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Greece’s tourism breaks record: 25 million arrivals, €15.5 billion revenues for 2015

That’s certainly Good News! 25 million tourists visited Greece this year and brought revenues of 15.5 billion euro. It was deputy minister for Tourism Elena Kountoura who announced “the historical record” today, on the occasion of the World Tourism Day.

With tourism considered to be Greece’s “national industry” in a period of  economic crisis, Kountoura said that the sector is “going from good to better” and added that “there is still room for improvement.”

The Tourism Minister stressed that the “tourism season” for 2015 closed with 26 million arrivals and 15.5 billion euro revenues. The figures showed significant improvement in comparison to 2014 with 23 million arrivals and 14 billion euro revenues.

However, Elena Kountoura had announced the good news already last week, when she was reappointed Minister of Tourism. I suppose, it was Kountoura’s statement that urged the country’s lenders European Union and International Monetary Fund to pack their things and land in Athens today with five different technical teams.

I assume, they come in order to pocket their share from the 15.5 billion euros, although Greek media claim that the lenders’ sent their technical teams to supervise the implementation of the 3. bailout agreement austerity measures.

More information on Tourists’ arrivals in Sete.gr

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    May this strengthen the Ionian islands referendum against the airports sell-off.