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German state TV: EC Juncker broke down negotiations with Greece

In Greek debt dispute EU Commission President Jena-Claude Juncker has canceled a mediation attempt. The reason: There was a distinct difference between the plans of the creditors and the plans of Athens.

The negotiations with the Greek government to resolve the debt dispute have failed for the time, according to the EU Commission. Although there had been some progress, the talks have not been successful, the Commission informed.

There were significant differences between the plans of the government in Athens and the common requirements of European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). The proposals the Greek side had submitted remainedincomplete”. (source Prime Time News by

PS as in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet “It was the Nightingale, and not the Larke”

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  1. Reuters:
    “One can discuss a gap, but this is an ocean,” said a person who was close to the talks.

  2. em>Things that cost us but have no benefit are things that we shouldn’t be doing. Thus, clearly, we shouldn’t be having the euro. Or, as we might put it, everyone should leave it, not just Greece.
    Tim Worstall, Forbes JUN 15, 2015

  3. Also in german state media (Tagesschau in a video comment from a reporter in Brussels): Greek government promised to send new proposal with the greek delegation but did not. Further, at the appointed meeting time, the greek delegation was still in the hotel holding breakfast.

    Would be interesting if this was true or could be confirmed by other sources.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Siga, siga…
      This is one of the rich bosses of that station and he’s never at any meeting – closed for reporters – but he’s telling always a lot of lies about Greeks (tricksters, blackmailers, liars, never deliver aso) while waiting to get retired.
      So pray to bike (the only god but you) that the greedy Greeks will eat his pension away and he’ll finally meet the shamanism of austerity.

  4. It’s crunch time and all the squeaky bums belong to the EU and IMF. Tspiras just needs to stick his ground. There should be no need for the Greek government to attend Brussels meetings either, what is the point? It is clear the technocrats and so-called leaders of the European Dream in concert with the US-backed IMF have lost all sense of reality – The European Dream has turned into a European Nightmare, at least here in Greece.

  5. costa sakellariou

    i don’t care what the germans say, nor brussels for that matter.

    what i want to hear is that a referendum will be called to let the greek people choose their future – thus ‘owning’ it.

    anything less than that is bs….

    • I agree it would have been a great idea. However, I doubt it will happen at this point in time. Given the time constraints (not enough time to organize a referendum in two weeks), it will take a lot of will on both sides to have a referendum. However, neither Tsipras nor the creditors seem to be interested in a referendum now.