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Greece – Capital Controls & Bank Holiday: Restrictions & Exemptions

Below are the capital controls restrictions and exceptions based on information by the finance Ministry given to the media. The Greek Finance Ministry has not issued yet the detailed “guide” through the capital controls and bank holiday, it is expected to be issued later on the day.

This short summary refers to ATM withdrawals, web banking, transactions with credit & debit cards, pre-paid cards, cards issued by foreign banks.

Pensions are exempted form any restrictions and according to latets media info, the finance ministry will announce at 4 pm Monday, which bank branches and for which hours they will be open, so that pensioners can go and withdraw their pensions. Many Greek elderly do not have debit cards. Some pension funds pay the pensions today.

KTG understands that the measures for pensioners’ access to banks refers to Greek pensioners and not to expats living in Greece, who may receive their pensions by foreign funds. KTG understands that they can withdraw their pensions in full anyway, if they are holders of  cards issued by foreign banks. See also “tourists & expats/ATMs withdrawals.

Also note that when the banks will open again the cash withdrawal limit at the bank counter will be again 60 EUR per day and per account holder!

Please, share this valuable information to others.

For tourists and expats’ ATMs withdrawals, please, see also here

greece capital controls ENG

  Infographic in ENG by JoeDiGraphics

ATMs are closed on June 29th, they may open after noon. There are reports that some people were able to withdraw their 60-euro from some ATMs though.

LATEST INFO 12:33 pm:

Pireaus & National Bank have reoprtedly opened their ATMs. Alpha & Eurobank to follow soon.

Please, send feedback if you face any problems.

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  1. Can i comment?

    • Ofc you can 🙂 though its not for me to decide. Gotta pay respect to KTG for being a very liberal host, just wish most other political sites were as open to discussion as this one.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        🙂 KTG is muuuuuch muuuuch too tolerant that’s why some ‘comments’ do not even pass through

        • If you delete stuff because its pure insult or because my stupid analogy attracts perverts noone can blame you.
          And there are alot of diverging opinions here so noone can cry censorship, thats what counts and seeing how many blogs and forum admins do censor you deserve the praise.

  2. To Che your name name does not suit your thinking. Is this what is meant to be a TROLL.

    To Tukan and all the others pointing the full blame on Greece. Look outside the box you might find some interesting facts.

    • My name is my name because my parents gave it to me not because i think im THE che reborn 🙂
      How am I the troll? I might have different views then you but Im interested in discssion and I dare say im rather civil and constructive about it.

      • Constructive ? Civil, ok. But there is a lot you need to know before commenting and saying that all the blame is on Greece. Partly yes because we have been governed by ass lickers and traitors who would sell our homeland for their own benefits. They might call themselves Greek but deeply they are not. If any politician is worth the title of leader of their nation. They put the people ahead of personal interests. And in the world today there are less than a handful of these kind of leaders.

        The word Public servant has a meaning. It means to serve the public and not that the public serve them.

        • But I never said that all the blame is on greece. Quite the contrary.
          Im sorry Im saying this now as you are new to the discussion and we havent really talked, but its fascinating what some people here assume about my positions even though I havent said anything in that direction (or sometimes the opposite).
          Like Giaourti acusing me out of the blue of disrespecting the suicides due to economy when 2 days before I told chris how disgusting I thought his remarks were.
          If you ask me how I feel about this in general I would say that I see the larger part of the initial debt and deficit problem were homemade in greece. But the handling of this crisis went wrong on all front and since the troika is the “bigger” partner the majority of the blame for that goes to them. Its not black and white in either case though.

  3. It seems that some supermarkets do not accept debit/credit cards for payment.

  4. Miranda Xafa commented on Bloomberg that if Greece goes into arrears on its IMF loans tomorrow, the Greek banks will become insolvent. That, in turn, will force ECB to terminate the ELA. (At the moment, ELA is still in place, although ECB could not increase its size yesterday). If ELA is terminated, the banks will not have the money to reopen next Tuesday.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thanks god she didn’t say ‘banks will close’ as she did 2 weeks ago and triggered panic among people

      • In retrospect, it looks like she was right. Those who panicked 2 weeks ago and withdrew their money might be better off today.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          in retrospective she is one of many who panicked people & emptied banks

          • She is part of the Troika mafia — more concerned with their political dogmas, personal careers and finances than with obeying the law, doing a good job or worrying about the lives of millions of people. We have a technical word in the economics profession for such people: shits.

    • She is one of the most stupid and least competent economists around.

      • Masters and Ph.D. degrees from a very respected Ivy League institution (U Penn), pretty good career in the financial industry, government, and eventually — a position of Alternate Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (representing Italy, Greece and Portugal). Sorry, but somehow I trust her knowledge of how the world works more than yours…

        • Was she the one who was recently invited to join the government by Varoufakis, but had to decline the invitation because of the opposition of the Syriza’s left wing?

