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EU’s Tusk: “Referendum not about being in EZ or not”, negotiations even with NO

Should I assume that the EU official who called Greek government “gamblers” got touched by the queues outside the Greek banks and Greece’s seniors struggling to get 60 or 120 euro per day, per week, per month…? We here can not know.

Anyway, among others European Council President Donald Tusk said that whatever the outcome of the Referendum, negotiations will continue.

The European Union is looking for ways to keep Greece inside the euro, but that may mean getting used to having a bankrupt country in the single currency area, European Council President Donald Tusk was quoted as saying.

“Maybe we will have to get used to living with a country as a member of the eurozone in bankruptcy,” Tusk said in an interview given on Thursday evening to news website Politico before Sunday’s Greek referendum on a bailout deal.

“It’s very clear that the referendum is not … about being in the eurozone or not,” Tusk said, diverging from other EU leaders who have said Sunday’s referendum is about whether Greece stayed in the eurozone.

If Greeks vote ‘yes’ on Sunday, “I think it’s a chance to open a new chapter in negotiations, perhaps more promising than before,” Tusk said.

In case of a ‘no,’ “the space for negotiation will be smaller, obviously,” said Tusk, who chairs EU summits. via Reuters

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    The elephant that gets nervous from the mouse aka Polish public who was wondering more and more what Mr Tusk is about all the time as Poland is no Euro-zone member and his plan to join in 2011 was getting a boring old fart.

  2. Poland was wise and lucky to not join Eurozone. Rough plans to join Eurozone were made shortly after Poland joined EU (2005). Those plans were changing over time, target date was moving as Poland was watching Eurozone stability worsening. Donald Tusk’ government moved the date several times. Tusk was very clear that Poland will not join Euro, unless it’s beneficial to Poland. He did the right thing.

  3. This topic is very interesting and I have been trying to read all of it, even though I am still learning english so firstly I apologize for that.

    The whole discussion you are making is proving that this situation is getting more and more “explosive”.
    That has been my most terrible fear since the beginning of the negotiation crisi e between Greek and Eu.

    The greek people start to see the eu’s people as enemies because of the limits and difficulties that are given to them. I hope we will be able to distinguish others’ error from ours. I mean: we know and greek people (should) know that the latters have made a great mistake with the managing of their accounting.
    They can’t declare guilty just the former governments because they have had the role of silence in that story.
    Notwithstanding that, europeans have to feel greeks as their brothers. They can’t male an other great mistake, that is to male the greek people desperate and, worst, their enemies.
    I think that the actual governance (not necesserely Tsipras too) has to give up to continue an extreme fight with the europeans and the IMF; while the actual EU governance has to leave his place to the politicians, Who should re negotiate and male the terms longer (very very longer)