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Athens: Public Transport free of charge until 6. July 2015; Read details

Passengers may use all public transport means without paying ticket fare until 6th July 2015, that is during the time the banks are closed. According to Alternate Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis the measure applies to

Metro, blue buses, trolley, urban train ISAP but not Proastiakos (Metro from Doukissis Plakentias to/from Athens Airport).

The measure will apply after the government officially publishes the law on “capital controls.”

KTG understands that this will be done in the next hours [now: 1 pm local time]

KTG understands that free transport applies to the Tram as well.

The measures does not apply to public transport means in Thessaloniki as they are operated by private companies.

As for the rest of Greece, it depends whether the public transport means are operated by private companies or the state.

You’re well advised to ask first, if you want to avoid fines.

Awaiting for information concerning the “X– yellow buses to/from downtown Athens and Piraeus port to/from Athens Airport”.

Stay tuned and check for Updates.

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  1. The Greek people and government are giving a huge lesson to the world on courage, intelligence and dignity.
    Right now the sociopath “Institutions” are making a financial “blitz” on the Greek people, but like with the Nazi blitz on London I think it will backfire and only strengthen the resolve of the Greek people. Times will be though, but this is the chance to start a new and solve many problems in Greece, this is the opportunity to get an economy that works for the people and not the oligarchs.
    Solidarity to the Greek people! Human resistance against financial terrorism! NO/OXI!

  2. Oxi? This would mean chaos! Look at what is happening today in the middle of tourist season. Even if the tourists decide to come, they will never come back if this chaos continues.

    • Mm, yes, chaos in the world of the Troika, the investment banks, and all the big business crooks who were caught out by Tsipras’s unexpected move. Bravo!