Thursday , February 2 2023
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Free tool for austerity-junkies: Random Austerity Measures Generator

Are you an austerity junkie who has run out of ideas as to what austerity measures to impose to Greece? Here is THE super-ultra Random Austerity Measures Generator that will untie your hands and unblock your brain.

random austerity tool greece

The tool has endless resources and creativity, the website has already created more than 20,000 austerity measures.

random austerity tool greece1

The amazing AM finder has solutions also for other bailout Eurozone countries!

random austerity tool greece2

You should definitely try the free online tool! Because one day, your taxpayers may come and complain and accused you of not having tried this or that.

Random Austerity Measures Generator HERE


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  1. Nice idea, but like austerity itself, the site doesn’t seem to work…

  2. Konstantopoulou should play Mortal Kombat with Merkel, and lose 51 times.