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President Hollande at EP: “Mea Culpa. We abandoned Greece”

I am desperately trying to find a picture of President Francois Hollande shedding a tear or even using a lash against himself in order to propitiate himself from his big sins. In an emotionally moving speech at the European Parliament, Hollande put the blame on him for all Greece economic disasters and said “Mea Culpa” in Latin, “My fault” in English and “Ma faute” in French.

“We renounced our responsibilities to the Greek government “, Hollande said among other, ” I hope now to talk about the debt, to find a complete solution. “

Having overcome the long white nights at the numerous EURO Summits on the Greek Debt crisis and bailout agreements, – and most probably his own role – Hollande showed honest repentance. In an effort to spread his own feeling of relief to the world, to Greece and the European partners, he said:


“The euro zone had overcome difficulties to agree on how to help Greece with its financial problems.”


“What I’d like to see now is that a discussion takes place concerning debt servicing.”


“Angela Merkel and I, together with the Commission and the Member States, promoted discussions that unfortunately failed. And now we see images of abandonment. We abandoned a country whose culture still illuminates us. We renounce our responsibilities to the Greek government. I hope now to talk about the debt, to find a complete solution. “

Alexis Tsipras was very courageous and wanted to consult his people [via the referendum], before agreeing [to the 3.bailout].

Having confessed his sins in EU public, the French President is packing his luggage to come to Greece and help French companies participate into Greek assets’ privatizations and sell-off.

«Mea culpa» από Ολάντ στην Ευρωβουλή: Εγκαταλείψαμε την Ελλάδα

Merkel – Hollande at EP in Strasburg


riga tsipras

Tsipras – Merkel – Hollande at EU SUmmit in Riga.

Merkel spoke also in Strasbourg today but she made no reference to Greece. It was Hollande’s turn to be active and penitent 🙂

Hollande’s speech sources: here and here

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  1. This beggars belief!!

  2. René Henri Pasche

    “Notre repentir n’est pas tant un regret du mal que nous avons fait qu’ une crainte de celui qui nous en peut arriver.”(La Rochefoucauld))

  3. Our repentance is not so much regretting the evil we have done, more a fear of what may happen.

    I reckon he’s getting ready for when it’s France’s turn to need a bail-out.