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Spotted in Athens: German journalist awaiting for the “bank run”

Αll eyes are turn to Brussels today, all ears try to pick the finest nuances signaling a “deal or not a deal.” Yet, some have flown to Athens to cover reactions among the society. A German journalist was spotted outside a Greek bank armed with camera and microphone to cover an issue dearest to the gloating friends of Greece: a bank run!

“German journalists awaiting for the bank run. Good Luck!” by Sophie Makris, journalist at AFP office in Athens.

Irony: the bank branch is on Kolonaki square, one of the most rich districts of Athens.

Taking into consideration that in Brussels the crucial meeting on Greece will start at 11 a.m. and end around 10 p.m. at night, I can “see” the man and his camera crew standing there all day and night.

PS It would be more advisable, if the journo would visit middle-class suburbs. Because – as everybody knows – the rich have taken their money from the banks long, long time ago.

German journo bankrun

For your information: German tabloid BILD affiliated with the radicals of Merkel’s CDU/CSU is in favor of “Grexit”. In a long op-ed, the Bild argues that a Grexit will cause less harm to Germany than the continuation of supporting “Greece in the Euro.”

So much about gloating friends and European solidarity…

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  1. You receieve 5 000 000 000 EUR per year from EU budget.

    Please keep it in mind when you make again some propaganda article, like this one “So much about gloating friends and European solidarity…” based only on photo of 2 people making their job. How do you know they are waiting for bank run and that they are German? Propaganda almost like in Russia.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yup. how do you know German-speaking people are Germans? how do you know when Camera crew is stand by to ATM/bank entrance? if not bank-run then probably awaiting for Greeks to ask if they enjoyed sunday lunch and Monday breakfast

      • Do you hear their language from photo? Even on the page you copied from, this is not clear: “Allemands ou Français .”
        They may be need just background image for their story.


        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Don’t you see that all these letters are Greek not Russian and all Russians and Ukrainians are welcome no matter whether they wanna finish their unfinished copy of the Greek alphabet, visit restaurants and ruins or booze Tsipouro together in the sun

      • Well KTG, you know you have arrived. Being accused of issuing “Russian Style Propaganda” is about the worst insult you can get from somebody who really has nothing to say but feels they need to say something anyway… “Russian Style Propaganda” covers everything they don’t like, from Nutella to French tweets. French they are however definitely not. Wrong backpack. A french journalist would never wear the Swedish brand Thule, he would proudly wear the French make “Quechua” which is also pointed out (but blissfully ignored) on the “page you copied this from” 🙂

        • keeptalkinggreece

          it is interesting what whenever (ok, last month) I am being accused of “propaganda” i’m always compared to “Russia’. and guess what! It’s the German doing this lol
          I wonder where all these people were May 2010 – April 2015 when my blog was bringing real Greeks’ stories.

          • What about to explain how do you know, that people you described in your own title of your own article as “German journalists” are Germans:)))

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            It’s one thing to be too blind to see that the tiny little pieces of goat-shit you’re picking up aren’t raisins but you can’t even taste the difference because you are so greedy

          • I know this Report.
            The guy took 400 Eoros uot of the machine to prove that the Greek Banking System is still working.
            In the Report he say also that there was now sighne of a bankrun.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Probably they’re waiting the whole weekend because they’re too stupid to research business times of banks.
    If more of them appear one should call the police: Bankrobbers in disguise and then all these Pulitzers get arrested they will be famous

  3. It is ridiculous to see this IV reich propagandists of the brussels consensus (calling them journalists is an insult to that honorable profession) looking at the void… that´s what happens when you by into your own propaganda.
    The only thing more pathetic than that are rumblings of the eu trools in this comment box. “huuu Greek lazy” “huuu Greek are rich” “huuuu Greek is like Russia” “huuu Greek government incompetent”… You guys have to come up with new lies, the old ones do not stick anymore…

  4. Almost like when cameras were right on time and in front of right hotel when few FIFA patsies were arrested in Switzerland. Almost. 🙂

  5. ECB had to increase ELA three times so far in a week, while it was doing it once a week before. I am not sure this raises to the level of a “bank run”, but it is certainly more than a “bank jog” (regardless whether there are people to capture on video or not).

    • “but it is certainly more than a “bank jog””
      This is about Greece – so it should be a bank marathon!