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#ThisIsACoup: a “Financial Coup d’Etat” against Greece. Indeed

Twitter hashtag #ThisIsACoup was trending worldwide on Sunday night, as euro leaders were pushing and kicking around and putting pressure on Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to either accept  their deal or exit the euro club in an unprecedented collective action of EU/EURO-blackmail against a member-state. Angry users from all over the world started to lash out at EU officials in general and Germany in particular for imposing their terms to Greece and humiliating a democratically elected Prime Minister as well as the people of Greece for having voted for a left-wing government.

“By 09:00 GMT on Monday morning the term had been tweeted over 377,000 times and was trending overnight across Europe,” stressed the BBC in an article on the social media phenomenon. #ThisIsACoup had climbed even above #EuroSummit, which was supposed to be ultra-trendy due to its most crucial decision for Greece.

“”People were lashing out at what they see as an unfair deal,” said Anne-Marie Tomchak from BBC Trending, “People are really unhappy at the mount of power that the Eurogroup has.”

People were angry to see that EU was not anymore about the Europe of the people but the Europe of the powerful.

Majority of Twitter hashtag-users were particularly critical of Germany’s stance, its hegemonic role in the Eurogroup  and compared the current situation to the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War Two.




Was what happen in Brussels a Coup? Of course, it was: not a political coup but a financial one that will soon also bear political consequences: SYRIZA’s Left Platform is up in arms with PM Tsipras and SYRIZA’s moderate part. Political developments are due sooner than one would possibly expect despite the fact that Greek government is obliged to pass Euro Leaders demands through the Parliament …’yesterday’.

So, yes, it was a Coup. A financial Coup d’Etat.

Coup d’ Etat is a coup, or an overthrow, is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body. A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers establish their dominance. A coup d’état typically uses the extant government’s power to assume political control of a country.

In case of Greece and the Financial Coup d’ Etat: after an orchestrated financial asphyxiation via the European Central Bank and an economical blockade of six months, a group of most extremist conservative forces in the EU (so Greek PM) decided on Saturday to force seizure of Greece’s public assets. Group leader: Germany and FinMin Schaueble. Should the Greek “enemies” did not immediately surrender, their banks would collapse as of Tuesday. And that was the worse scenario that the #Grexit-threat as its realization would take some time.

“What they are trying to do in Greece is launch a financial coup d’Etat and convert it into a protectorate,” said Pablo Echenique, a regional deputy of Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos and a former member of the European Parliament.

Speaking in a television interview, he was the first prominent member of Podemos to react publicly to the deal announced in Brussels, which obliges Greece to make tough cash-saving reforms.

Podemos is a high-profile ally of SYRIZA, sharing its stance un opposing the financial cuts imposed in the financial crisis under pressure from European authorities. Podemos has surged in popularity and ranks as the third biggest party in Spain ahead of a general election due around the end of the year. (via AFP)

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  1. I didn’t think there was anything left that was not already sold. How much will germany give per greek soul?
    I called it. I knew that Greece would not be ALLOWED to grexit. Who cares what the people voted for. It’s all about protecting the wealthy greek criminals.

    • “I called it. I knew that Greece would not be ALLOWED to grexit.”
      Not so, taking it or leaving it was(and is) still up to Tsipras. Ive often stated here that I think the fiscal measures are too hard too fast, but I dont think anyone can blame the eurogroup for inconsistency, they said from the start these are the rules/budget targets that need to be achieved for financial aid, take it or do it on your own.
      Its just that we fooled ourselves into thinking they might budge on that.

    • Not so, staying or leaving is still in tsipras hands and he decided better this harsh package and the euro then leaving(with a haircut).

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s not about 50 bln, it’s Greece to sell cheap as possible they aim for. Pl look for the function of “Treuhand” in former GDR, what do you think the billionaires in Germoney come from and in what party Merkel was member in GDR?
      Most Greek “criminals” are not wealthy, may be you wanted to say criminal wealthy?

      • Absolutely. The real crimes that have been committed consist of the appropriation of public property for the enrichment of the 0.1% and their political buddies — Merkel and Schaeuble amongst them.
        The same has been done in the UK — such that half of the public sector is malfunctioning (through lack of funding) and the privatised sector is making massive profits for politicians and their friends. State monopolies and duopolies are converted to private monopolies (along with some fakery to try to hoodwink the public). Now, too late, everyone knows what economists knew in advance — that this was a hijacking of entire countries by a small right wing mafia. The result is a nett transfer of wealth from the poorest in society to the 0.1% – the new billionaires.

  2. It is hard to obtain credit when credibility was lost.

    • The Germans have no credibility left, it is true. Yet they do seem to have access to credit. I can only conclude that you are wrong.

      • A clarification is needed. To get credit, you need to have credibility with _people who have money to invest/lend_. Germany is paranoid about inflation; they will do whatever it takes to avoid it. They also have great economy. This is why people are willing to lend it money at such low rates (even negative rates on short-term bonds earlier this year — which makes no sense to me but is true nevertheless).

        The Germans might have no credibility with you. I can only conclude you have no money to lend.

        • Oh, you don’t mean moral credibility? Or political credibility? Or democratic credibility? You mean money! Why don’t you just come out and say it clearly? All that matters is money and control of banks.

