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Coin-cidence! EU trolls Greece with 2-Euro coin, when EZ future uncertain

I would have never thought that the bureaucrats sitting on the chairs of the European union in Brussels were able to do such a trolling to Greece. While the conservative majority of the EU would love to see Greece out from the euro and the EU, while Greece’s eurozone future is uncertain, A Greek designer wins the contest for a commemorative Euro coin.

They pick a Greek design for a commemorative Euro coin to mark the 30th anniversary of EU flag with 12 stars.

The 2-Euro coin was designed by Georgios Stamatopoulos, who works at  the Bank of Greece.

euro coin

His design was chosen by 30 per cent of 100,000 voters in an online competition by the European Commission. Contestant’s names and country of origin were hidden during the voting.

Coin-cidence! On May 28th 1979 Greece the EU Accession Agreement.

BTW: I remember I was asked by some EU institution to post the call for the 2-Euro coin contest and I had done so, but I cannot remember when it was. It was sure several years ago. OK. a couple of years ago.

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One comment

  1. I see this as a very positive thing, not trolling at all. It shows a structural commitment to Greece as a core member of the eurozone — implying that Grexit will not be considered as an option. This was always Varoufakis’s position and has been adopted by the Tsipras government.

    The importance of it is also that it shows the lack of support for German threats and propaganda.