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UPD Thessaloniki: Riot policeman strangles his daughter, 7, for “being noisy”

A 47-year-old policeman strangled his 7-year-old daughter in the family’s home in  Evosmos suburb of Thessaloniki, Norther Greece. According to Greek media,  the man had picked up his daughter from school Tuesday noon and they both went to the family’s apartment. A little later, the man called the police saying that he had killed his daughter.He has allegedly told police that he had killed his daughter for “being too noisy after school.”

At the time of the tragedy, the mother was at work, while the second child of the family, 1.5, was not at home.

Paramedics that rushed to the spot found the girl on the couch in the living room. Any effort to bring the 7-year-old back to life failed. First coroner’s examination showed that the girl had died of asphyxiation.

The unnamed officer is a member of a local riot squad unit and he had recently returned to work after a nine-month paternal leave. The mother works in the private sector.

Neighbors told media that the man had “never caused any problems”. Also his colleagues said that he was an “introvert” but he had never caused any problems or faced any disciplinary offenses.

The man was reportedly working as a guard at the riot police (MAT) premises in Thessaloniki and he was assigned to the operating riot squads when he returned to duty after the parental leave. He was allegedly not content with his new assignment.

Some media report that he had suffered from some stress issues but that was “more than a decade ago.”

Citing police sources, Skai TV reported that he had undergone regular psychological tests as it is obvious for any policeman carrying a gun and that he had successfully passed the tests.

The man was immediately arrested.

UPDATE: private Mega TV reported on its noon news program that the policeman was on medication for “manic-depressive disorder” and that he had not informed his employer. “He was undergoing treatment by a private psychiatrist,” his lawyer told media.

PS normally heavily armed riot policeman kills daughter with his own hands. ‘Psychological tests successfully passed’. There is not much one can comment here, when one is speechless.


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  1. Pure tragedy 🙁

    My thoughts to the mother and the second child.
    Speechless is truly the correct assessment 🙁