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They must be fool to want to govern Greece of “undecided” voters

Ballot boxes opened at 7 o’ clock in the morning and will close at 7 in the evening. Almost ten million Greeks are called to cast their vote and practically decide which party will implement the 3.bailout program. This horrible package of austerity measures and privatizations of state assets, a package that constitutes of two-digit austerity measures that the previous governments since 2010 failed to implement plus another two-digit measures due to the new loan of some 89 billion euro.

Greece’s political leaders rushed to cast their vote as early as possible and they were followed by masses media people. Cameras clicked and captured the historical moments of the leaders casting their votes, microphones recorded weighty political statements.

Sunday morning, right after they cast their vote, front runners Alexis Tsipras from Syriza and Vangelis Meimarakis from New Democracy made a last appeal to “undecided voters”. Those who are deeply disappointed by the left-wing, those who have turned their back to politics, those who decided to stay at home and enjoy an extensive Sunday lunch or a daily excursion including swimming.

Alexisi Tsipras promised “We open ways there where are none.”


Vangelis Meimarakis made a last effort to persuade the largest group of undecided voters, the women. He copy-pasted a recent slogan by PASOK though and addressed “the woman, the mother, the granny, the worker, jobless.”

Did Tsipras and Meimarakis convince? I don’t know by now, we will know later tonight.

Of course, a left-wing voter will hardly cast a vote for the right-wing, although in January elections right-wing voters preferred Syriza to New Democracy. Of  course, several thousands of voters will cast their vote for other parties just in favor of a strong opposition.

Will Greek voters give SYRIZA “a second chance” or will they decide to return to the old New Democracy?

At the end of the day, not matter who will be the winner, the result will be the same: implementation of the bailout program, a tsunami of additional austerity cuts and new burdens on the shoulders of the Greeks, possible social explosion, demonstrations and clashes between protesters and police.

So why do they want to govern Greece?

Do they really believe that they can offer a relief to the masses of the impoverished voters, of the desperate long-term unemployed? Maybe a bag of peanuts for a couple of months as social aid or a short-term voucher work contract. And that’s all.

Greeks have heard many promises in the two elections of 2012, in the European Parliament elections of 2014, in the January elections and the Referendum in 2015.

Voters hear of growth and they see no growth. They hear of social justice and see the social welfare state been dismantled.

How have been these promises materialized in the last five years? Whether from the left or from the right the result has been always the same: Memorandum of Understanding and austerity for the masses, for the weak, for those without a voice.

Some friends and relatives were “undecided” still on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, two or three told me that they will not go to the ballots at all. Others told me they will cast a “White” vote, or cast a vote “for a whatever very small and unimportant party”.

Without exception, all parties, no matter how big or small,  call voters to refrain from staying home and go cast their vote in what they call “the most crucial elections of recent years”.

But Greeks are disappointed and frustrated. And angry. And this time they have no alternative parties to vote and express their anger. This time, anger will be translated into turn one’s back to politicians.

Exit polls are expected at 7:01 pm, the first official results at 9:00-9:30 pm and the seats distribution around midnight – the last one provided that there is a clear winner and not an even that could take the country to new snap elections as soon as possible.

And if there is a winner, the future coalition is 95% clear: X-winner + PASOK + To Potami. Then public opinion polls did not show clear winner able to form a majority government.

PS KTG’s forecast: SYRIZA 30%-33%, ND 27%-29%, GD 6%-6.5%, KKE 5.8 – 6%%, PASOK 5.8%-6%, to Potami 5.2%-5.5%, Popular Unity 3.8%-4.2%, Centrist Union 3.2%-3.4%, Independent Greeks 2.7%-3%.

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  1. La Reppublica published a table last 16 September with the percentage of wealth (GDP) spent by each European Country to save European banks. Greece leads with 22% since 2008, Portugal collows with 11%. Germany is not far away, with 8.6%.