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Tusk: “Gave Over” Tsipras: “Greece’s 1.5m jobless & 3m poor are not a Game”

Croupier and European Council President Donald Tusk told Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during the EUCO Summit on Thursday”Gave over.”Prompt and tough was the answer by the PM. “Greece has 1.5 million jobless, 3 million poor and thousands of families that living on grandparents’ pension. This is not a game”.

“We should not underestimate what people can do when they feel humiliated.”

Who is this Donald Tusk, one may ask. Oh, he is one of the esteemed members of the United Europe who recently called the Greek government “gamblers.”

“There’s no more space for gambling, there is no more time for gambling. The day is coming I’m afraid that someone says that the game is over,” Donald Tusk .

The former Polish PM has his own personal obsession with Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. He keeps licking on the same “Greeks=Gamblers” candy. His intellectual capacities reach only so far to read the title of a book he is unable to comprehend. I put my bet that he never read Varoufakis’ “Game Theory” and if he did, he understood not a single word. He doesn’t have the skills. And that’s why, he keep repeating the same “cheap shot.”

It is not “shocking arrogance” or “work of misery” as some people criticized Tusk on social media.

tusk tsipras

Donald Tusk simply cannot do better. He does not have the skills and the creative imagination to come up with real arguments. It took the History graduate several decades to find out about his own family history, anyway.

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  1. Tspiras and Varafoukis have the biggest balls of all European politicians, they are the only ones who have put their electorate ahead of the troika or themselves. Gofers like Tusk & diesel-bloomers et al are not even in the same intellectual nor practical universes. This whole mess is now taking on surreal proportions and the lack of creativity from all the EU eunuchs is staggering.

    Tspiras and Varafoukis are doing an amazing job and they have to stick to their ‘red lines’: millions of dispossessed Europeans look to Greece to break the mould and jackboot of oppression

    • I would have to disagree with you. First, Tsipras and Varoufakis are different. Varoufakis is cerebral. He is all about winning the intellectual argument. I would not call him a politician; he is an academic. Ideally, he would have remained in the blogosphere, generating thought provoking ideas. Instead he has to serve his boss (Tsipras) and is expected to generate and execute operational plan for steadying Greek finances that different stakeholders involved can compromise on (including his fellow financial ministers).

      Tsipras, on the other hand, is a politician. He is about winning the votes of his constituencies (e.g., Greek pensioners). This is why he cannot cross the “red lines” and needs to appear tough in the negotiations. Being a populist has served him well in recent years. He became a prime minister, and like other politicians lives comfortable life. One does not need big balls for that.

      • Actually, the ones we should most admire for the sheer gall and arrogance in how they have corrupted the European Union are Schaeuble, Merkel and Sarkozy. The way in which they have tricked their electorates, played games with public money, and put their own financial and personal interests before their countries are outstanding. Professional criminals have much to learn from how these crooks have taken over the political and public space of Europe for their own personal gain. Schaeuble in particular is known to have engaged in armament deals for his personal profit.

        They have left behind this quaint old fashioned notion of democracy, and taken the corruption and self-serving ideas of Blair to new heights. This really is something to be admired.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Conspiracies are only theories said who? Media painted “Yanis Tsipras” and millions of pricks, like idiots at happy hour now believe THEY KNOW them!
        Tusk “verifies” the media hoax by farting a few times with his gambler-mouth “GAMBLE” but GAMBLE only came up because some well paid campaign-Pulitzers who were too lazy to read just “discovered” that someone wrote and worked on “game theory” and plopp James Dean created the “Greek gamblers” just like “blond baby stealing Gypsies” but the only gamblers here are shell-gamer Diesellümmel and the other lackeys that run around in ugly cloths even when Queen visits.

    • Just 10 days after Tsipras claimed he is ready to take responsibility for rejecting the deal on aid if creditors demands are unacceptable, he wants the Greek electorate to shoulder that responsibility. What a coward he must be to renege on his words like that and in the process push Greece out of the euro.

      • I hope your trolling is sufficiently paid, because if you wrote that garbage on your own initiative, I feel really sorry for you. Obviously, thinking is not your strong point, but we need to feel some compassion for persons with impairments.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    He simply had too much fresh air down there in the Green Houses of Gra Lygia, where he rushed to steal the Greece loving Hippies heir jobs away when the iron curtain of state capitalism came down.
    He always received F-Minus in the KGB-classes he took together with Putin and Märklin