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Gov’t & opposition leaders agree: Juncker’s revised proposal + 5 Greek changes to be basis for new negotiations

“The revised proposal of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from June 27/28 plus five changes added by the Greek government will be the basis for the new negotiations between Greece and creditors,” after the Sunday’s Referendum. This was reportedly decided at the Political Leaders Council under President Pavlopoulos on Monday. With 61.3% of the Greeks to have voted for NO, opposition parties could not but take the message and comply accordingly.

The meeting took place under the initiative of PM Tsipras with the aim to inform opposition party leaders about the negotiations proposals on and off the table and exchange views with Meimarakis (ND), Theodorakis (ToPotami), Gennimatas (PASOK), Kammenos (ANEL) and Koutsoumpas (KKE).

Evangelos Meimarakis is the temporary conservative New Democracy leader after ex PM Antonis Samaras resigned two hours after the Referendum results.

As for NO-voter Nikos Michaloliakos (Golden Dawn),  KTG is not sure whether he did not accept to join the meeting or he was not invited.

After 6 hours, ND, TO POTAMI, PASOK and ANEL decided to authorize SYRIZA to lead the negotiations in Brussels.

Opposition parties have reportedly also made some proposals.


Joint Statement excerpt:

“The recent verdict of the Greek People is not an instruction of rupture, but a mandate to pursue and consolidate the effort to achieve a socially just and economically viable agreement.

To this end, the Government assumes responsibility for the continuation of negotiations. And all political leaders will contribute, respectively, within the institutional and political role.

The common objective is to seek a solution which will ensure:

· The adequate coverage of the financial needs of the country.

· Reliable reforms, based on the fair distribution of burdens and promoting development, with at least possible recessionary effects.

· Powerful, front-loaded, development program, primarily for combating unemployment and encouraging entrepreneurship.

· Commitment to start substantive discussion on dealing with the problem of sustainability of the Greek public debt.

Immediate priority is to restore liquidity to the financial system, in consultation with the ECB. ”

SYRIZA has reportedly committed to thoroughly brief opposition leaders on the progress or failure of negotiations.

An EU leaders Summit is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, July 7th in Brussles. A Eurogroup meeting will take place as few hours earlier. Greece is expected to submit its new proposals.

KKE did not join forces as Greece’s Communist party says NO to Everyone and Everything but on Referendum it voted “invalid.”

Meanwhile, Greece’s EU-partners in Brussels, Berlin and elsewhere joined forces again after the 61.3% NO and they pulled their last card: as of Monday morning they started chanting in one voice: Greek Insolvency and Grexit.

PS It needed only Samaras to go so that Greeks could unite in such crucial issue. This man was awfully divisive anyway.

Speculation that PASOK, ND and TOPOTAMI wanted also Varoufakis to resign is possible too.

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  1. “Speculation that PASOK, ND and TOPOTAMI wanted also Varoufakis to resign is possible too” The Guardian stated that yesterdat

  2. Anyone knows what the 5 Greek changes are?

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    So as they all unite behind the referendum the “Europeans” have to stop to call it fake or should start to explain their own voters how comes that they think voters are too stupid in general

    • None of the polticians i saw called it fake after yesterday. Merkel SChulz Gabriel all said that the will of the voters is to be respected/they will accept this outcome.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Don’t eat the raisins it might be goat-shit especially if the goats have eaten all the wine.
        Even if that would be the truth, “(Stupid) Greeks fall victim to Tsipras’ demagoguery – for the second time” won’t get away and the Anti-Greek campaign is still in full frenzy: Nobody explains the people in their countries that:
        -Spain had no Troika
        -Austerity for Greece was 18%, for Portugal 6.6% and for Spain 6%
        -of 200 billion 150 billion is interest that Greece has to pay “back” until 2030, btw a good explanation for “where is all the money?”
        -that Greece paid back
        -that so far Germany made 2.4 billion profit from the loans

      • Sure they will…. they will also do everything they possibly can to force their own views and policies on the people and the country anyway. It has already started. the ECB has made it very clear that the extension of the ELA is subject to a deal being signed within the next day or so. If not

        ECB gave a clear signal to Greece that unless there is a deal tomorrow the bail-ins begin

        And these are the people who accuse others of theft…

  4. Off topic but, can someone explain why KKE refuse to vote, (preferably answered by someone in KKE) as I confess, I do not understand what their current role in Greek politics is all about.

  5. Now a variant of what just got a big fat NO in Greece is the new proposal from Greece. Is that what Greece voted for? My impression was that the no stood for something radically different.

    • Corona Borealis

      That was the genius of the referendum – no one explained what a ‘no’ actually meant. So everyone could come up with something different they would like the ‘no’ to stand for.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Not every electorate is stupid like cars – like the German corrupted by more cars and more luxury that is paid with massmurder for resources

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes the question was “Do Gemista have to have minced meat or just rice?”

      • As a former university lecturer in economics, I can translate the question into standard English. “Should Greece accept the shitty plan of the Troika, imposing years if not decades of poverty and no hope of escape?”

        There, that was easy.