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EU Commission stopped funds for Greece’s ERASMUS program?

That’s an interesting development in the context of the negotiations between Greece and its creditors, one of them being the European Commission. While there are several hints* that the EC is deliberately cutting the flow of structural funds to Greece. The news comes from Italy and thus from the official website of ERASMUS+,  the EU funded students exchange program.

Based on some information by source, Greece is already more than 10 days out of the program.

The text below is automatically translated from the Italian version posted on 4. June 2015.

The European Commission has announced that the disbursement of funds to the National Agency Greek who runs the Youth Chapter of the Erasmus + was suspended for procedural reasons.

The suspension concerns the projects approved by the National Greek in round 2 and 3 of 2014. This implies that you are not signed grant agreements with beneficiaries and therefore have not been granted financial contributions approved.

The suspension will also cover projects that were presented to the deadlines of the round 1 and round 2 of 2015.

Greek organizations that have had projects approved or current projects in the deadlines mentioned above were informed of the decision of the European Commission.

For more information, in case your organization is a partner of projects falling under the categories listed above, visit the Greek National Agency.

As of now, KTG would not verify it with official Greek and EU sources.However, some Italian students received notices telling them “not to enroll for Greece’s program.”

Updates as soon as they come in.

The Italian Text

La Commissione Europea ha reso noto che l’erogazione dei fondi all’Agenzia Nazionale greca che gestisce il capitolo Gioventù del programma Erasmus+ è stata sospesa per ragioni procedurali.

La sospensione  riguarda i progetti approvati dall’Agenzia Nazionale greca nei round 2 e 3 del 2014. Ciò implica che non state firmate le convenzioni di sovvenzione con i beneficiari e che di conseguenza non sono stati erogati i contributi finanziari approvati.

La sospensione riguarderà anche i progetti che sono stati presentati alle scadenze del round 1 e round 2 del 2015.

Le organizzazioni greche che hanno avuto progetti approvati o che hanno presentato progetti nelle scadenze sopra menzionate sono state informate della decisione della Commissione Europea.

Per maggiori informazioni, nel caso in cui la vostra organizzazione sia partner di progetti che rientrano nelle tipologie sopra indicate, visitare il sito della Agenzia Nazionale greca.

* more on these in the following days.

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