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Bakery chain offers bread free of charge to pensioners, jobless

One of Greece’s biggest bakery chains announced it will offer bread free of charge to pensioners, poor, jobless and large families in an effort to help vulnerable society groups to cope with capital controls and bank holiday.

According to an announcement by Venetis Bakery, the offer will be valid as of Friday, July 3rd 2015 and for as long as “banks are closed and the situation in the market normalizes.” The offer is valid at all branches of the company.

The bakery offers four kinds of different breads daily and for “as long as supplies are available.”

In its statement the company states that this move aims “to strengthen the weak and vulnerable social groups, helping our fellowmen not to be deprived of a basic food item such as bread in this difficult times.”

Venetis Bakery stresses that “for the last four years, it offers daily products free of charge to those in need and thus after 10 p.m.”

A loaf of bread of approximately 300-320 gr costs €0.70-€0.80, raising the monthly cost for bread alone at around 25-30 euro. A slice or two together with the main meal is a must to every Greek who respects himself. However, with the austerity cuts in pensions and sages and the high unemployment many people cannot even afford to buy even their daily bread.Capital controls and bank holiday has created an economic impasse for many low-income people as pensioners are not allowed to withdraw more than 120 per week.

I know of a case or two where people replace one meal or they nourish themselves only with bread and tomato sauce, especially on the last week of the month when pension or other income available is over.

PS Our daily bread is secured.  Amen. and Kudos to Venetis Bakery 🙂

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  1. Well done to Venetis Bakery.

    It is nice to hear about good news from time to time. I definitely need some good news at this time because I have forced myself to watch the latest propaganda on the upcoming referendum on local Greek TV and cannot believe people actually buy into or believe the fear and hysteria around the OXI vote.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      People – YES & NO supporters- have increasingly got very angry about the media for this fear & hysteria