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EU Task Force for Greece: German Reichenbach goes, Dutch Verwey comes

The mission of German head of EU Task Force for Greece Horst Reichenbach has been apparently “successfully concluded.” Now another high-ranking EU official, Dutch Maarten Verwey will take the lead and take Greece to the much awaited destination of  “successful structural reforms.”

According to Greek financial weekly Agora:

Dutch commissar Maarten Verwey will be the head of the Task Force for Greece and will have direct access to the Prime Minister’s office.

The Greek government will be placed under the strict supervision of Brussels to ensure that all agreed reforms will be implemented.

Maarten Verwey, the Director General of the European Commission, will head a 20-member Task Force, which will essentially write the bills for almost all areas of government policy, from corporate income tax and labour market policy to the health and welfare system.

“Verwey’s team” will have close cooperation with the troika and will prepare interim reports during the evaluation of the economy. It could also seek the assistance of the IMF, fulfilling therefore the will of the German side for the engagement of the Fund in the third memorandum.

The paper says that indicative of the power entrusted on the Task Force is the fact that Verwey will have a direct line of communication with the Prime Minister’s office, in accordance with the wishes of Jean-Claude Juncker.” (Agora via

Maarten Verwey is in fact Deputy Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission. Reading his CV, one can say that he is more qualified than Dutch Finance Minister and Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem, and he should strongly be advised to seek a new position in his own home country, as every body knows that the Greek sun is not healthy for North -European.

The EU Task Force for Greece (TFGR) was established in July 2011.

In the European Commission website we read with tears in our eyes about the TGFR’s noble cause:

“The Task Force (TFGR) is a resource at the disposal of the Greek authorities as they seek to build a modern and prosperous Greece, characterised by economic opportunity and social equity, and served by an efficient administration with a strong public service ethos.

Reforming Greek public administration requires sustained effort and a determination to change on the part of Greek government and all parts of society. Through the creation of the Task Force, Greece’s European partners are demonstrating their strong will to assist Greece in this venture.”

We read further that the Task Force for Greece reports quarterly to the Commission and the Greek government on its activities and on progress achieved.

However, the last Progress Report issued by Horst Reichenbach is dated July 2014!

Before Horst Reichenbach hands out the Task-Force key to Verwey, he should be reminded that he owes to the Greek government and public: two reports of 2014 and two reports of 2015, as well as one report Task Force Progress & Achievement for 2011-2015 that has to include a Report about the Finances & cost fo TFGR.

The Task Force has cost to Greek taxpayers a very lot of money.

PS what do you mean there is no transparency in EU Task Force for Greece?

BTW: Greek tavernas have issued a Missing Persons Alert about Merkel’s Minister for …Greece, H-J Fuchtel, who has been missing since SYRIZA came to power 25. January 2015.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Nikos Zachariadis reported on march 26 2013 that Rehagel and Fuchtel left the German forces on their visit and asked for political asylum in Greece, may be it got approved.