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The usual sources anonymous: Greece’s new plan “still not considered credible”

Greece will never be able to satisfy its neurotic creditors. Hardly had the government submitted to Brussels a revised budget plan, and the usual “anonymous sources” seem to reject it.

“Two international officials with direct knowledge of the discussions” told Bloomberg that:

“The document covered only fiscal targets, one of the people said. Greece gave its creditors a separate note, also three pages long, on how to address the country’s financing needs, in which the government asked to use funds from the European Stability Mechanism to repay about 6.7 billions euros ($7.6 billion) of bonds held by the European Central Bank that come due in July and August, the people said.

One of the officials said the revised Greek plan is a vague rehash of earlier proposals and is still not considered credible. The second official said the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund are assessing the plan, which was received this morning. Both asked not to be named, as they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.” (full article Bloomberg)

Joke of the day: “Not authorized to speak publicly on the matter” but have the anonymous guts to make policies, financial policies, bringing the euro and the Greek bonds yields up and down.

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Athens Stock Exchange had started Tuesday morning with a +2% but the “sources anonymous” news had it plunge… and plunge… and plunge.

12:20 ASE +2.21%

12:40 ASE +1.41%

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  1. The time of lies and blackmail is a past. Europe cannot accept again to support the Greek welfare system. Everywhere in developed countries the age of retirement is 63-65 years old, only in Greece you may retire at 50 years old. The solution is Grexit and pay your pensions in drachma or rubles from 18 years old if you want.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      May be “developed” but not civilized or how can it be that 20 years after the first genocide by climate terrorism – Hurricane Mitch – cars, ships and airplanes are still allowed and how many got murdered in Congo for play-stations and cell phones production, 6 million? Again. Wow!
      A welfare state that pays its underdogs to not revolt, financed by imperialist terrorism.
      Welfare state in Greece? Unless there isn’t LSD in your tab water hallucinations go away when you drink more beer!

    • Bild inspired EU troll. Germany or Denmark welfare system is much, much more generous than the Greek one.
      Still, it is usefull for the oligarchs that run europe to play the racist “Greek lazy card” than actually try to solve the problem.
      Anyway this kind of insults proves that the Greek government and people have to be ready and prepare themselves to leave the euro. The alternative is humiliation and misery without end.
      If U resist it is even possible that across Europe other forces rise up and change the playing field, has its already happening in Spain and might also happen in Ireland (where in some pools SIn Fein is ahead for the early 2016 elections).

      • You have the welfare system your country afford. Why for example Denmark is not begging money like Greece? Greeks thought that entering in EU means they will live like Germans, Danish etc. without adding to much effort. Now, they will understand and pay for their mistakes. Good luck anyway!

        • keeptalkinggreece

          tell us about Finland too. oh wait! Finland not as but as Greece but… economy size as in 2006.

    • Excuse me, the time of lies, incompetence, blackmail and propaganda continues — specifically from Schaueble and the other crooks of the eurogroup.

  2. Being faceless is the watermark of cowards.