But there it is. And the choice for the Greek people is a harsh one. Save your democracy and suveranity, but at the cost of yet another depression, or accept the Troika austerity policy.

    PS: To expect that the other eurozone countries will understand that a GREXIT is dangerous for them also is in all likelihood a forlorn hope. Remember that it was the same establishment who told us that a single currency would create economic wealth in all member states. Some of them may have understood the fallacy, but do not expect that to be true for the majority.

  3. Go Manolis! You are 100% on target!

  4. Where was his critical voice during all those years of racking up unsustainable debt?

    Silent. In PASOK. Distributing unearned wealth.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I’d say “you’re a total idiot” but I’m polite.

      • I’d confine it to “You’re a total German”. (I don’t think it’s racist to mention if someone is German)

        • keeptalkinggreece

          the guy has no idea about who is and what Manolis Glezos has done so far and thus he claims whatever comes in his biased mind

          • Compared to Oskar Schindler (a German), he has not accomplished all too much, except in your nationalistic minds, so no reason for attesting him moral superiority.

            But it is plain to see, how the Syriza propaganda (with the German scapegoat) is bearing fruit with some of your posters: Brainless and indoctrinated nationalist Socialists.

            The Germans, the Germans, the Germans, …

            What about the Italian, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Austrians, the Czech, the Slovak, the Slovenes, the Spanish, the Portugese, the Irish and all other creditors who have enough of your games and tricks?

            And again: no, I am not German.

          • It’s official: You’re a total idiot. I´m not polite, so sorry.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Thanks to Greek partisans a few thousand Jews survived and were smuggled via Turkey to Palestine, Manolis Glezos was always thankful that Turkish authorities closed their eyes.

  5. Brussel’s attitude toward Greece is guided by the policy of “rule or ruin”. “Bail out” is a euphemism for recycling financing through Greece back to Euro-controlled banks, while Greek workers and employees are saddled with greater debt and continued dominance. Brussel’s “bail out” is an instrument for control by imperial institutions, whether they are called “troika” or something else.

    Thirty years ago, I was an active participant and adviser for three years (1981-84) to Prime Minister Papandreou. He, like Tsipras, began with the promise of radical changes and ended up capitulating to Brussels and NATO and embracing the oligarchs and kleptocrats in the name of “pragmatic compromises”. Let us hope, that facing a mass revolt, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Syriza will follow a different path. History need not repeat itself as tragedy or farce.

    James Petras, The assassination of Greece

    • Thanks for the link: it looks really interesting. I recall using some of Petras’s publications back in the 1980s and early 1990s when I was teaching Greek political economy, and thinking that they were among the best.