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Berlin summit: Greece’s creditors “need to speed up intensity”

Tthe meeting started at 11 pm and is expected to last until deep in the night. Reuters reported before the meeting that the five meet “with the aim of reaching a joint position on how to negotiate with Greece.”

The 5 may issue a joint statement on Tuesday.

Draghi and Lagarde rushed to Berlin to join Merkel, Hollande and Juncker who had an earlier meeting together.

Some German media reported that creditors prepare a “Take it or Leave it” paper for Greece. But can we trust German media?

In Athens, Tsipras, Varoufakis and Tsakalotos are in the Prime Ministry monitoring the developments in Berlin.

UPDATE: the meeting ended after two hours.

According to news agencies & media on Twitter:

• Merkel and Draghi left the meeting saying: need to step up intensity.

• German government spokesman said: Merkel, Lagarde, Draghi discussed status of Greek negotiation.”

I have no idea what happened to Hollande and Juncker, they were probably picking peanuts from the hug bowl and were telling old stories from their time in the army.

More news and rumors from the emergency Much Ado about Nothing in Berlin Summit in the morning.

But one thing is clear so far: Joint Position Not Found.


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