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EU’s last terrormongering card: if Grexit “the sound of army tanks would be heard in the street of Athens”

What if the Brussels Agreement was adopted by the Greek government and the Parliament. The fear-mongering against the Greeks continue. After the creditors tried everything in this direction, after we critical observers thought we had seen everything… surprise! Another card was pulled out: tanks in the streets of Athens.

An “EU official” from the known species of “anonymous sources”,  apparently well-skilled in scare-, terror- and fear mongering-tactics told Greek daily Kathimerini that in case of a Grexit:

If this plan did ever materialize, the sound of army tanks would be heard in the street of Athens”

The EU-anonymous was speaking to Kathimerini about a [not so hidden anymore] report that the European Commission had prepared in ordered to cover – on the paper, of course –  all the consequences of a Greek exit from the euro. was compiled in secrecy over the last few weeks by a team of European Commission officials, Kathimerini has learned.

“The report is currently housed in a safe a few meters from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s office on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building in Brussels.”

According to Kathimerini, “the report was reportedly compiled toward the end of June by a team of 15 Commission officials, many of whom had previously had direct involvement in the Greek bailout programs. The report addresses some 200 issues that could arise from a Greek exit from the single currency, including potentially devastating social consequences.”

One of the 200 issues examined in the report is:

“Whether Greece would also be forced to leave the European Union, and therefore the Schengen Area, if it had to abandon the euro.”

…And apparently the tanks rolling in the streets of Athens, after the EU will launch a military Coup d’ Etat with the Euro-Army? Ops! Did I understand something wrong? Probably not, if one considers the Financial Coup D’ Etat staged against Greece, while attempts are underway to continue with change of government coalition, in form of a European political overthrow of the Greek government.

Or did the “EU sauce” mean, that the Greek Army will take over, just like that one scenario that was claiming that in case of capital controls the army would safeguard the banks?


Will the German tanks come to Athens again?

Nevertheless, more “issues” from the EC’s  Master-Plan have not been revealed. What a pity! Had we knew, we could take some precautions.

PS in case of Grexit I hear the sound of Drachmas coins falling over the heads of Greeks and the eurozone officials, even if the latter have their own wet dreams…


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  1. I find the analysis whether Grexit means also leaving the EU and Schengen as fully correct – officially there is no Grexit, euro is irreversible, so there is a serious legal problem. And they would have to cope with it. Maybe leaving the EU and coming back next day ? Hmm, ratification by all countries… This would be a real legal-economic mess , so of course they had to prepare an analysis.
    But these tanks ? These tanks ? There is no Euro army… So somehow I do not believe.
    Although … in case of an implosion and devaluation of 65 %, Greek soldiers maybe could become angry. Their salaries would go down and they would not be so sure that it is just for some time (which we suppose)… Next colonels ?
    I would be very thankful for a suggestion whose tanks it would be :). A suggestion to another suggestion by an anonymous Eurozone official…

    • Threats happened in the case of Iceland. Great Britain and the Netherlands threatened to invade Iceland for not paying their debts (2008). Iceland said, “Go to hell!” England and the Netherlands backed off. Threats are nothing but hot air. Let’s see the E.U. send tanks.

  2. I think there is now no need of fear-mongering – all decisions are taken. But the fact that such ideas / suggestions appear not only on KTG site, but also in Kathimerini – shows well the failure of at least of many aspects of euro (and whole European project, maybe ?). It should have unified people ! and what happened ? There are so many phrases about the unified Europe etc.
    It looks rather sad… Personally I would not be enchanted by returning borders.

  3. Greeks should make up their minds .
    They want to stay in single currency..,or they want complete independence ?
    On one hand Greek government begs EU to stay in Europe.
    On the other many greeks continue to acuse european union of the mos shocking crimes.
    I dont understand that.
    If EU is so bad Greeks should turn their anger against their own government that keep begging for the country to stay in the EU.

    Many greeks love to hate europe.
    If Merkel, Schlaube does say : You can leave.., Greek leaders say : No no..,we want to stay.

    But as soon as their membership is secure..,they start demonizing europe.

    This is very bad.

    Whats the objective ? To destroy europe ,filling peoples hearts with hate towards each other ?

    ( France and Germany were clashing because of Greece in last summit )

    That is not fair towards other people that want to live in a peaceful union without hatred.

    Serbia plunged europe in war in 1914.
    Hate is contagious.

    • Syriza did very many good things :
      1. They showed weaknesses of the European project. It is worth to be skeptical and to think.
      2. They capitulated at last, and Podemos’ rating is going down (Greece can exit, but exit of Spain would be a catastrophe and end of Europe).
      So … it looks fantastic. Personally, I am very happy with Tsipras.

    • Serbia started WWI?