          And Germany does not have a “great economy” at all. It has depressed demand and survives on cheap exports largely based on low wages and a low euro, itself on the backs of poorer eurozone economies. Germany is a nasty parasite that is feeding off Europe (and slowly destroying it). Your delusions are the mass delusions of Germans and other neoliberal cretins.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Most Germans still think that when they went world champ it was kuz they were the best team, the last time they won the cup the pogroms started short after

          • maybe you can help me understand: with all these premises, why Greece wants to stay in the Eurozone? thanks

          • Acronym CAMPARI stands for Character, Ability, Means, Purpose, Amount, Repayment, Interest and Insurance. This is what one should (in theory) look for in lending. When I was asking if it is true, that CHARACTER of borrower is really the main topic, one US bank owner (his family owned the bank for generations) answered: “My grandfather said nothing improves character as 100% collateral”.
            This is what creditors do now, after listening to Varoufakis and making exercises with OXINAI… Searching for some kind of collateral, like the 50 bln. fund.
            Not only Germans Xenos. The fund should be under Luxembourg law, which indicates French and Juncker were creating this.

          • The fund is controlled by the criminal Schaeuble. I am told that it is the mechanism by which the West German politicians controlled the assets of East Germany in the 1990s (and made themselves rich in the process, whilst extorting the money to pay for reunification from German taxpayers).

          • keeptalkinggreece

            google TREUHAND and get all answers

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            There will never come in 50 billion this is only a trick to get Greece as cheap as possible!
            15 billion are the tax-free profits Fraport will get gifted for paying 40 years year on year 30 million to the Greek state, what this scum calls “regional” airports is used by 20 million people, 1,50 Euro per passenger. These airports are all perfect and renovated with taxpayers money and financed to 70% by the rents of shop-owners.
            As this brings the Greek state only 1,50 it must take entrance money for every tourist place just like the Germans do!
            What a shame you know the owner of a bank and you don’t take him for hostage? That’s unbearable rotten and insane to the core, would my father say, but he would have tried to kill all these bastards in Germoney and Brussels anyway; today this is made impossible by the police state.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Right but that isn’t his fault, every time he came from ATM I robbed him.
          Not Pharaohs build pyramids but the working classes

      • Greece has no credibility left – what do you think just demanding another 80 bn. (after having sunk 380 already)while badmouthing the lenders makes of Greece? And not one “efxaristo” to the european taxpayers for throwing another fortune at you.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Another reason to bribe everything, as they say “Let me give you 256 million and you buy a Yellow Submachine that will make the Turks laugh themselves to death!”

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t see this coming, but now I agree: Schäuble (with acceptance of Merkel) destroyed Greece, Europe and also Germany.

  4. René Henri Pasche

    since 1840 there was not a single German Govenment -monarchists, republicans, sociialists, fascists, nationalists or liberals – that was not of the opinion that Germany as the strongest economy in Europe has a legitimate claim to be the master of central and eastern Europe, i.e. to have their own zone of interest like France, England or the US. After the end of the Cold War this idea, always opposed by England, got a new impetus and could finally be realized in close cooperation with the US. So what is going on in Greece, on the Balkan etc. is just a new chapter of German power politics initiated a very long time ago. Lets hope that the pax germanica will not become the headache of Europe’s future again.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Good Songs: Straw Dogs – “30 seconds over Berlin” and FEAR – “Bomb The Russians” (ok, Germans they only play live, sometimes)
      So lets all hope that they don’t have Saddam’s weapons of mass-destruction evacuated before their secret service gave former East German Stasi info to the US so they know where to bomb Baghdad. Another secret is that they are so proud that they didn’t join the war as 80% of them said “no” but in reality Germoney got “its” oil from Libya, Norway and GB and not from Iraq; they had no capitalist reason for war.

      • René Henri Pasche

        Dear Gigi,
        in your comment there are some true facts, but the rest looks like a Macedonian salad. Unfortunatly I cannot follow you. I tried but in vain.

  5. What comment can I make ? Tsipras promised end of austerity , and stay in the end.
    His weapon ? Threatening euro exit ,something that eurozone would not let happen .
    But germany replied ?You want exit ? Here is the door.
    So Tsipras was left with 2 options :
    Either choose refuse orders from Europe, , kick out the Troika exit the euro.
    Or accept the rules.
    Pepole in Greece believed that europe would bow to Grece demands but it did not.
    Now what can I say ? Its a mess.
    People who believed in promises feel betrayed.

    I hope that Greeks become more realistic and try to put their house in order instead of falling to populist promises.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      What people? The majority still didn’t vote and no matter if the banks open again or not the strikes will start and this time it won’t be 24 or 48 hours “general strikes” but real general strikes with open end.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        The majority still didn’t vote?

        • I think he talks about his fantasies again.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          More than 1/3 of the electoral body turned its back on the “fiesta” of democracy and did not go to vote. Out of the approximately 9.800.000 voters registered in the electoral records participation was at 63,5%, meaning that the valid votes were about 6.180.000, while the other 3.620.000, which accounts for 36,5%, did not go to vote. Out of those who voted, SYRIZA got 36%, i.e. around 2.200.000 voters, meaning that out of all the registered voters, SYRIZA’s government was based on less than 1/4 of the electoral body.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            not correct considering the thousands of Greeks who migrated due to economic crisis + those who did not go to vote because they had to travel where they are registered + those YES voters who chose to spend the weekend in their summer villas.

  6. can a Greek finally explain me WHY do you want to stay in the Eurozone?? If you leave the Euro and declare default, your debt is gone; you have a primary surplus so you can live with your own resources; you will struggle a couple of years and then with a devalued drachma you will be competitive again and no more humiliation. Why you keep protesting against austerity and tough demands and then accept even more austerity and harder conditions. And for how many years to come? What’s wrong with having your own currency like UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland etc etc?