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EC Juncker address Greeks: Tsipras “lied to you, vote YES”

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a very engaged man. He is so engaged that he decided to engage also in the Greek Referendum campaign. The self-declared “friend of Greece’ decided in fact not only to engage but to blatantly intervene into Greek internal affairs and open the eyes of Greek voters six days before the referendum on creditors’ proposal.

Juncker appeared before the Brussels press as an emotionally broken man and spoke about the drama he is going through with the Greek negotiations

“I am very sad, I feel betrayed,” Juncker said as he was washing his hands in a bucket full of crystal clear water like a modern Pontious Pilate. Juncker must have gone – and still is going -through a real drama during negotiations

“This is not a game of liar’s poker. We are either all winners or we’re all losers. I’m am deeply sad. I feel somehow betrayed as my own efforts were not considered.”

*I’ll do everything I can to keep Greece in euro zone. Greece is a member of the European family, and I want this family to stay together.

*We don’t deserve the criticism against us: We never offered wage cuts or pension cuts, the proposal brings more social justice.” *** Half-Truth: pension cuts, scrap poverty allowance EKAS, increase pensioners’ health care contributions

He also said among others:

* Greeks left negotiations at worst moment.

* we never talked about cutting wages. We talked about modernization of  wages in  public & private sector”

*We’ve again and again talked on the highest political level, as was the wish of the Greek government.

*”There was never a deadline” *** Should I look for all Deadline-quotes by named and unnamed EU officials and EU politicians and Financial Ministers?

*The Greek people have to know the truth—not the watered-down version Athens is giving them.

*This is not the end of the process, we are still prepared to reach a deal.

*I’d like to ask the Greek people to vote ‘yes.’

*A ‘no’ vote would be disastrous, it would mean that Greece wants distance from euro and Europe.

*You shouldn’t commit suicide because you’re afraid of death.

And other nice things between truths & half-truths & lies & videos & EU named and unnamed officials quotes, but the best Jean-Claude Juncker said at last:

“The answer to referendum has to be YES whatever the question is”.

Even if the question is : Do you want to exit the Eurozone & Europe? 😛

Video: Juncker’s presser (ENG voice over)

After Juncker, Merkel is expected to address the Greek nation Monday noon, while  Holland & Co are reportedly line up to address the Greeks as well and persuade them vote YES.

Before addressing the Greeks, Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed her CDU-party friends on Monday morning and said:

“Europe will not sacrifice political and fiscal principals to keep Greece in euro.”

I suppose that after the addresses to the Greek nation that no European wants to live without, the EU leaders and their assistants rushed to their computer screen to monitor the markets plunging “as the Greek crisis deepens” as it is said nowadays.


is “no contagion factor for EZ anymore”

Some comments from Twitter:

How foolish it was for to come out with that suicide remark. Will hurt the families of those who have taken their lives in crisis.

Forgot: Juncker‘s claim no demands for pensions is a corker. Knows there’s linked welfare exp cut, and phase out of low pension supplement

If Juncker thought that his speech would make people to vote yes, he needs to fire his speechwriter. Now.

More comments of majority of Greeks listening to Juncker are No-No’s as they contain words for adults only.

see also: CNBC’s Live Blog

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  1. I don’t want to blame anyone, however, I would suggest that the Greek Government start doing something.

    Or, you make a deal with the creditors or you don’t pay the debt (which is a 100% relief), and do the actions for a Grexit. But for that, you need to organize a lot and you still need the co-operate with the EU.

    As far I can see from my own country (Holland), it is no, no, and no-action.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    To not put the minimum wage back to 2010 level means less tax revenues.
    Merkel: “Dear people of Tinos, I’m so sorry for this misunderstanding as I’ve never planned to address the Greek people.
    People of Tinos, please elect me as your Queen and give me that little house of Alfredo Bioleckle, will you? Please”

  3. Yes, Juncker was really strange, chaotic and lost.

    • No.Juncker was not lost or chaotic or something.he was theatrical. It was all part of a farce played to pretend he was sorry ,to cheat the Greek people.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        He’s just missing the gifts brought friendly by Greek government: Kalamata Grass

  4. Look who’s talking! Does he really believe that he’s fooled the Greek people with his very pretentious Greek friendly attitude.
    *A ‘no’ vote would be disastrous, it would mean that Greece wants distance from euro and Europe..First of all, it would be disastrous for all of European and that;s what he’s worried about; Second, it does not mean that Greece wants distance from euro and Europe, but they may want distance from the European Regime.So let him get his own messes in order and let Greece sort out their own…….Poor guy, he’s taking it all so personal – yea! Helloooooo!!!!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Europe without Greece is like Punk-Rock played by Nazis, makes no sense at all as the latter is Afro-American inspired Pop music

    • With all due respect.., what is the difference between european union and european regime ? Greeks want to topple the wholle structure of the EU , including european commission european parliament and even Chancelor Merkel ?Thats a tough call. When hearts start thinking instead of minds..,often there is trouble.

  5. Why is my comment not shown here?

  6. Juncker was never the brightest light bulb in the room.

  7. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Schulz wants to visit Athens and may be pays back 25 year old German debts…

  8. The referendum question should be “Is Juncker a crook, a fraud and a nasty little hypocrite?” To this the entire Greek population can easily answer YES.

  9. I do not like Junkers or what he stands for, but he has a point here.

    Tsipras knew that Greece was going to suffer greatly but simply told his voter what they wanted to hear:

    All is fine, we have been betrayed, but we are proud, so we will take what is ours and the the crisis will end. All just lies and he knew it all along. Look at his face. He has that guilt driven lying expression for at least 6 months now.

  10. Wasn’t Juncker the Luxembourg PM who arranged for the big corporations to cheat taxes in the other European countries by paying only 1% of taxes in his country?
    Greek Govt. should tell the people what a dishonest crook the Europe’s president really is.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Tsipras told Berlin already in February this “three-way-deal”-business has to stop as lots of German companies work like this in Greece PLUS their shit is expensive.
      If you check for “Lord Hill” you’ll find out that the EU blocks also all questions regarding the German corruption in Greece.

    • Yep, that criminal. And the other EU governments responded to his criminality by arranging for him to be appointed President of the Commission (with a faked vote). Europe is currently run by crooks and mafia, who make Tsipras look like an angel.

  11. The Telegraph 15 July 2014 :
    Jean-Claude Junker: President of the EU Commission, “When it becomes serious you have to lie.”
    On the introduction of the Euro: “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”
    On eurozone economic policy & democracy: “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it.”
    This is HONEST JOHN – Jean-Claude Junker:

  12. The yes or No in the referendum is not just greek internal affairs. Its also european affairs. So he has all the right to advise the greeks.
    On one hand Syriza and Company play the european card and say : All Europe is at stake. Beware.If greece does leave europe, the union will desintegrate. All europe is at stake !!! (they say ).
    But on the other hand when an european does give his opinion, they say : Its nothing of your business. Its a Greek internal affair.
    Give me a break !!!

    Sometimes the Greek problem is all Europe problem. Other times (when european gives opinion) its just internal affair of Greece.

    I dont get such kind of logic, to be sincere.

    Grexit is just an internal affair of Greece , or has got to do with all europe ?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No Problem – The Greek embassy will open at 9, go there and get yourself a Greek passport and then come to vote and party.
      But be fast, passport papers is running, prices for flight-tickets too as many people from all over the world will come to vote.

  13. The real failure is the combined experience of Juncker,Draghi and Lagarde failed to resolve the issues.
    A dismal performance by any standard.