      You’re out of your mind. It was Germany via its ally Austria-Hungary that started WWI.

      Get your history straight, maybe then you will start to understand what is really going on.

    • PS. I totally understand the Greeks , too. The problem was that the austerity was like cutting a hand by slices. Instead of brutal one cutting with , let us say, minus 20 % GDP, there was a cutting almost every year. No surgeon would advise this – amputation by many steps.
      So even if some purposes of austerity could be right – after cutting a part of a hand every year one becomes angry and rebellious. And hope is lost.
      But I still think that Marxism is an ideology of the past and should be abandoned.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      As Barbarians don’t belong to Europe – not to mention the True Fins that belong also to Mongolia – will you kindly go back into your woods and leave behind the 2/3 of language, “your” alphabet and all the of culture you have stolen from civilised countries?
      It will make a hit to listen to this Barbarian noise out of the woods.

      • costa sakellariou

        i think you should avoid the term ‘barbarians’ from now on…

        the romans called the germanic and gallic peoples ‘barbarian’.

        as new archaeology is showing, those people enjoyed a localized self rule where women were also an equal part of society… the art of their artifacts is also quite beautiful…

        meanwhile, the romans enjoyed nothing better than going to the arena for a good bloodletting.

        thank god the greeks were totally disinterested in all that!

        plus, greece has seen its own share of barbarism (1944-49).

      • Ugrofinns belong to Europe like Indoeuropeans. Hungarians, Finns, and Estonians are a small language family – but deeply European.
        We , Indoeuropeans (Greeks, English, Russian, French, Italian, yes, Geerman etc.) should respect this voice.

      • René Henri Pasche

        You might call “barbarians” all those european citizens that do not share and respect the european values enshrined in European treaties, laws and traditions. Education makes the difference, not the blood. Alexander the Great was the first Greek, I guess, that was of this opinion, when Persians, Parthian and others stopped to be barbarians in the traditionnal sense of Aristotel and Plato.

  4. René Henri Pasche

    Take it easy. All these papers about Greece are pure speculations and are of no importance. They are written by bureaucrats i.e. officials that obey the rules of their
    departments without thinking and who do not judge matters in an intelligent way. They are horoscopes written for believers. I hope KTG is not among them.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      KTG never stops to be surprised of officials’ endless production of scenarios. KTG assumes that after an EU career they should move to Hollywood as script writers.

      • I am not so sure (sorry, fear-mongering again). To be in Hollywood one should be pretty. OK, script writers is better. But I suppose it is difficult to get a job there.

    • The problem is that not only are the bureaucrats not acting intelligently, nor are the politicians, and nor are the low quality economists that are advising germany and others. The whole eurozone management is brain-dead — yet they think they are so clever. I suppose that is a definition of idiots — too stupid to grasp their stupidity. (Reminds me of Jeffrey Papandreou)

  5. Talk of Greek army taking over has been around for some time now.
    Anyway, whatever analysis comes out of Juncker’s office is only to serve him and his illusion of being “the man” of Europe. The only ego bigger then his is that Hollande’s.

  6. You buy a car and don’t make the payments, it gets repo’d. You borrow money and don’t pay it back, you country gets repossessed.
    I guess the Central Banks would chose the country will the biggest standing military in the EU. Who would that be?

    As Don Imus says,”You just can’t make this stuff up”. (It’s so crazy)

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      75% of the “payback” is interest. Anyway if you buy a car you simply belong into prison as cars are terrorists.

      • 75% of payback is not interest. Show your calculation in detail or stop propagating this falsehood.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Stop what? This are official numbers published by one can also find on from April 2nd, Greece has to pay “back” 200 billion until 2030 and of this only 50 billion is debt, the rest are profits for ECB and IMF.
          I just don’t get it what’s NOW the sense of keeping on spreading anti-Greek lies you’re taught by the Goebbels-media that brought Greece down. Are you of the sadist faction and keep on kicking while the victim is down? As you know I’ve linked this information already but bloodsucking money greedy mutants use any tricks.

          • What does it matter if it is interest or not? Greece signed the paper? I think you are being too literal. I’m not kicking Greeks. I wish them the BEST in righting their Country)

            But either live by what you signed or start throwing cases of tea (or Tsipouro) into the harbor!

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            No she signed nothing, it was impossible as in 1830 no Greek politician had to sign anything.
            Anyway its important to figure what is debt and what not as it looks like that 300 bln are the profits of “friends” and only 100 bln is debt, the question might occur why never any interest cut was discussed.
            This seems to be just another hyper-democratic secret, just like what would be the impact on Greeks abroad if Greece goes bust, what does the “British Law” the memoranda were forced under indicate exactly and how many billions hegde-funds would loose

          • Oh right. So all the laws passed in Germany, UK, USA about a signed contract not being valid if signed under duress are stupid? The idea of “odious debt” is not valid any more? All that matters is if someone signs something? Grow up.

