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Samos: Two-month old refugee baby boy dead after boat sunk

A two-month old baby boy from Syria died after the boat carrying refugees to  Greece sunk in the Aegean Sea. Saturday morning, around 5 a.m. and the boat crashed at the rocks on Agathonisi island. All 40 passengers fell into the sea, the parents and the baby included.

“The baby swallowed water and was in critical condition for hours” Greek media report adding that there was neither a doctor nor paramedics on the island of 200 residents and nobody could offer first aid.

A rescue operation had to be launched so that the baby boy could be transferred to the hospital of Samos, 50 nautical miles away, in the north.

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It took 3 hours for the Coast Guard boat to sail from Samos to Agathonisi and back. When the baby reached the hospital, doctors could only pronounced its death.

It is not clear, whether the infant boy passed away while the boat was sailing to Samos or it was already dead. An autopsy will show the causes of the baby’s death.

Local newspaper reports, there has been no doctor at Agathonisi Health Center for the last two months. Most probably due to austerity personnel cuts.

There is no picture of the baby or the parents in the media. There is no name. The baby has just been added on the long list of human losses in the Mediterranean Sea. The baby will be just a number in the EU and UN statistics about refugees desperately trying to flee the wars and horrors in the Middle East and Africa.

eu stars drown refugees

 sorry, I couldn’t identify the artist of this photoshop composition with the EU stars and pictures of drowned refugees off Italy, I think.

The tragedy occurred just two days, after the body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed ashore in Turkey after the boat carrying him, his 5-year-old brother and other Syrian refugees sunk off Turkey.

refugees cry1

The picture of tiny Aylan quietly sleeping like a wax doll shocked the people, and the media worldwide. Some governments like in Germany and Austria saw the need for urgent action to the Refugee Crisis, others like in Hungary chose a despicable racist way.

Aylan, his brother Galip, the baby with no name… are just a few of the tragic and innocent victims of this humanitarian crisis.

In another incident with refugees arriving at Agathonis, a rescue operation run successfully managing to transfer a 4-year-old child to Samos hospital on time..

Local media reported also from another incident two weeks ago, where a refugee baby, a boy just 18 months old, was transferred dead from the Turkish coast to Greece. The baby was allegedly either trampled to death or hit by luggage the refugees were throwing on the boat during the procedure to get on board.

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  1. At this point in time Id like to ask commentators here to compare their picture of Merkel with the view average syrian refugees have of mutti(and realize that like 90% of the time the truth lies somewhere in the middle). Also the notion of germany “ruling” the rest of europe by decree crumbles nowadays. Otherwise there would be a “european” response to this instead of italy, greece and ger taking the brunt of this crisis.

    • to compare their picture of Merkel with the view average syrian refugees have of mutti

      Of course, the “average Syrian refugee has absolutely no experience, leave alone long term experience of dealing with “Mutti” and her sidekick “Wolfie”, other than being at the receiving end of lots of weaponry and ammunition made in Mutti’s land of milk and honey. But I’m sure it will not be too long before they begin to realise the reality of things. And when they do, and voice their displeasure, we can all start crying “Jihadists” in unison, egged on by Bild and Co…

      • They now have the experience of her saying every syrian refugee will be accepted, which is a lot more then most european leaders are offering(if they offer anything instead of being like orban).
        Now dont get me wrong, this doesnt make her a saint, like I said above the truth is somewhere in the middle.

        • Like every politician, Mutti will say what is opportunistic for her to say at any given time. Whether this matches reality or even feasibility of action is totally besides the point. the sound-bite is important, nothing else.
          While waffling on about taking in “every Syrian refugee”, she has also stated that “Schengen” might need “suspended”, meaning re-introduction of border controls and passports in the Schengen area. Would this be to facilitate taking in “every Syrian Refugee” or a measure to help select the chosen few? After all, UPP (An NGO working with Syrian refugees) has done a study of the Syrian Refugee profile, to find that just over 30% of them got a secondary education and sometimes a University education, while 61% received primary school education only and 9% are illiterate. Sure that “every Syrian Refugee” doesn’t mean, in reality, “every non-muslim Syrian refugee of that 30% with a university degree”, while the rest can rot in inhumane camps dotted around the place? These little tweaks to the concept of “every Syrian Refugee” would go a long way in explaining the pathetic numbers suggested by the “European Partners”, with France suggestion an annual number less than what the island of Lesvos gets (like it or not!) in a month…

          If Mutti wants to start doing something about all of this, then maybe she could start with condemning those who are bombing the place into obliviance (using German made weaponry) and stop supporting them in any way she possibly can… Or are poltics once again an acceptable excuse to ignore humanity?

          • This past weekend alone, 20000 people arrived at munich mainstation. That doesnt include people arriving at other places. There is no selection based education or anything else. There are measures to send people from the balkans(mostly albania kosovo macedonia) faster, because in 99% they do not qualify for asylum, which i find reasonable because if the cant stay you should at least tell them so quickly.
            Talk about suspending schengen is only existant in german discussion insofar they do not want it.
            France and UK “offer” to take in a few thousand people, poland and most eastern european countries refuse to take any. Meanwhile ger expects 800k this year and by now this number may be moot, yet except for the right wing of csu(the party that gets ignored by everyone) there is noone here proposing to turn them away.

            “Or are poltics once again an acceptable excuse to ignore humanity?”
            I said twice shes not an angel either and neither are the rest of our politicians. But just like one good deed doesnt erase a bad one, vice versa is true. I d love to tear down the german(worldwide) weapons industry, the fact that theyre not doing that doesnt erase the fact that this government is miles ahead of most other european countries in terms of the refugee crisis.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      The slogan “Refugees Welcome” was invented by the German Autonomous Movement or what’s left over of it and now it’s getting exploited by everybody. The people who had no power or enough knowledge to oppose the German anti-Greek hunt, economic terrorism and politics against the population of Hellas also took the chance to support refugees because what drove them nuts were opinion polls that mixed together opposing opinions into one that even voters of the Green party were supporting Merkel against Greece by 70% (Forsa). And now they manipulate the public with pictures of applauding and welcoming people but the refugees go into camps, they are not allowed to travel and lots of these camps are in ugly areas or even in the middle of some woods where bars are called Nowhere Inn. A movement that unites under “no border, no nation” will not watch this for a long time as fences of camps are borders too. These camps are may be not as bad as in Hungary but they are still camps and the refugees were showing the whole world that they don’t want to go into camps because most of them come out of camps close to Syria and the people didn’t applauded “going into camps”. Also what happens is first of all not Merkel but the result of the self organized power of thousands of refugees that started to march a rally on a motorway direction Austria,

  2. The picture of the European flag with floating bodies instead of stars has been made by the worldfamous graffiti painter Banksy!
    His work is popping up in various cities around the world, mostly adressing injustice an inhuman conditions.
    Nobody knows who he really is, as he keeps his identity a secret.
    He just made an old fair in England into a horrorshow of humanity to show for a short time the suffering of people.

    • thank you vert much.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      If he wouldn’t be such a coward he would publish his stuff under a common license just like all the other 99% of normal “radicals” and no money greedy scum could sell his art to yuppies and wannabes but who knows may be he is just one of them and getting his portion.

      • impossible not yo add the ‘GiGi sauce’, isn’t it?

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Be sure I’m just jealous as for sure if ever I would have the money and the time to travel to spray-paint the wall in Palestine no matter from what side with “Anarchy instead of Xaos” or even just a funny question-mark I would go directly to jail and the anarchists I’ve met on my way just by chance also but this dude has time and money to travel around the world.