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List of 48 Prior Actions Greece needs to implement asap to get €2bn (PART II)

List of 48 Prior Actions Greece has to implement as soon as possible in order to receive the 2-billion-euro tranche from the 3. bailout.

Prior Actions PART II – No 25-48

25. All supplementary pension funds will have to be under ETEA (Unified Supplementary Pensions Fund) and ensure that all supplementary pension funds will be exclusively financed by own contributions as of 1. January 2015. (!)

26. Gradual scraping of the return of the special consumption tax on diesel fuel for farmers in two stages in October 2015 and October 2016.

27. 100-installment arrangement for debtors: Amendment of the 2014 and 2015 arrangements for payment in installments of tax debts and social security contributions, to exclude those who do not pay current obligations. Introduction of a requirement for the tax administration and the administration of social security funds for the shortcut of the duration of the settlement for those who have the ability to repay their debt earlier. Implementation of interest rates based on the free market standards while providing protection for the debtors of vulnerable society groups (with debts lower than 5,000 euros).

28. Implement the law on early retirement in the public sector.

29. Application of Law 3865/2010 for the public sector and restore implementation date of 1.1.2015. [no idea what these laws are about. maybe on early retirement in the public sector?]

30. The issue of all ministerial decisions on the implementation of recent pension changes. Decisions should include a provision that all minimum pensions should be subject to decrease (cut) for those who go into early retirement (for example for those going into retirement at the age of 62 with 15 years of work).

31. Further changes to pensions legislation to clarify that even for those who would retain the right to a pension before the age of 67 with less than 40 years of work, the contribution period will have to gradually increase to 40 years until the year 2022.

32. Completion of the strategy to tackle the phenomenon of “red” loans.

33. Tightening the criteria for the protection of primary residence from auctions and adaptation of the law on bankruptcy of households to incorporate the proposals of the institutions.

34. Activation of the government council for private debt.

35. Adoption of the OECD proposal for opening of the closed profession of the pharmacists (pharmacies should be owned by non-pharmacists).

36. Adoption of the second OECD toolkit and especially the proposals for beverages and petroleum products.

37. Recommendation committee to monitor the changes required at inter-ministerial level in order to proceed with the liberalization of markets.

38. Taking irreversible steps for the sale of regional airports with existing conditions to the prospective purchaser who has already been selected. [German state-run Fraport calling!]

39. Implement all actions agreed with the government to promote privatizations pending at the Greek Privatization Fund (TAIPED).

40. Recovery of refunds for 2015 for diagnostic tests and private clinics and disconnection of refunds of 2014 to private clinics by 2013. With the determination of the refunds for 2015 for diagnostic tests and private clinics a relevant ministerial decree should be issued.

41. Change the law for the period of protection for drugs (patents) and the pricing mechanism.

42. Issue circulars about prescription medicine in “Open government/Transparency” website and to IDIKA.

43. Issue of ministerial decision to freeze the refunds to private clinics at the levels of 2015 up to 2018. Issue of ministerial decision to freeze refunds for diagnostic tests until 2018 (or even to reduce them in the prospect of lowering the prices) .

44. Scrapping of the Ministerial Decree 1117/2015 (Government Official Gazette), with the aim to re-impose sanctions and penalties after evaluation and complain about inappropriate behavior and conflict of interest when prescription is in non-compliance with the prescription instructions of Greek Medication organization (EOF).
45. Approval of the reform of the natural gas market and of its specific roadmap that will lead, among others, consumers to free choice of supplier as of 2018.

46. ​​Annulment of Article 2 of Law 4328/2015 concerning the possibility of transfer of uncollected rents to the State.

47. Finding “equivalent” measures if the government changes its forecasts for the imposition of Value Added Tax on private education.

48. Review and repeal of provisions for pension scheme established by Law 4325/2015 and 4331/2015 (Articles 21, 24, 28, 31, 37, 38, 39, 75, 76) in agreement with the lenders.

source in Greek:

Prior Actions PART I No 1-24 & comment

PS I hope the OECD doesn’t want to determine the number of bubbles in the soft beverages!

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  1. The ‘troika’ are going for broke. They are trying to get as much of their brand of market ‘liberalisation’ policies enacted before their boys in parliament get well and truly kicked out of office. problem is, there are no viable alternatives (YET) in grek politics.

    How about KTG setting up a political party to give Greeks who are disenfranchised, a voice in their own internal affairs? Is it not time to put the cat amongst the pigeons?


    • keeptalkinggreece

      me? political party? huh?

    • You mean the new 90% pro-euro pro-memorandum Greek parliament? With only GD and KKE to oppose? Troika heaven!

      Of course the government is fantasizing about investments this morning, what a joke.
      The only ‘investment’ will be the tax-free, non-profit generating (for the Greek state) German Federation of Industry SEZs which is still ready to go as soon as minimum wage hits 340 eur/m.

      Price of euro-love…..

  2. If not you, who else is there?

  3. They will fail because the “agreemet”is designed to fail.

    Did you see Konstantopoulous UN speech on youtube?

    Never forget #thisisacoup