          • The ECB wanted to pay out the money it made due to different interest rates, but that was part of the 2nd package which wasnt wanted anymore. Not sure whats gonna happen to that now.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Nope, this was never part of any deal except from the blackmail-deal of the 18 cowards against one regarding the 7.2 bln “loan”, as only 5.3 bln of this were loans, 1.9 bln profits for “friends”. Right after Tsipra announced the referendum Germoney took from this 1.9 bln its share of 532 million out of the ECB to later put it into the bridging-fund, Germoney share of the 6 bln profits the ECB made so far is 2.4 billion and as Greece already paid back to the IMF 40 billion it’s a whole lotta money that “Greece never will pay back”

          • “Nope, this was never part of any deal except from the blackmail-deal of the 18 cowards against one ”

            aka the second bailout, that was rejected by the 1 not the 18

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            It seems to be satisfying to take pigs’ dirty fantasies as reality, really cool to learn how slavery makes lucky. What you hallucinate as “bailout” ended December 2014. Rejected was since summer 2014 the payment of the last tranche and that Greece was a year without that money was never expected by the EU-extortion-ring. Already all extensions of this blockade were not wanted by Greek governments and were only the result of racketeering by the gangsters that print illegal money via ECB and the 2nd “bailout” was signed by a prime minister that was not even democratically elected.

          • So you didnt want the deal that included that money. Thats fine but then dont complain that this part didnt get paid out.
            Btw this idea that there was no money since 2014 is simplified, no bailout money yeah, but the ela was flowing and since that was more then just the money withdrawn by the citizens and the rest went into government t-bills yes money kept flowing until the end of june.

          • You are wrong, I looked at the numbers at two sources you’ve provided. You are reading them incorrectly. But here’s a simple calculation:
            To have to repay 200B on a 50B loan over 15 years, interest rate would have to be no less than 25%. Greece is not paying 25% rate to ECB or IMF.
            So show your calculation and prove me wrong or stop demonizing and fearmongering. Greece needs cool heads that can move country forward, not agitators.

  7. a) The Euro – the currency has been taken inro infinity
    What does this mean ?
    It means that they printed money out of thin air.
    The Midas Touch on the computer key board.
    But what does this mean ?
    It means that the currency is worthless.
    The Drachma used as a domestic currency would actually be worth more because it would be attached to tangible assets.
    And it would be a more trustworthy means of trade exchange.
    As for the Tanks rolling into Greece.
    * The Fake Coup of the Ukraine:
    At some point, before, during or after the coup the GOLD of Ukraine was discretly taken away for safe keeping.
    It was announced that the GOLD of the Ukraine was safe at the US Federal Reserve.
    So: they took it to America where it would be safe for the Ukraine.
    Then: no one had any knowledge of the gold of the Ukraine.
    Apparently, at one point, Putin swore before God that he had no knowledge of any gold.
    Some say that Germany was the fastest & easiest place to take it & that the neo-Nazie’s took it back home with them after the coup.
    The story of the gold of Ukrine get better – but hey
    If there is any gold bullion in Greece hide it now.
    You are all in the hands of mad men & women sick with greed.
    Stay safe everyone.

  8. I love this guy, i don’t know why !

  9. I may have overestimated the competence of the Greek government …it didn’t even occur to me that they would be prepared to make a stand without having done any contingency planning …amazingly – they thought they could simply demand better terms without having any backup plan. So certainly this is a shock.
    Paul Krugman, on CNN yesterday.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      many overestimated the competence of the Greek government, not just Krugman

      • “many overestimated the competence of the Greek government, not just Krugman”
        Thank you for writing that. I might add that many Germans still overetimate the competence of their government, too. Chancellor Merkel showed no leadership or vision, she is just a opportunist who squanders the achievements of her predecessors.

        • overestimated? not so much, I dont expect much from governments anymore. disappointed fits better, because when you talk to ordinary citizens european solidarity is well and alive(most of the time), its just the politicians who dont get that

      • René Henri Pasche

        by definition all governments are overestmated. To have a legitimation for their rule they pretend to be either devine or to be the philosopher – kings of Plato’s Republic. (P’s message was just the opposite: rulers are and cannot be perfect in this world unless some miracles happen.

    • costa sakellariou

      yes, that was bleak! added to that, the fact that in the last poll conducted by efimerida twn syntaktwn – 72% (i think) of greeks polled wish to remain in the euro…

      this ‘bail-out’ will not work – it will completely destroy greek agriculture among other things, but it seems the greek people are willing to choose a longer and more painful road and delude themselves yet again…