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Tsipras sworn in as Greece’s Prime Minister for the second time in 9 months

That was quick. Twenty-four hours after the ballot boxes closed, Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece. The ceremony took place at the Presidential Mansion.


As usual his oath was political and not religious.

Prime Minister Tsipras, President Pavlopoulos

Then the old, new PM walked to PM’s Mansion in order to receive the PM’s portfolio by interim PM Vassiliki Thanou.

Record over Record

Alexis Tsipras is sworn in as PM for the second time within 9 months. He must be holder of a Greek record.

He is the seventh PM in times of Bailout agreements. The lists includes 3 interim PMs.

2010 Papandreou 2011 Papadimas 2012 Pikramenos 2012 Samaras 2015 Jan Tsipras 2015 Aug Thanou 2015 Sept Tsipras

The coalition government SYRIZA – Independent Greeks (ANEL) was already agreed upon before the elections, Tsipras and Kammenos had just to wait and see if the junior partner would enter the Parliament. It did.

Currently the teams of both parties are preparing the lists of ministers and deputy ministers and alternate ministers, the new cabinet is expected to be sworn in Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Then the race will start to proceed with the implementation of the 3. bailout program.

PS I was thinking to write a post about the parties and their voters, gains and losses and the abstention of 45.5%. However, friends advised me, “take your time” because new snap elections will take place soon.

Some Greeks are really mean. Till the end of the days.

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  1. René Henri Pasche

    By definition it was neither an oath, nor a vow, it was just a simple promise that Tsipras made, something like a baptism without water.