        • Just goes to show how stupid you are and how unreliable US unis are — handing out degrees willy-nilly. FYI, the IMF major scientific studies have used much of my research on Greece and the Middle East as the key authoritative data, in contrast to her non-existent research and pitiful publications record.

          Her IMF appointment was political. You need to learn the difference between scientists and political parasites. It’s very easy: just check the publications record and if serious people/institutions cite them.

  5. Although Germany lost the second world war and was embarrased and humiliated by its allies whom exposed them to the world for their crimes against humanity. They have been secretly engaging in politics to punish the allies for their defeat and humiliation. Starting with the smaller of the allies like Greece.

    They formed the EU in the name of peace, unity, brotherhood and for a stronger Europe.

    They invited and accepted Greece knowing quite well that Greece was not suitable at the time and knew quite well about the playing with the numbers in order to be accepted. Because they bribed our useless politician from PASOK and NEA DIMOKRATIA to get a foothold in Greece and to slowly errode its sovereingty. The bribes and lending continued aware that our corrupt politicians kept accepting funds and loans in the name of development. Knowing that some of the money will dissapear into their pockets.

    The time came when under the leadership of Papandreou they pulled the carpet from under Greece and started their propaganda that our politicians are corrupt and squander the money from its European partners citizens. Mostly German, French Tax payers. What Tax payers money? They lied.

    Germany would borrow money from the IMF at 1% and lend it to Greece at 8%. In 2014 they made more than 2 Billion Euros profit just from Greece alone. And they keep pushing Greece to take more money and issue more harsh austerity measures. Because they made a bundle from the misfortune of Greece and those who are bearing the load are the average and poor people of Greece and other crisis hit nations.

    Germany is run by industrialists who want to conquer and acquire everything they failed to do in the second world war. This time doing it not directly by war but by an economic war.

    If they were genuinly interested in helping there EU crisis hit members they would do this with out conditions and harsh austerity measures. Instead they would sit down and discuss how they can improve their mechanism to collect taxes and reduce corruption.

    But the situations at present serves their purpose to destroy and conquer, by forcing the other nations to beg to ask for more loans. For what? To pay it back with interest? This is how our politicians from PASOK and Nea Dimokratia were co-operating. By selling Greece out to the big guns.

    With all that is happening now between the EU and its creditor partners and Greece. Why are there nations that desperately want to become an EU partner. And then become a Euro-zone member. They will be subjected to the same harsh and crippling measures that are happening in Greece at present. They will loose their sovereignty and become a newly acquited asset of Germany. Just as it is with Croatia. Are they any happier since joyning? I don’t think so. Look at all the big shops in Croatia, LIDL, KAUFLAND, OBI, BAUHAUS, DM, BAUMAXX, BILLA, C&A, H&M. They are all German and Austrian 100%. Germans own 80% of the Croatian coast, many hotels and restaurants are also German owned. What is funny is that Croatia fought a war against its ex Yugoslav members to become independent and have its sovereinity. But they sold their asses to do this to the Germans and their allies. They are no longer a sovereign state but a new state of Germany. This means that most of the money flows out of Croatia and into Germany.Danke Deutschland they say in Croatia. For what?

    They want to do the same to Greece, because in Greece in order for a foreign company to open up shop in Greece is to have a Greek partner. They want to change that so this is not required.

    They want to put Greece into such a bad position with debt that we will plead to be their slaves after they have bought our resources our land and islands on the cheap or next to nothing.

    Say OXI on July 5.

  6. Aetos, Germany and Austria also own the major businesses in Romania, including the former national petrol company and one that exploits the last of the virgin forests in Europe. We in eastern Europe are just a colony.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      wisely said. and yet Romanians migrate abroad for jobs. IMF’s + Merkel’s ‘competitiveness’ is a model for investors only

    • If I have to be a colony (you are right to large extend) I prefer to be western colony. Because when we used to be Russian colony, or Turkey’s or Magyar’s colony, it was much much worse.
      Plus did you asked yourself a questions like why we are so much dependent on western capital and know kow? Why there is NOWHERE a functional judical sytsem in ex-communist countries? Why there are no processes with ex-communists who are now oligarchs?

      • No i did not ask the question why we are so dependent on western capital and know how.

        But since you asked the question i will give a brief answer.

        Firstly because we are stupid and do not protect our own. We do not give the adequate support and help to the brilliant young brains of the country. And so once they graduate or get an opportunity to leave because of a better offer they do just that. They leave he country. And we are left with a brain drain. The big guns are happy with this outcome, as this slows down the progress of the unfortunate nation.