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Public sector union, municipalities, pharmacies on 24h strike, 15. July 2015

Public sector union ADEDY has called for a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, July 15th 2015. Municipalities personnel and public hospitals personnel will join the strike, aiming to protest the voting of the Brussels agreement by the Parliament.

Buses, Trolley, Tram and Urban train ISAP will operate as usually.

Athens Metro will operate after 9 am

Pharmacies will also remain close.

ADEDY will launch a protest at 11 am at Klafthmonos square and a rally at 7:30 pm in front of the Parliament/Syntagma Square.

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  1. Striking reality away. That helped in the past, so it will work again. Just strike and the things you don’t like won’t happen.


  3. Mark Carney govenor of the bank of England says that Britain is in recovery therefore interest rates need to go up.
    Mark Carney alias Robin Hood – is blind in one eye & can’t see out of the other.
    Britian is slowny sinking into the pit of despair & the greedy little piggy cries
    ” give me money, that’s what I want money”
    But what I want to know is, has he donned the green tights yet!

  4. The problem is the people.
    Politicians -and media- should explain things as they are.

    There are 3 alternatives .
    Continue austerity. Keep euro.

    Refuse austerity , orders from europe and be kicked from euro. People will loose savings.

    Try a better deal with europe that is not assured .
    These were the REAL alternatives, January 2015.

    Instead Syriza sold a dream : Give us power. We will end austerity , kick out troika and start anew.

    People bought Syriza narrative.

    That is tragic.
    One culprit is the lack of economics knowledge.
    The other culprit is the old old nationalist.

    Its easy to blame Merkel, the Germans, than to look inwards and acknowledge things must chage since greece was spending too much.

    • Agree with Pedro. And fits perfectly to the italian situation: too many sellers of self forgiving narratives…

  5. Greece is comparable to Balkans, let say Bulgaria Serbia in many aspects: from similar corruption, family structures (family clans), mentality, up to orthodox church and own alphabet (closed societies).
    It must be similar (somewhat higher but not too much) also in wages and pensions, otherwise Greece can not compete with Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania…
    Thus todays decrease of life niveau in Greece is not austerity driven or an attack of NWO agents, but it is first of all natural convergention which is only on its begin.

    Strikes and marxists can only speed the process. Instead of waiting x years for Serbs, Bulgars to grow to EU level, Greece will fall down to Balkans level instatntly.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Your mentality is racism! As your alphabet was stolen from Greek alphabet who’s then a closed society? And in which country are the most anarchists?

  6. Yes the Greek National Hobby: strike strike and strike.
    It helps the Country a lot!